• Jho483

    I bet the new Sorin will be a 4 mana planeswalker, black and red

    • Ijglover

      Probably not. I see why you would think that, but Sorin will always be mono black. this is backed by his support spells an the fact that R&D even stated that the Marov clan (like the Markov Patrician) will all be black cards.

      • Droon

        I agree with ljglover; it’ll always follow the same line

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think so either. Olivia Voldaren is B/R but she’s from a competing vampire clan.

      • Jho483

        Sorin will come and unite all the vampire clans, and wipe out all the other living species of the plane. Garruk will probably die too in the process.

        • Mike

          Sorin is drawn to Innistrad to take care of some business ie: The Veil. He’s also not a huge fan of other vampires, as seen in the Zendikar book.
          Also, if anything, Liliana will be dead by the end of the block. Not only has Sorin taken her spot in the core set, she’s also burned tons of bridges in the storyline.

          Why do I think Garruk will live and Liliana will die? Simple
          Garruk fully represents green. Nissa doesn’t even come close. She’s only on the elf aspect.
          While both Liliana and Sorin fully represent black. One is expendable.

          Take your nonsense elsewhere sir!

          • Wdv331

            i aggree with mike that nissa sucks.but i think no one will die cause people hated when they killed off vensar

          • Busterswrd_maniac

            part of me would be ok if Lilliana died, but part of me wants to try a discard standard if by chance she comes back ._.

        • Wdv331

          garruk is to coll hed kick sorrins ass any day

          • GRIM

            sorin wold kick garruks ass

          • mat

            no garruk is way stronger

        • Gjschuet

          Well, the 3rd set is called Avacyn Restored so….highly doubt they’ll be wiped out. I think ascension’s gonna be a big pack for the vamps and zombies, but get ready for a powerful human set in Avacyn Restored

          • Zurlich

            Do not forget about the angels, man.

          • zomBEEST

            I hope to see alot of zombies in DKA/Avavyn restored…they’re kinda my thing lolz

  • MTGLinda

    The Dark Ascension Sorin should be better than the new Liliana. Ascension if going to be a small set like Worldwake and they need a very good card to drive the sales like Jace did.

  • Jennylikescandy

    That moon looks like a vulture to me. Maybe a new tribe?

    • Thejerm

      The shape on the moon? That’s the heron. :) for reference see the Moon Heron card. They talked about it in a article, the myth about the heron that started because of the shape on the moon. It’s in some Innistard art already.

  • Pickthem5up

    The card feels more Black than Red to me. What do you think?

    • Casshern

      I think it borders on Blue/Red to me. Think Careful Study. Did this same thing, but for one Blue rather than one Red. However, Careful Study doesn’t have Flashback, which is another reason why Blue/Red are the colors that come to mind as they are the main flashback colors.

    • Droon

      I agree, dunno, call me weird, but i think it’s kind of like Jace Beleren, sorta blue for me I guess

  • Malcom

    show me an interesting card

  • Bernard

    Draw 2 Discard 2 for 1 mana!?

    • Guest

      AND Flashback!!

      • Wdv331

        i think its going to be worth about 10 bucks

  • Richard Cortez

    should be flipped i think, Discard 2 then draw if its red.

  • Lonley magic player

    ok a little off topic here but is the Ajani vs. nicol bolas duel deck any good?

    • Haos

      Ajani is aggro, Nicol Bolas control. If Nicol successfully controls, he wins. If he screws up, Ajani wins.

    • Wdv313

      its a crapy duel deck but its worth getting for the planeswalkers

    • Solomuzikmam Tm

      Awesome duel set. Both fun to play with

    • Springhairyeticrab

      not really, but if you want two cheap p.w’s its fine i guess

  • Maxevans2000

    faithless looting seems sweet

  • Instigator Gang

    need more werewolve development

    • Wdv331

      yes i agree, but with the humans?they were just a rip of allies

      • Theslingman

        humans came before allies dumbass

        • Frausti

          he’s saying all the abilities that took special interest in them being humans was a rip of allies, not that the human creature type is a rip of allies. And i think allies were a rip of slivers

          • Alpha Donkey

            At his point, after so many years and an ungodly number of sets, everything will be a rip of something else, whether you know the originals or not. The creativity lies in how different they can make it, even keywords, like undying and persist for example.

