• Zach

    What is this

  • Oh, obviously cunning will have Storm Crow as the mythic, and speed will just kinda be the junk deck that sucks.

    • Cesar

      I love all the storm trolls, like really, I love you *—–*

      • I’d ask you to marry me, but I’m already engaged to storm crow.

        • Dr. Storm Crow


          • Storm crow engages all men… in combat or in love. No matter what, however, it always wins. You claim to know the ways of the crow, ser, but you are wrong. You call yourself the “Doctor Storm Crow”, but this proves your ignorance. Storm Crow needs no doctor!

          • Dr. Storm Crow

            I am a doctor AND a storm crow, and I know that our breed exists beyond the realms of mortal understanding, and I am horrified you would even deign to question our practices. YOU ARE THE IGNORANT ONE.

          • What medical school did you go to?

          • Dr. Storm Crow

            Got my bachelor’s degree at Tolarian Institute of Storm Crows, earned my doctorate at New Prahv through their accredited Storm Crow Studies program, then did my attending studies at Evos Isle Conservatory, where I specialized in Storm Crows.

          • HAHAHA Liar. Storm Crow is too good to go to school.

          • Dr. Storm Crow

            That’s just, like, your opinion, man.

          • Storm crows are born with the knowledge of million men, what would they do at school? You may be a storm crow, but you were born with some dysfunction.
            Anyway, I am engaged to storm crow, the ring on my finger tells no lies.

  • Chaz Hardesty

    So red based aggro vs blue based control

    • DA

      Hard to say… but I’d learn more towards it having multicolor, as this is likely to have cards from the next set, Khanar. Since Theros is a set mostly focused on Mono-color, Khanar will probably have a healthy number of multicolored spells (No where near as much as Ravnica or Alara I’d guess).

      • Khanar is actually code for storm crow.

      • candyslice

        you’re actually wrong, khanar/tarkir will probably have more of a mono color bias because theros block is quite rooted in multicolor as well

    • the brad

      i’d say more like boros colors vs simic colors

    • Yes, again, Red = obligatory shitty junk deck Blue = Storm crow tribal

  • Adam Watson

    so its a test of play styles/skills i guess

  • Will buy it for the toy’s inside. . .

    • dinner

      I agree, the toy is OP and will break standard

  • Andrew

    Speed gets no love lol

  • Tommy

    I hope its a return to shadowmor/lorwin

  • IZZET101


  • Chi Sarades

    another angel vs demon dual deck

  • Josh Kaufman

    Where is the highly anticipated Squirrel vs Storm Crow Duel Deck everyone wants? And I mean everyone. If you think you don’t, you just haven’t put enough thought into the interactions multiple storm crows can have on an army of squirrels.

    • Dude this isn’t actually duel decks
      Storm Crow is speed AND cunning.

    • Wilmer Claessens

      But I want Storm Crow vs Grizzly Bears :c

      • Josh Kaufman

        No. It’s either Storm Crow vs Storm Crow or Storm Crow vs Squirrels. I would accept storm crow vs “rabbit beasts”, but it depends on how I feel that day.

        (The only rabbit beasts I can think of at the moment are jackelope herd) Then again I have always wanted to see Jackelopes and Storm Crows fight side by side. They would have kicked the phyrexians asses and had time inbetween for afternoon tea. Because you have not lived until you have had afternoon tea with the storm crow rabbit beast population.

        • Berek

          Uhh… Vizzerdrix

  • Lemmywinks

    Symbol looks like a mix of wings with a slingshot in the middle. So, that can only mean….Storm Cow and Tim just doing their thing!

  • Josh Kaufman

    Storm Crow is the new Chuck Norris, the most interesting man in the world.

    Storm crow doesn’t pray to god because storm crow would just be talking to itself.
    Storm crow can profitably block True Name Nemesis and when a judge is called, storm crow wins and then gets priority.
    Under Storm Crows beak is another Storm Crow.

