• Trademen100

    That spinning dice thingy is freaking cool looking.

    • Its a life counter.

      • Lonethief

        I like spinning dice thingy better :D

        • Benflaherty44

          yea spining dice thingy sounds awsome

        • Belias22

          Sweet Jesus Spinning Dicey Thingy.

  • Adorei *-*

    • Mtheshow

      it will be fiol reprints of all the commander generals plus a some dope extras obviously.

  • 1234

    Way to expensive for what is mostly crap.
    Who wants ten over sized cards?
    Who wants Ultra pro slips? They are terrible!
    Only good things are the dice and regular foils

    • Lonethief

      And it’s not like these are the only cards in commander’s arsenal.
      The ten huge cards are obviously optional generals (I’ll have one EDH deck to go, supersize the commander please).
      Awesome life counter: check!
      This thing will finally make it possible for me to make a semi-viable Commander deck.

      • Alex

         Except the ten oversized cards are completely worthless. However, depending on what the 18 normal sized foil cards, $75 may be worth it. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Calviin

      I might agree. The only thing I will really care about is the cards, and so far the Sylvan Library is the only one I want of these three. They will need some quite impressive cards to round out the other 15 to sway me.

    • guest

       I see the foil oversized cards from the commander release go for over $10 so who knows.

      • Calen

        Maybe over $10 for all of them.. they are $1.99 apiece even on Starcitygames.

  • Obliviousmuse

    I want it for the sylvan library sick card if played correctly!! And foil oh yeah!

  • Jeru Roku

    I agree that this is not going to be a good investment. Granted, for those who didnt get the commander decks, maybe all of the good legends are included, and maybe then would it be worth

  • why a reprint of the mimeoplasm? i love him to death but we just got him in the last commander release.

  • Lonethief

    Are the other 18 normal-sized cards randomly selected? That would be pretty cool.

  • Buttery_Raven

    sooo… how much is this

    • guest

       at least $75, there will be only 4 per store so supplies are extremely limited

  • Red Todd

     Azusa is a great choice, though her price isnt really worth a reprint persay. Its mainly just good to see it mentioned again and not have Wizards discount Kamigawa as a redheaded stepchild.And its a FOIL mimeoplasm, which didnt exist in any form but oversized before now. Thats the point. Its like FTV only for Commander… So really, just FTV

  • Jake

    Lets be realistic. This is $75 for 18 foil cards that otherwise are extremely rare and expensive in foil, or do not exist. Most players will not buy this, even most EDH players won’t. It’s designed for the players that are interested in foiling decks, especially ones with cards like Sylvan Library and the Mimeoplasm which don’t normally come in foil. Also, the art for one of the other cards looks like a new Command Tower, which is a $100+ Judge Promo in foil. So it’s theoretical savings if you were planning on buying cards like that in the future. If you really don’t care, this definitely isn’t the set for you.

  • Lonethief

    Lets hope for
    foil Ghave!
    Return to Ravnica stuff!
    Command Tower!
    New stuff!

    This set has so many possibilities! Don’t bash it ’till it comes out!

    • Hoping they don’t reprint mostly stuff from the commander decks, seeing Mimeoplasm as one of the first dudes is kinda disappointing. Hoping he’s the exception to the rule.

      • Lonethief

        I hope they preview stuff from Gatecrash.

  • Only the brick and mortar stores are suppose to get. Basic stores will get 2, premium stores will get 4. This means this will be much rarer then From the Vault. The distribution of this is really unforgivable.

  • Wait…wait…people are complaining about FOIL SYLVAN LIBRARY!

    • Nunyo Biznas

      No people are complaining about another Wizards “shiny cash grab”

  • Mick

     what are the battle marks for? poison counters or -1 -1 counters?

  • Omfg

    “return target creature to his owner’s hand”, not to mention “shuffle target creature into his or her owner’s library”
    Yeah, I can see that being problematic.

  • Jim Nobbs

    This set sucks. As in sucks rotten eggs from dead ducks. Spinning life counter looks like it is made from something out of a Kinder Egg. Tokens look weak and crappy plastic. Oversized cards? WTF? What are they for? The near-sighted? 75 USD?!?!?!?! For this?

    • Edwinmeadus

      The oversized cards are commanders for playing commander, hence the name commanders’ arsenal

      • Scotland_4

        So what do you do when I condemn your oversized commander card? Or unsummon it? Or anything else that makes you put it somewhere it shouldn’t go because it’s oversized – DUMB

        • Silveralex92

          you see, the oversized are more like a trophy, as you need the original card to to use it. If its sended to anywhere it shouldn’t go, then you send the original one. -.- 

          Why? because they’re pretty, that’s why.  Also, foil sylban library, and foil command tower (the first one doesnt even exist, the second one goes up to 100$ a piece)

    • Luke R

      75 USD is funny, look it up on eBay now. Gotta love 250+ USD for 28 cards lol. (as pf 12:30 US pacific time on 10/12/12)

  • Zimmer Remmiz

    Can’t wait it looks fantastic…

  • Ulisses_mngt

    Can’t wait for this D:

  • Avalancheyeti


  • Ulisses_mngt

    We need spooooilers… spoooooilers…

  • Gargus1021

    so lame they have done such limited pressings of it 

  • That One Guy

    I’m not too excited.