  • Alice

    Personally, I’m looking forward to the green/white side of this set. Humans and angels/spirits were my favourite in Innistrad. Also, Faithless Looting really seems like it should be a blue card to me..

    • Bobsmalls

      thats because it IS a blue card, just in red now =p

      • Milligan Sean

        if it were blue it would be way too good

        • Onemancannon

          its called careful study. it may be cool to be off color in red but… 2RR to draw 4, discard 4. wouldnt paying less for that be better? oh yeah, 2U. its called catalog. blue just kicks ass. period.

    • Wdv331

      humans are just a rip off of allies

  • Rog3r

    The new Sorin Markov art looks awesome!

  • Jniu

    heard rumors that a new sarkhan is in the set along with another new female planeswalker

    • Crazyfroboy1234

      i agree!!!!!! look at the new set already revield. avacyn restored. chick looks like she would be a great black/white planes walker!!!!! hopefully so . . . and if dark acenssion drops enemy dual man lands i would love this set til the cows come home. would make magic super interesting and fun to see enemy colors rocking face all day.

      • Wulf

        That “chick” is Avacyn… not a planeswalker at all…

        • Carrot230

          So Avacyn cannot be a planeswalker? Why is that?

          • Fojoqtip6969

            Avacyn will probably be a legendary angel in the last set. And she better rape face or I’ll cry.

          • Forgotten

            In Magic lore, Angels are considered constructs (creatures without souls), so they have no soul; thus they can have no spark ignite in them to be able to planeswalk. So either a) she’s not a planeswalking angel or b) she’s not an angel, and is some devious bitch of a planeswalker who pretended to be one to subvert humanity on Innistrad to her will for some end (something to do with the Helvault?), which is so unlikely, because the storyline is never that subtle about things. If they say she is an angel, she is an angel.

        • Blackfire2

          actually if you look at what transpired in innistrad, Avacyn was said to have “left” the plane itself…. could that have just been here visiting another plane? unless new information has been revealed on the storyline, or just in general that i do not now of, it can’t be totally ruled out that she isn’t a planeswalker.

      • Busterswrd_maniac

        Avacyn would NOT be black/white. (at least, i don’t think) it;’s been pretty much flashily saying that avacyn’s colors are Green/White

    • Gjschuet

      Could be Elspeth too.

  • from the look of the deck box we may have another snake person im hopeing some of them will be green

  • Drasil2009

    i thought there would atleast another card leaked by now

    • Koji

      It is a red card though guys…. ever heard of Bruning Inquiry?

      • Drasil2009

        that card was great with megrim in its day

  • Kiloz

    Faithless Looting feels like a shameless Planeshift to me. o.o

  • Shadows099

    Hmm, I have a feeling this guy is either BW or BR..

  • koolpimp

    The moon has a shadow on it. Can you guess what it is because I’m almost 100% sure i know what it is. No its not anything that has been guessed before. Sorry to say most of you are wrong, but thats what im saying. This shadow is a black(pretty much confirming Sorin is only Black) conflux card called Nyxathid. Compare for yourself and you can see the resembalance. Tonight was the first night i even read about the shadow on the moon. I was so excited to figure it out or at least know what creature type(Elemental) it is going to be.
    Thanks to everyone for pointing out the shadow, too bad your guess of what it was of was wrong. HAHAHA

  • Onemancannon

    i cannot wait to buy a couple packs and unveil this red Careful Study with flashback. booooring

  • Drake

    Ever think of Sorin killing off Lili? Thus the name of this next set?

    • Springhairyeticrab

      im hoping that Sorin will be the next planeswalker in this set, and im hoping also that hey make him a smaller drop, or with better abilities, granit i dont want to see another flip planeswalker in my life because personaly i think the new garruk blew.