  • hi

    the set symbol looks like an eye with wings

  • GlitchtheWolf

    I think the symbol looks like a wolf. I like wolves, so lets see if its two packs fighting eachother. Red vs Green

    • GlitchtheWolf

      I want a Wolves Vs Dragons, or Humans vs Wolves

    • Dakota James Swatsley

      Maybe green/black Vs Blue something?

  • J.V.

    I want to see a ally vs sliver deck myself

  • H.P.

    It looks like a helmet and wings. So maybe it’s soldiers vs. dragons

    • Zegnam

      they already have Knights Vs Dragons

  • yumyum36

    I’m betting red white rush versus blue something control… ? That’d be logical with the name right?

  • Eduardogbg

    Warlord of Khanar/Khans of Tarkir will be an egyptian based set, this explain the eye of horus based icon. Welcome to the Huey plane duel deck. These are my bets.

    • Hm5555

      get your Mythology straight.

      • taanop

        Mongolians aren’t mythology, I feel like a Khan was a real thing at some point.

        • Darthvoice


        • Necro

          Khan is mongolian for emperor, I believe.

    • cactido

      Khanar and Khans point pretty directly to Mongolian influence, not Egyptian. Not to mention the symbol doesn’t even look like an Eye of Horus any more than it has a vaguely eye-shaped design.

  • Dakota James Swatsley

    I’m thinking red/black, or mono red VS. Blue/black.

  • mantacular

    it’s confirmed it’s a storm crow dredge deck. just 60 storm crows.

    • AdventureMormon

      This is way too cheap to be a deck that powerful. they would have to increase the price by at least $50.

  • wertyu

    rg vs ux is my guess and its mostly based off of the context. rg is aggro colors and blue is cunning. also you can add a ninja if its blue
    Also i desperatley want kiroa vs xenagos to be the pw duel deck

  • NivMizzet

    I’m thinking either RG/RW Vs UB, although heroes vs monsters had both RG and RW. mono red maybe? also, I hope they make an Elspeth Vs Xenagos deck – Elspeth with godsend & deicide, anyone?

    • s

      you read my thoughts, I was thinking that the next dueldeck planeswalker series would be xenagos vs kiora, ajani or ashiok, but xenagos,,,,lord xenagos MUST BE THE ONE

  • happyman379

    I think Thassa will be in it somehow.

  • Rasder

    Everyone says that speed will be a junk deck, but if it was RG then it could get some decent ramp. Of course, if it’s mono red, then yes, it’s gonna be a junk deck.

  • z36

    na red for speed kinda burn-ish and a blue for smart control-ish type of deck
    it kinda fitting

  • a guy

    red white vs blue black

  • Dat guy

    Akron vs meletis?

  • Dat guy

    Akroas vs melets?

  • Dat guy


  • some guy

    elspeth/ajani vs ashiok/xenagos

    • thessethdawg

      It’s probably gonna be Elespeth Vs Xenagos
      but with the lore for some reason i could see Ashiok Vs Dack Fayden

  • Person5185775

    Sorry but elspeph and zen ages are just a bit dead

    • Foestar

      Yep, Xenagos turns into a god and then falls. He’s the fallen god. Elspeth defeats him but is actually then killed by the god she is championed to, Heliod. The sun god struck her down and then the god of the dead Erebos sends his minions after her body. Ajani prepares to fight for her but is pulled away leaving her to her fate. It leaves us hanging there.

  • Person5185775


  • lupelasers12

    you guys are all getting it wrong for speed. Green is to slow, why the hell would it be in speed? It’s Red/White vs Blue/Black. if you guys can’t see that, then you are blind, and/or stupid. Blue is obviously built of spells and black has strong spells and strong creatures. Red can burn everything and white can pump out humans like it’s nothing.

    • little red

      your quite good with human interactions. you should run for office in you local town.

    • Kameenook

      Determing which side matches which color has nothing to do with eyesight.

  • Foestar

    It could be a form of red or white. Both a quite fast. But so is green. I can have 3/3’s out turn 1-2 and a 4-5 on turn 2-3 depending on how I run my beast deck. The cunning could be blue/black or even red for that matter. There are quite a few cunning red cards that have nice effects on opponents and their permanents. I think the most likely thing is R/W vs Blue/Black/R. That’s just what I’d expect.