    The problem is that the 10 oversized cards may be factored into the cost.  So you’re effectively paying for useless cards. I have NEVER seen anyone use any of the big ones as a commander from the original set (they’re so bulky and hard to manage).  Even if they printed super awesome generals that I use (Like Angus Mackenzie) that are expensive- I’d still think twice before using such a huge, bulky card.  Now, if this came with oversized card sleeves and something to carry them in- maybe.

    Not only that, but this is a limited-printing set like From the Vault.  I don’t know about you, but many stores (as in all of them) like to mark up FTV’s.  FTV: Realms sold for Seventy-Five dollars at all the stores here. Seventy-Five, marked up from Thirty.  So, a Seventy-Five dollar FTV-type set is going to cost me around $100-150… And that’s just not cool. The tokens are neat, the life counter is cool, but it’s all just flash. Sure, it looks pretty, but for its price (even its normal price is pretty silly- but the marked up prices will be abhorrent), it just hasn’t got the meat on its bones to impress me.


    Well, about the real price : ” a Seventy-Five dollar FTV-type set is going to cost me around $100-150… And that’s just not cool “.

    This set is even more limited than the FromTheVault. Indeed, for the last FTV (realms), my store received 20 pack.
    For this one the owner of the store told me is going to receive only   4  !   and this should be the max per store !

    The owner also told me that base on the rarity of the pack and the fact that there should be 10 cards with a new design never printed in foiled, him and  owners of other store he knows were thinking $250 as a minimum and most likely going  $300-400 depending on the other card of the pack.

    So if you can get it at $75, jump on it !

    • Lonethief

      Buy it and sell it for hundreds in a few years.

  • Krlmaahs

    sliver queen and command tower how unexpected but totally epic!!

    • Nunyo Biznas

      The sliver queen will be an oversized they cant legitimately reprint it

  • Gage_dustin

    you know at first i was exited about this and then i started getting really mad bout wizards limited print to 4 boxes a store and then they reveal more cards……. grimgrin  is one of the worst ever and mayael wtf are they putting these in there so far the only thing worth anything in this set is the sylvan library command tower and sliver queen if this hits over 100 dollars there is no way ill get one this is a fail

  • D Dunn_44

    I actually nearly spat out my coffee when I saw that Royal Containers and Sliver Queen were in this >.<

  • It doesn’t really make much sense to give these cards different rarities since they’re printing the same number of them… there will be just as many foil command towers as mimeoplasms as sylvan libraries, and considering the common and uncommon foils in this set will be worth multiples of the mythics, I don’t understand the point. 

    • Crazedlobo

      Original printing rarity is what they’re printing them as, all the premium sets have been like that.

  • Crazedlobo

    If you think Sliver Queen is a more viable commander for slivers than Sliver Overlord, you’re doing it wrong.

    • mmtt99801

      actually i have a sliver commander deck and i have the sliver queen as the commander because my deck works with tokens and i would rather have a token generator than a sliver tutor 

      • Wisdomseyes

        but you can tutor for the queen 0.o

    • Kevin Dobias

      Not every deck is built to run the same card. Also, Sliver Overlord is WAY easier to get than Sliver Queen since there are fewer Sliver Queens in existence.

    • Nunyo Biznas


    • Well actually it wholly depends upon your strategy, the Sliver Queen has so many infinite combos available that she’s much more potent to have available repeatedly than the Overlord, he’s a lot more straightforward, but she’s much more deadly if used properly…

  • Nordic

    To all people complaining about the high price: You do realize that the cards in this pack is worth over 300 $

    • Gbb

      it is overpriced because the oversized cards are not worth the paper they are printed on

      • jeruroku

        suprisingly, you’re wrong. I see the Griselbrand plus sized sell for about 6 bucks, mostly bought by french EDH players. i sold my AVR set for 50 bucks.

    • Nunyo Biznas

      Not worth over 300$ it will be worth more then the 75$ mark, but i dont feel it is worth the time or large sums of money for me to try and get ahold of it. Most of the cards i would want i already have, dont really need, or will never use (ie oversized cards).

  • Luke R.

    bout time the spoilers rolled out, too bad it’s still overpriced.

  • mmtt99801

    they should just stop reprinting and make everyone else buy the damn cards 

  • Kekeke

    the set would be worth buying for if all those oversized cards would be normal size… yes i wanna play azusa, but not as commander… –_–

  • Nunyo Biznas

    People i hope understand that all the “OMFG awesome” legendaries will be oversized (ie useless, since i have never seen anyone actually use them).

    And all the other cards so far have been cards of value under 20$ so i don’t really feel that the 300$ prices on Ebay are validated unless people just have tons of money to burn on shiny things. Granted though i feel that at times “why am i spending good hard earned money for fancy cardboard”….

  • Eric2399

    dont shoot yourself over the price, there is a fkn loyal retainer in there guys…

  • perhaps it’s the expensivest cards sleeves, command towers and life countes we’ll ever see ^^ 

  • Tommoo77

    I wish we’d just go back to kamigawa

  • Xcver

    How do I know which 10 of these 28 cards will be oversized?!?

  • are those over sized sleeves?! -_-