      • Franconbean

        Hmm. I thought garruk was interesting because he wasn’t terribly overpowered; he was a risk to play. That said, you’re right – flipwalkers don’t need to exist

        • Deanbarnes643

          We need more of a new vensor

          • bob

            venser is dead.

          • Mike

            They die so young…

            I’m thinking “I like this guy, he’s got in interesting set of abilities. He also teleports, man, that’s cool. I bet he’s gonna have a lot of cool cards.”

            Then my hopes and dreams are teleported unceremoniously into Karn… damn golem.

          • Ninnnnja

            how did venser die?

          • Judge2008

            venser gave his planeswalker spark to karn

          • Mike

            ******SPOILER ALERT*******
            ******SPOILER ALERT*******
            Venser teleported his heart into Karn to save Karn, so Karn could stop the spread of the Phyrixians.
            Read Quest for Karn
            ******SPOILER ALERT*******
            ******SPOILRT ALERT*******

          • Bugleboy

            The corruption of the ichor was spreading through Karn, coursing through his heart. Venser swapped their hearts and gave Karn his spark. Thus Karn knew he could not completeley wipe Phyrexia off the face of the map, nevertheless, he vowed he would take as many of the rotters down as he could.

  • Xxwhygodwhyxx

    lightning bolt and goblin grenade better be in dark ascension or im gonna find the closest living thing and kill it.

  • Kenv67

    it happened to Garruk it can happen to any of them…. A white Lilliana? perhaps Who knows thats why I love this game:)

    • Bugleboy

      Unlikely, Lilliana did deals with demons, and she’s just hunting Griselbrand down for her own personal gain. The chain-veil holds power she believes can destroy Griselbrand, and she’s already destroyed at least one powerful demon, also with whom she bargained with previously, and she was able to corrupt another planeswalker. She wants power and longevity, and she’s not going to get it with white magic. In fact, She’s currently hanging around with Sticher Geralf. In the story so far, the army of ghouls and skaabs created by Geralf and his ghoulraiser sister are laying seige to Thraben, with Geralf’s sister in command. Geralf took off for a “secret mission”, which was to assassinate Mikaeus, the Lunarch, and was successful. Geralf later met Lilliana, who raised Mikaeus’s corpse, thus the legendary Mikaeus the Unhallowed. Lilliana is too far gone to go white.

    • Bugleboy

      The reason Garruk went black is because Lilliana put a curse on him that is steadily corrupting him. Sorin went white because more of his backstory has been revealed and we’ve found out that he created Avacyn. He was originally from Innistrad, and returns to search for his missing angel in hopes of finding her and restoring the humans hope and giving them level footing for battle with the dark forces of this plane, thus restoring balance to it.

  • zach

    Nyxathid is a good card against a burn deck which runs out of its hand so if they reprint Nyxathid there will almost definitely be burn cards like lightning bolt in this set.

  • Meallybug999

    ok where are the spoilers wtf

    • Justinjenkins93

      Okay, there is no way they are reprinting Lightning bolt. And I highly doubt they repring Nyxathrid, since it’s a Heron on the moon. I would like to see more discard in the new set though, I miss Duress and Inquizition of Kozilek very much, and Despise just doesn’t cut it. And does anyone know if Faithless Looting will really be rare? Or possibly uncommon?

      • Oceansoul01

        does anyone know where i can find and read the magic storylines online

      • Nm098241

        If you loo at the none promo, its actually a COMMON :O!

  • Random Guy

    My speculation is that Avacin left Innistrad plane and visited Ravnica, then returned as Orzhov agent.

    She will be black-white planeswalker.

    lol jk.

  • Lightningpure

    I think that skeleton looking lich guy might be Grislebrand. He was mentioned a bit (and having the disciple of grislebrand card) in Innistrad, and he might be in this set as well

    • Sheoldred

      in the art books from the fatpacks, it said that lilliana came to kill the demon griselbrand to regain her lost soul. I think you’re thoughts on the lich might be spot on.

    • Griselbrand

      Unlikely, the picture shows a lich, we know we’re looking for a demon here.
      However, I really like the idea of a demon-planeswalker…

    • Bugleboy

      I know the lich has been revealed already, but a lich is just, well, a lich. The demon Griselbrand is a demon, one who foght against the archangel Avacyn. No offense, but I think it’s going to look a tad bit more daunting then a lich. Bottem line: liches aren’t demons.