    On a side note: I really want to see Ob Nixilis, the Fallen return. I could see he being cunning as hell or being a great bad guy.

    • Kameenook

      He’s back, if I could direct your attention to the M15 spoiler, you may be pleased.

  • PhyrexianWeezil

    After reading these forums and laughing hysterically, I’ve drawn the following conclusion:

    The Speed deck must have Saproling Burst and Fires of Yavimaya or it will fail;

    The Cunning deck contains 10 Islands and 50 Storm Crows;

    P.S. The Speed deck also has dual lands which can produce black, as well as 2 copies of Maelstrom Pulse to handle the OP Storm Crow flock. Advantage: Cunning. Throwing in a little black mana and praying for a Maelstrom Pulse is simply not going to stop all those crows. Have any of you ever seen “The Crow?” That dude was unstoppable, and he wasn’t even a STORM CROW. WotC should stop making such lopsided Duel Deck matchups like this one.

    • SecedeNow

      It’s even worse than you think. Did you see the big rare for the crow deck? It’s gonna be Soraya the Falconer! Now all of those crows will not only get +1/+1, but they can get banding too!

  • thehatter831

    I just want to know whats in it…Its only 3 months away, I hope its better than the recent DD. No PW’s, kinda cool to see what its all about. I mean they have spoilers for the new set of the upcoming block, so why not this? lol

  • Sporq

    this deck is obviously storm crow vs something. You have to look at the emblem without the white in the middle. It totally looks like a bird head with feathers on the sides. Then if you add the white, while thinking that, it’s like some sort of all-seeing cyclops storm crow. The only conclusion is that it is storm crow vs storm crow, since the crows possess both speed AND cunning. Maybe we will see cards like “Master of the Crow” where you put in 2/2 birds with flying for your devotion to crows.

    • EnderSlayer13

      It also looks a little like the Mask of Avacyn…

      • guest

        it does look alot like avaycns mask but i know avaycn aint in there because 1 she is way to good to put in a duel deck 2 too rare to put in a duel deck or clash or whatever it is plus we never see mythics in duel decks or any decks they sell unless they are planeswalkers and it would be nice though a getting a second copy of her more the better

        • Elo

          Polukranos and Sun Titan are both mythics and they headlined Heroes vs Monsters.

          • Kameenook

            There’s a new Avacyn now guys, if I may direct you to the M15 spoiler.

        • Colby Fong

          Just buy her off eBay it’s only like 8 bucks max on there

          • Antares

            Guardian Angel (new version) is bulk prices (like a dollar each). Angel of Hope is about 25$ a copy, even off ebay.

            Granted, if Avacyn were printed in these, I’d snap-buy the duel deck, just to get a copy for my Naya EDH (needs a Sigarda and an Avacyn).

  • Robert FakeLastName

    it’s obviously red vs. blue. RDL vs storm crow.

    • Kameenook

      It is much more obvious based on the fact that “Speed” is a street name for meth, and Cuban Cigars are hard to get a hold of; the duel deck is really “Meth vs. Cuban Cigars.”

      • deadcalf

        Speed is not meth they are different drugs

        • Kameenook

          Speed is a streetname for Methamphetamine, or meth…..

          • deadcalf

            They are both and Amphetamine. Speed is a pill like Ritalin or Adderall and Methamphetamine is a crystal like substance that you smoke.
            also an fyi the sheet names for meth are glass, ice and tina

          • Kameenook

            The internet verifies me, “Speed” is indeed a streetname for meth…..

          • deadcalf

            Haha ok just believe everything you read on the internet.

          • Kameenook

            Are you a meth dealer? Do you know all the street names for meth? Multiple websites have confirmed that speed is a streetname for meth. This has gone far from the joke it was intended to be, and now I have to explain in detail why it is a joke.

          • deadcalf

            You mad bro?

          • Kameenook

            Not mad, but frustrated.

          • Rainer916

            gotta hate internet trolls who jackoff in glee whilst annoying other people.