  • Olconman13

    i like it could be interesting in flashback decks. i forsee red black white reanimater decks happening

  • Springhairyeticrab

    im hoping that Sorin will be the next planeswalker in this set, and also that hey make him a smaller drop, or with better abilities (didnt like how his -7 only took over their next turn, would rather wee another health related ability). i dont want to see another flip planeswalker in my life because personaly i think the new garruk blew. sure he was fun and all but liliana was the better of the two p.w’s

  • Emuy1010

    what would be cool is a legendary creature Sorin that turns into a planes walker

  • Franconbean

    my GOD I love all the art so much.

  • sheoldred

    Sorin killing Lilliana would be hilarious; he’d be all like ‘bitch, get off my plane!’

  • Deanbarnes643

    Good to see more multicolored cards

  • Abracadabra

    We need a good red walker… red and black have had the worst walkers so far (all three Chandras are JOKES in competitive play and Koth, while decent, is rarely played, as it isn’t great card atm.), and black just got a pretty sweet Lilliana.

    I was also talking with someone about how red needs a great 2-drop creature. Blue has Snapcaster, White has Stoneforge Mystic, Green has Tarmogoyf, and black has Dark Confidant. …and red? Goblin Piledriver? While it is a centerpiece of legacy goblins, it really isn’t played like the other 2 drops. It doesn’t count. And there isn’t anything else. Please wizards?

  • Fried Blubber

    We need Jodah, Mishra, Serra, Teferi, Urza, Volrath and Yagmoth Walkers

    • Nerd

      Yawgmoth is not a Planeswalker.

  • magiclover69

    i just want to rub my dick on these cards

    • tits

      me 2

      • magiclover69

        and me again

  • Tony5624

    Sorin, Lord of Innistrad!!!! so freaking awesome!

  • MrQuestionMark

    Cravecrawler seems awefully reminiscent of bloodgahst… anybody else think so?

  • JD Brock

    who just jizzed!

  • JD Brock

    because I almost did when I saw the new Sorin…I just wanna actually know if anybody actually did?

  • Baldj13

    champion of the parrish is going to be stupid with gather the townsfolk

    • Sk8junky729

      omg yes he is..i had him up to a 6/6 before on turn 3

  • Djbloke

    Yeah not to bad at the moment, a few interesting cards. We’ll see what happens

  • Shores667

    sorin is a sexy beast hes goin to get over played but it worth it lilli can say gud to her throne

  • Jace Argo

    What happens if avacyn gets corrupted? Maybe Lili goes and kills Grislbrand and his essence turns her from a white angle into a black monster that kills everyone. or maybe liliana frees avacyn from grislebrand and then it becomes a happy ending and then…here come the Eldrazi…

  • Lightningpure

    I have a feeling this set is going to be so broken…

  • hi guys i would like to know were can i find the storys about the planes? i know a bit of this and a bit of that but i wanted to know the story for real

  • Whiteheadedkid93

    so mikaeus got turned into a zombie.. tisk tisk

  • Whiteheadedkid93

    and i am a huge fan of everwolf it will help werewolf decks alot

  • Stumps

    Graffdigger’s Cage is going to be 20 dollars easy

    • Jacobgable1

      it’s going in the board in vintage againts dredge, or maindeck to simply stop yagmoths will

    • stumpsisamoron

      No it’s not moron. It’s seven bucks. It will probably go lower. Like everything else in this set will….

  • Darth Parallax

    Sorin goes infinite with Experiment Kraj, Doubling Season, March of the Machines, and Liquimetal Coating. Turn Sorin into an artifact, then into a creature, then use his ultimate with Kraj, then target Sorin and 2 other planewalkers (preferably ones you don’t control already) and Sorin himself. They all enter the battlefield with Double Loyalty, and Sorin has enough counters to use his ability again…which he does, because he’s considered a new Planeswalker after being reanimated by his own effect. I think. You also have to find a way to untap Experiment Kraj-this might be a better job for Mycosynth Lattice than for Liquimetal Coating. Mycosynth Lattice turns Kraj into an artifact, and if you include Tezzeret the Seeker next to Sorin Lord of Innistrad, then Tezzeret can use his ‘untap two artifacts’ ability to repeatedly untap Kraj and another Artifact of your choice….the possibilities are pretty darn monstrous.

    Review, what you need:
    1x Mycosynth Lattice
    1x Experiment Kraj
    1x Sorin Lord of Innistrad
    1x Tezzeret the Seeker
    1x Doubling Season

    Colors: (in order of importance)
    Think that’s crazy? The Enemy Dual Lands and Enemy Fetch Lands will easily accommodate a four-color mana base.
    To my knowledge, none of these cards are banned in Modern. Using savvy tech like Forbidden Alchemy ought to increase your chances of getting the combo together. I’m not sure if this will win any Tournaments, but firing off infinite Planeswalker Ultimates sounds like it could wreak hell on Commander xD

    • Carlh

      cool story bro

    • March Pumpkin

      Doesn’t work.
      Re-read Sorin’s ultimate….it can only target Other Planeswalkers….he may not destroy himself.

      • Dragon1430

        i think what he means to say is to turn sorin into a creature first then his ability will work on himself
        but the chance of this happening are very slim

        • lolwhaat

          It doesn’t matter if he gets turned into a creature. He still can’t target himself.

          • Glaurae

            The phrasing of the ability is “…a creature or another planeswalker.” This means that the target can be one or the other, but does not have to be both. Thus, despite the fact Sorin is not another planeswalker, he is still a legal target because he is a creature. When the ability targets a creature, it doesn’t have to check whether or not it is “another planeswalker,” because it already meets one of the two qualifiers.

            However, I really don’t understand why we’re arguing this. It’s a bloody five-card combo: It’s almost impossible to gather all the cards together at one time, let alone pay the rather large mana costs to get them onto the field.

          • lolwhaat

            Because people (like you) that don’t know what they’re talking and that can screw with people newer to the game. No, he coudln’t be targeted if he is a creature due to the fact that he is STILL a planeswalker. So, if he’s still a planeswalker, even though he’s also a creature now, he wouldn’t be able to target himself because it specifically says ” or ANOTHER planeswalker.”

          • Charles Lauricella

            I have been playing for over 10 years and yes he can target himself if he becomes a creature

          • lolwhaat

            That’s stupid. He’s a planeswalker before he’s anything, and becoming a creature doesn’t make him lose that.

    • purple

      peopl have also found ways to win first turn, the likelyness of it happening is just very slim.

    • cosineofthetas

      planeswalkers have loyalty abilities, not activated abilities. sorry

      • lolwuuuut

        The loyalty abilities are activated abilities.

        • cosineofthetas

          Wow, just learned something, you are right, the are activated abilities, but, it turns out that you can only use a loyalty ability when the stack is empty, so he doesn’t go infinite.

    • Bugleboy

      It doesn’t work because the afforementioned cards that you would use to make Sorin an artifact don’t completely change him. Likewise, Tezzeret doesn’t turn Sorin completeley into an artifact creature. Sorin would become a planeswalker artifact creature, still unable to target himself with his own ability.

      • me

        actually, he would, because he fits one of the two categories, creature and/or other planeswalker. However, planeswalkers have loyalty abilities, not activated abilities. I’m a level 3 judge.

        • Bloodgiftdemon

          he will be an invalid target for his -6 abilities. you have to target sorin as a planeswalker not only as a creature because he is also a planeswalker. Tezzeret’s 3rd abilities rulings read “The third ability causes artifacts you control to become creatures in addition to their other card types.” w/c reatains its planeswalker type.