          • yodogiheardyoulikemeth

            i sat here and read this, i feel like that was a waste of my time.

  • Colby Fong

    Red vs blue

    • Colby Fong

      But it might also be planeswalker duel

    • BobTheTitan

      not really…. although that Khans card is ready to smash some helms

  • Jon M

    calling it now: xenagos v dack fayden

  • Ezra

    Anyone saying it’s going to be Xenagos vs Elspeth, or any other theros planeswalkers is an idiot. Sept. decks are all about previewing the next block while the one in March is all about the block that is close to rotating out.

    • Kameenook

      Also to add they rotate between Planeswalker vs. Planeswalker, and Mythic Card vs. Mythic Card.

  • deadcalf

    Red haste vs green hexproof

  • Nick Crawford

    Storm Crow vs. Storm Crow

  • Zachary Wirth

    It’s going to be creature vs. creature

  • Mick Cortella

    Probably legendary creature vs legendary creature maybe dragon vs beserkers

  • Jimmyjimjimjabooye

    Meh… and where is the new commander stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bigdumbgreen

    Maybe they’ll finally release Pirates vs. Ninjas
    But it’s probably elspeth vs xenagos based on the storyline.

  • Zocalos

    Maybe its time for a Plants VS Zombies. Helooooww!

  • docstorm4

    Calling it now: Speed deck is Gruul colors and Cunning deck is Esper colors

    • xSiNx SHADOW

      no…way off

      • docstorm4

        It seems I stand corrected. Still very excited though, especially about some more wedge support!

  • Duder202

    HELMSMASHER, thats all ill say

  • Lastaugust

    speed is red white black and cunning blue red green. They are the wedges which are a color and it’s two opposites. Also referred to as bizaralara on mark rosewater’s Tumblr.

    • Derek Fallows

      According to the more recent descriptions of the clans, cunning is actually RWU (Jeskai).

      • Lastaugust

        Right you are thanks for the correction!

  • Dingus

    helms-masher, helm-smasher. Take your pic

  • Aaron Seet


  • Zombie

    Well, looks like all the baseless speculation was wrong. No surprise there.

    But if all of the other Khans are similar in power level to Zurgo, Khans of Tarkir will be an amazing Wedge set.

    Also, I really hope Arcanis is in Khans of Tarkir. I played with him in Type 2 back in Onslaught Block, and he’s one of my favorite characters.

    • link491

      I highly doubt that Arcanis willl be in khans. Firstly because he was originally printed in onslaught, meaning that theres a good chance he’s from Dominaria. Secondly, there is no record of him being able to traverse plains, so even if he his magically from tarkir, he probably would have been stuck on Dominaria after all the bs that happened there (excuse my lack of knowledge of that story, i started playing around time spiral)

      • Dude, Arcanis is the sh*t. He can planeswalk, and he achieved his spark by; get your body ready for this:


        If that’s not the most badass thing in the MTG universe, I don’t know what is.

        He also managed to escape from Dominaria right before the bs happened. He could very well be in Tarkir, attempting to find someone worthy of beating his pit record.

        • Bostorket

          *Pyroblasts Force of Will, rendering him Arcanis the Impotent*

          Still a powerful being, but can’t satisfy the ladies.

          • *Cancels the Pyroblast*
            Nice try, but Arcanis is still ON TOP.

          • Bostorket

            How do you Cancel? If he’s Force of Willing he’s already tapped out.

            Also, all the other kids at Planeswalker High already nicknamed him Arcanis the Om-Limp-otent. Leshrac even made t-shirts. Y’know, before he died.

          • Happy The Cat

            maybe he is force of willing to make you thing he has no other responses and kept 3 back to catch your 2nd spell

            plus the word omnipotent means having of all potential so he is the senior class president who is going to Harvard next year

          • Bostorket

            Because three open is soo hard to miss, how would I ever fall for such a ruse. ˚D˚

            And the Harvard rejection letter arrived because he’s not a legacy, so he’s stuck going to Brown. And he only managed senior class president of the glee club. It’s why he’s so sparkly.