        • Ancalagon the Black

          The title of level 3 judge means nothing to me. My friend is a level 3 judge and I still know more about this game than he does. Sorin’s Critical Mass ability cannot target himself. Although, you are correct in the fact that that the creature would justify the ability and that Kraj would not gain a planeswalker’s abilities, he still will not be able to target himself. Why? Although you are targeting him as a creature, he’s always a planeswalker. The “other” means he still can’t do it as he is the same planeswalker. As another example, if this did not make sense, is something like, say, protection from artifacts, like Tel-Jilad Chosen. If I were to make something like Darksteel Brute, the 2/2 creature until end of turn, Tel-Jilad Chosen would still take no damage, even though it’s a creature. The reason is because of that artifact part. We can argue this all day long but I will put down good money that I’m right.

        • lolwhaat

          If loyalty abilities aren’t activated abilities, then how come Pithing Needle can affect planeswalkers? I hope I’m never in an event you’re judging.

        • lolwhaat

          From the Comprehensive Rules (as of Innistrad)
          606. Loyalty Abilities
          606.1. Some activated abilities are loyalty abilities, which are subject to special rules.
          606.2. An activated ability with a loyalty symbol in its cost is a loyalty ability. Normally, only planeswalkers have loyalty abilities.
          606.3. A player may activate a loyalty ability of a permanent he or she controls any time he or she has priority and the stack is empty during a main phase of his or her turn, but only if no player has previously activated a loyalty ability of that permanent that turn.
          606.4. The cost to activate a loyalty ability of a permanent is to put on or remove from that permanent a certain number of loyalty counters, as shown by the loyalty symbol in the ability’s cost.
          606.5. A loyalty ability with a negative loyalty cost can’t be activated unless the permanent has at least that many loyalty counters on it.

        • cosineofthetas

          He’s half right: Sorin fits one of the two qualifiers (creature) and because he only needs to fit one of them (because he’s not another planeswalker) he can target himself. However, the rules say that a player can only activate a loyalty ability during a main phase while the stack is empty as long as that card hasn’t activated a loyalty ability previously that turn. So while it doesn’t go infinite (what with the stack and all) it does sound interesting. Also, pulling off a four color five card combo requires a ridiculous amount of tutoring.

    • lolwhaat

      I just saw your post on Sorin on the official site. A card is broken if it’s insanely good by itself. In your example, it needs 4 other cards and it still doesn’t work.

    • David

      If Sorin is a creature, then he can target himself, since it says “or”, rather than “and”. (For instance, a sorcery that says destroy target artifact or enchantment can destroy an enchanment even if it’s not an artifact, similarly, sorin can target himself even though he’s not an “other planeswalker”)

      It still doesn’t work though. When Sorin comes back from the graveyard he’ll have six loyalty counters (from Doubling Season), but then if you activate his infinite he’ll be at 0. This will get checked as a state-based action after his ability goes on the stack, but before it resolves. He will then leave the battlefield due to this, rather than due to his ultimate, so he will not return.

      I’m not sure what Kraj is for. Are you trying to put more counters on Sorin? This won’t work, since Kraj put’s +1/+1 counters on him, and you need loyalty counters, which are different. You would need to add another loyalty counter, perhaps through proliferation.

      You could still use his + ability, and then use his ultimate again next turn.

      • David

        Oh, I see, you’re thinking Kraj will copy Sorin’s activated abilities. I suppose that would work, but Kraj wouldn’t have any loyalty counters, so he wouldn’t actually be able to use the ultimate. He would need to use the plus a few times first, which you don’t have time for in one turn. Furthermore, since,

        “A player may activate a loyalty ability of a permanent he or she controls any time he
        or she has priority and the stack is empty during a main phase of his or her turn, but only if none of
        that permanent‘s loyalty abilities have been activated that turn.”

        you wouldn’t be able to use any of the loyalty abilities the same turn that Kraj tapped to put a counter on Sorin.

        • lolwhaat

          Kraj’s ability to tap to put a counter on a creature isn’t a loyalty ability, so I don’t see how that would stop it.

  • Anon

    @ Darth Parallax

    Sorin’s ultimate can’t be used to target himself. It says “other planeswalkers.”