            And oh man, I had no idea what ‘omnipotent’ really meant. Makes perfect sense that he has unlimited potential and power, what with that haste and protection from everything.

        • link491

          Ehh, that’s fair reasoning. I highly doubt it, but it could fit into the overall feel that i get from khans.

    • Richard Ashendale

      I fully agree with your sentiment, I would adore seeing him too. Unfortunately, the printing so far have held true to the pattern of “One old, one new” for mythics, and the old has yet to have been reprinted.

      • Zombie

        Arcanis has been reprinted, but it was still a long while ago.

        He was first printed in Onslaught, then reprinted in Tenth Edition.

        • Richard Ashendale

          I was referring to the duel deck mythics being printed in the upcoming block, the new one is printed, where the old one isn’t. If this is a change of pace, though, I would love seeing arcanis on the tables again.

    • Kahai

      Both Speed and Cunning are factions of the five clans. This is taken from the magic panel infor on MTGS: The two sides represent aspects of the dragon matching the clans Mardu and Jeskai (from Khans of Tarkir).

      By this one can easily assume another clan leader to be within the other dual deck, they simply didn’t want to spoil it at this time. And that’s one hell of an awesome new art for one awesome card!

      • Zombie

        Or Arcanis could be the clan Leader for no apparent reason and you could be completely wrong.

        This is why I don’t care for speculation.

        • Kahai

          Expect that they have explicitly said that the dual decks are two of the respective clans (speed and cunning). That one of the clans is Mardu Horde and the other is Jeskai Way. If the purpose of the decks is to showcase how the clans are different, how they fight in certain ways, why would they not include the other khan? It doesn’t make sense.

          If you didn’t care for speculation, i don’t know why you are on a website wherein speculation on spoilers is what happens.

          • David Fitzsimmons

            They dont include the other khan because that would be two preview mythics, which goes against the current model they have set up for duel decks. Do NOT expect a lot of Clan cards in either deck. There will only be like 3 or 4 preview cards total! Instead expect multicolor reprints from old sets.

          • Kahai

            You got me, doesn’t change the fact that Arcanis won’t be the leader.

            And thet don’t have to feature many clan cards to express clan themes.

          • David Fitzsimmons

            I am a bit disappointed as well. It was find when they did that for RtR because they had the old Ravnica block to fill in gaps. It will be VERY interesting to see how well received this duel deck is when talking about them trying to get the feel of the theme across.

            Chances are one of the Cuning’s preview cards will be a rare, perhaps even a legend as well. Heroes had Anax and Cymede as a preview which helped out a lot for the whole hero vibe. Izzet however didn’t have a rare preview IIRC, but could be immensely wrong, but once again they had all of old Ravnica.

        • Antares

          They already said the Khan of the Jeskai Way is called Narset. So not Arcanis the Omnipotent. Seems like it’d be a fun card to have in the block. . . though it’d be miserable to play against it in Draft/sealed.

      • David Fitzsimmons

        NO the other clan leader will not be present in the Cunning deck. Unless that leader is somehow a rare instead of a mythic.
        A) they will never do more then two mythics in a single Duel Deck
        B) one mythic is always a preview and one is always a reprint.(ever since they switched the themed Duel decks to Fall instead of Walker Duels.) The reprint has YET to show up in the next set. (Niv Mizzet cheated by getting a completely new card)

        • Kahai

          Got it, don’t have to be so angry. :P

          • David Fitzsimmons

            did not intend anger, my apologies. I would love for a good proper showing of the clans in these decks but sadly they only ever make like 4 total preveiw cards for these decks. It was fine for izzet and golgari because they had ravnica to fill the blanks, fine for heroes and monsters because that can be an awfully generic thing and sun titan worked SO WELL re-envisioned as greek inspired. But this time with two decks focused on factions of upcoming sets, this could be hard to go well.

  • Kameenook

    Only going to buy one of these, unless the other 59 cards in each deck makes it worth it to get more. TRIBAL ORC COMMANDER, HERE I COME!

    • Happy The Cat

      I know that my blue edh wants that foil spec art arcanis

  • Richard Ashendale


  • Mick Cortella

    *player cast zurgo* watcha gonnAa do?!
    *player playing arcanis* counter.
    *player who casted Zurgo casts him again from graveyard* I Attack!
    *flashes in fog bank* i block?
    *person playing zurgo kills fog bank*
    *zurgo attacks*
    * blue player unsummons it*
    *Zurgo player says* SON OF A BI$CH!!!!!!!,!

    • Antares

      Zurgo player, in response to unsummon, casts Brave The Elemens or Gods Willing.

      Zurgo and all other creatures that the Arcanis player ignored to deal with Zurgo get in for lethal damage. ;) :3

      • Blue player expects the Brave/Gods Willing and drops his Negate.

        • Antares

          Blue Player still dies to the OTHER 4 creatures bashing his face in. :3

          Man, I love T4 Win Boros. XD

          • WHOA. I didn’t know we had a full board!
            Blue Player blocks the other 4 creatures with his 4 Wall of Frosts.
            Hear that? That’s the sound of your Boros Charm getting Counterspelled.
            Eat your heart out, Control Players.

            Man, I love T59 Win Cruel Control.

          • Thomas Happ

            At the begining of my turn I cast Silence, I you think you can counter that, I play Rebuff the Wicked. So there will be no counter shenanigans today:) Blue Player can’t block because there is a full board and Odric, Master Tactitian, no blocks please:) White Cards+Aggresive Red and Black=WIN!!!!

          • Sorry for doing this to you, but once Silence is put on the stack, you can still counter it. Rebuff the Wicked wouldn’t work either, because Silence is not a permanent. Blue player casts Stifle on your Odric, blocks Odric with his Aetherling, and continues to befuddle the inferior minds he is playing against.

            Nice try, guys, but I’ve got too many answers to your pesky problems.

          • Thomas Happ

            Oops, I have Grand Abolisher on my field turn two, so not a lot of things you could do there. Unsummon you say? Brave the Elements, Gods Willing, Stave off, Cloudshift, Silence, Devoted Caretaker, Emerge Unscathed, Faith’s Sheild, Flickering Ward, Blessed Breath, Mother of Runes. All one-mana solutions to these “answers”. Also after sideboarding Blue Ward will kinda screw you hard.

            I do agree, blue is a very good color and I can’t wait to see what tricks they add in this decks. It is fun to see what numerous combinations can come from adding these colors together. for example blue can be the counter for the stong red-white that would be the Jeskai Way. In the same way, white can be protection for the ruthless red-black that is the Mardu Horde.

          • Well, I’m glad Counterspell only costs two mana. Oh, you went first? I have a Force Spike with your name on it.You see all those cards you just named off? There are a greater number of counterspells that can do better. Since you people like white so much, let’s say they splash white in the Arcanis deck for a little Azorius control. Now I have access to mean things like Render Silent, or Mana Tithe.

            What’s that you hear? A WHITE COUNTERSPELL? Betcha didn’t even know that existed.

            Also, if we’re going to start sideboarding, I could go all out with a Spellskite or a Pithing Needle. Spellskite would screw your defensive combat tricks even harder.

            After all is said and done, it really doesn’t matter how fast you are. Cunning beats all.

            White is an amazing color, guys, but let’s at least TRY to use some of the other two in order to combat Arcanis. Make it a challenge.

          • Antares

            Since Counterspell is only legal in Legacy/Vintage (as mainstream formats) . . . . Turn 1 on the play, Combo out with Living End, swing with deck for lethal?

          • What is with you people and Living End? Pact of Negation. The Quasi-conditions automatically make the Blue player win, because nobody wants to argue conjecture when there are too many probabilities. And let’s face it:

            Ain’t nobody got fo dat.

          • Antares

            Don’t you still lose when the upkeep thing triggers? If you’d said “Force of Will”, I’d have gone “gg. Congratulations, good sir. :P

          • Infinite Mana, amnesiac. And who has the money for Force of Will?