  • Mike

    Does anyone else think it’s bull, that every tribe has a legendary except werewolves?
    Geists – Geist of Saint Traft
    Zombies – Grimgrin
    Vampires – Olivia Voldaren
    Humans – Mikaeus the Lunarch

    Then Immerwolf comes out, and I think, ok, I can handle not having a legendary, if they get another buff guy. Then Stormkirk Captain comes out!
    The only hope I can see for werewolves getting a legendary, is if it is forever in werewolf mode.

    • lolwuuuut

      You do realize there’s still a lot of cards that haven’t been realized yet, correct?

      • Mike

        I’m aware, but there is only one more werewolf to be revealed, as they revealed the flip card check list already and of the seven werewolves on it, 6 have been revealed. The only way I really see a legendary werewolf, is in a non flip card.

        • lolwhaat

          Except a werewolf couldn’t be a non-flip card because it would be switching between human and werewolf. Such a conundrum.

          • Mike

            It doesn’t exactly have to be a flip card. It can easily be a werewolf that is so far into the curse, that it is forever in wolf mode, or even the cause of the werewolves. There have been one sided werewolf cards before.

          • lolwhaat

            With the way the block has been, they would have to be a flip-card.

    • Griselbrand

      I’ve been waiting for a legendary werewolf myself.

    • Fade_away_dunk

      mayor of avabruck

      • Mike

        Mayor of Avabruck isn’t a legend.
        Nor is it as epic as any of the previously stated legends.
        Take your nonsense elsewhere sir!

    • Werewolvesarelame

      Werewolves suck and the night/day concept of flip is stupid.

      • Mike

        While I’ll give it to you, that the day/night thing of playing spells, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, I’m gonna point out that since Innistrad is a set based on horror, forcing a player to cast a spell each turn or it becomes “night” fits in perfectly flavor wise.

    • they do have a lord, Mikaeus, the unhallowed

      • Griselbrand

        Mikaeus the Unhallowed is a zombie,
        Werewolves are not zombies and zombies are not werewolves…
        Take your nonsensery elsewhere!

  • KIKI JIKI The Planeswalker

    I Think that there will be another Planeswalker in Dark ascension
    It will be a red Blue or Green

    • Jared

      my bet is a red/blue plainswalker, dack fayden.

  • herp derp v1.2

    there is a werewolf mythic, huntsmaster of the fells

  • lolwuuuut

    Looks like this will be a pretty decent set overall.

  • BRPowersolutions

    werewolf has a legend, Huntmaster of the Fells/ Ravager of the Fells and I love Immerwolf (other wolf and werewolf creatures you control get +1/+1, Non-Human werewolf creatures you control CANT transform) been waitin for that

    • lolwhaat

      Neither of them are legends though.

  • cosineofthetas

    The five two color groups (Spirits (W/U), Werewolves (R/G), Zombies (B/U), Vampires (B/R), and Humans(W/G)) all are getting some great tribal support, and seems that W/B and G/B also have a place in here. Feel free to reply with any other deck ideas you see rising. I like that G/B instant in my Sisters of Stone Death EDH . . .

    • Mrmissouri25

      i currently am running W/B humans, with Geist and Spectral Flight. unfortunately, spirits are definately becoming a more major group than what they were in innastrad. with that, i may convert to W/B human/spirits. i think it could work. remarks?

  • Famine0123

    where the hell is the infect

  • James8689

    vorapede O_O!

  • cosineofthetas

    That chalice of life/death is definitely going in my Empires deck, the increasing devotion and gather the townsfolk are going in human aggro, and . . .

  • Wolf Lord

    werewolves forever! vampires suck!
    (except Twilight, those books are awsome :) )

    • Griselbrand

      Crawl in a hole and die

    • loser

      just…just…just die

  • whiterunwolf

    except huntmaster isn’t a legend. its a mythic sure, but not a legend. no EDH werewolf love.

  • Adsfa

    Wow Sorin with Gravecrawler is just broke as all hell. And they totally neutered blue.

  • mat

    totaly agree

  • Count De LeFay

    Hmmm. I seem to recall there being 3 sets in block. Stop being cynical assholes and play the game without whining about it or find something else to do with your time.

  • Kurt-mcconnell

    i want immerwolfs

  • mat

    me to