          • Happy The Cat

            fine then just flip door to nothingness
            you lose
            game over
            we are done

          • First of all, what a badass name. The button beneath said, “Reply to the wind”. I thought that was pretty clever.

            Also, Stifled again. We are not done until I say so.

          • Happy The Cat

            thanks for the complement
            but if we are going to continue down my road of insanity im throwing emrakul or progenitus down cause I actually play all three in the same ridiculous deck
            then again my play group is mostly high schoolers whose deck budget is a starter deck so i can get away with the dumb combos I post

          • Alright, against Emrakul, there’s very little defense, same with Progenitus. Good thing cards like Rout and Day of Judgment and Wrath of God and Supreme Verdict and Final Judgment exist. I especially like Rout. An instant speed bomb. Wonderful. Terminus works wonders, too.

            Although, terrifyingly, only one of these is a permanent solution.

          • Mick Cortella

            Um 5 color deck so……..

          • Permafrost

            Another thing to add to blue against Emrakul is Mindbreak Trap I believe. Could be completely wrong on that because of his protection, but I think it works?

          • Excellent choice. Mindbreak Trap takes effect when Emrakul is still a spell. His protection only happens when he’s a creature. And it doesn’t counter, as well as keeping the beastie out of the graveyard.

          • Thomas Happ

            Hard to do, and easy to destroy artifacts with any color.

          • Robert FakeLastName

            also you could stifle the trigger that would cause you to loose the game from the pact.

          • Rob

            This is why blue is a garbage color for players without the guts to really challenge themselves in mtg. It’s undercosted defenses for basically everything make it easy for the low intellect player. If that offends you, good. :) Bye, little man.

          • Whoa, dude. Someone obviously has a vendetta against blue players. Let me guess? The only two colors you play are black-red, and you enjoy going online to attack people who just like the game and a little friendly competition. I feel like blue is an EXCELLENT color for people who wish to challenge themselves. If you notice, there aren’t a lot of game-winners in blue’s color scheme, so blue players are forced to play defensively so that they can draw into their win condition. The undercosted defenses are because they’re exactly that: defenses. They are meant to buy time, rather than smash the opponent. It takes quite a bit of skill to stop the other opponent from winning.

            A low-intellect player is one who cannot recognize the merits of all colors. Your lack of experience, yet willingness to attack is what offends me.

            Learn your place, worm.

          • Thomas Happ

            First of all Stormtide Leviathan, Jace’s Mindseeker, Shipbreaker Kraken, Aetherling, Illusianary Angel, and Aeon Chonicler. Second there is this amazing combo my friend has with blue that. Omniscience+Enter the Infinite. Then all you need is any card that lets you have no max hand size: Kruphix, Vensers journal, Tamiyo the Moon Sage, etc. and a card to keep putting back into the deck: Blue Suns Zenith
            The best is to use tamiyo’s -8 that lets you have no max hand size and reuse the counters. You would have Unlimited mana due to omniscience, most of your deck in your hand due to Enter the infinite, and keep casting blue suns zenith so you don’t lose by milling yourself.

          • Antares

            OKay, before we keep this going,

            WHAT format are we playing?

            Cause in Standard. . . No way you get 4 Walls of Frost out by T4.
            In Modern. . . 1) you already lost by playing Wall of Frost in your deck. 2) I don’t play these colors, so I’ll never play Zurgo in Modern.
            In Legacy/Vintage. . . on the play, I combo out with a T1 Living End deck on the play, you lose? Zurgo is coming out of the graveyard and swinging, btw.
            In EDH. . . I call judge, you lose because you have 4 walls of frost in your deck? :P

          • We’re playing Modern. I assumed that these were quasi-conditions where each player had unlimited mana and access to any cards in his/her deck, as well, there are no turns, only two states of active player and inactive player.

            Cause, let’s face it, there’s no real way to do this besides intensive and time consuming matches. And no, I’m not willing to go to Tappedout and log them for the benefit of the people reading the comments. Unless they want that.

            All those for: upvote. I have to get a lot, so, everyone do what they can.

            EDIT: Actually, at this point, there really isn’t a format either. It’s all hypothetical.

          • Antares

            LOL. True-dat.

            Honestly, I think in Standard, he has a good chance of seeing play (not a lot in Theros and M15 to deal with him unconditionally). Modern? NOT A CHANCE. Maybe if he were Jund/Abzan. As a Mardu card? Nah. Not enough in Modern to make a T1 deck. I’m working on making a fringe deck that has game against the top 4 (affinity, Jund, Twin, Pod).

            PS. I don’t know if he’ll reach T1, but he’s definitely got potential for it. Also, he’s going to make a BIG splash in EDH, thanks to the fact that there are 3 other commanders in his combination, and they’re really only used to gain access to the colors.

            PS. Also, to the 4 walls of frost:
            Iroas, God of War, + Rouse the Mob w/ Flashback


    • joseph

      blue player realizes they got three to oned from one creature who is coming back next turn.

      • Blue player is like Honey Badger. He don’t care. He’s deckthinning to try and get that Aetherling win condition.

        • Thomas Happ

          Oh Yes! The Aetherling Win condition!! Where will it be when I play Slaughter Games? “But how will you know I have it? Thats Cheap!” Well the most intelligent players know in the first few turns an opponent’s strategy, and honestly control is easy to spot.

          • While you are correct in stating that control has the easiest strategy to spot, you’re glossing over the fact that it is also the hardest to circumvent. And Slaughter Games is a card every Rakdos color combo sides in against Blue decks. I, too, will know you have that card. Guess what? Pithing Needle is faster.

            Seriously, Thomas. Got a vendetta against Blue players or something?

          • Thomas Happ

            Slaughter games is a sorcery and has no activated abilities, pithing needle does…nothing against it.

          • Wow. My apologies. I thought Pithing Needle was more similar to Nevermore, which I would use instead. Nice catch.

          • Thomas Happ

            Its all right, you caught my mistake with Rebuff the Wicked earlier XD

  • tocoman

    fudge ye orcs are back

  • Dr. Burn Crow


  • time walker

    Is it safe to assume that the arcanis deck will be mono-blue?

    • Thomas Happ

      Probably Blue-Red-White, the eye symbol is associated with the Jeskai Way. They focus on cunning and tricks, which makes sense

  • Earth Dragon

    Cunning has a high probability of being Red-White-Blue, even without the clan leader (giving us 2 of the 5 actually seems a bit silly before the set is even released. Remember, Ravnica had 10 leaders, so 2 preebeis was a little more reasonable). I’m so glad they are rotating species a lot more these days. For awhile, too many of the same ol’ same ol’ humanoids were showing up. If we went 2-3 years without goblins, it wouldn’t bother me. And Slivers are starting to wear on me being in every core as of late.

    Give me Orcs, Dwarves, Archers, Scouts, Insects, Monks and some other groupings for a bit

    • Daniel Gilmore

      EXCUSE ME SIR I AM A GOBLIN PLAYER AND I BELIEVE THAT ALL FALL EXPANSIONS REQUIRE GOBLINS. Not actually, but if goblins didn’t show up every few years I’d get pretty disappointed.

      • Thomas Happ

        The Sad Diego Comicon Panel said that part of the Mardu horde was goblins so I believe you will get your wish!

        • Daniel Gilmore

          hooray! More fuel for the Krenko EDH!

          • Justin

            my friend has 2 krenkos in his deck.. phewww

          • Daniel Gilmore

            that’s not legal in EDH… unless you’re talking about, like, casual modern or something…

    • Siyanor

      Or an Insect Monk Scout Archer. Rivaled only by Seton’s Scout.

    • David Fitzsimmons

      How about you check out the Khans of Tarkir spoilers and the clans. Mardu represents Speed, and Jeskai represents Cunning which is URW. It is pretty much a given what the colors will be in this duel deck.

      Depending on the view point they did NOT give us 2 guild leaders that were in RtR during Izzet vs Golgari. They gave us a reprint of a leader from first Ravnica then printed a completely new card of him in RtR. They can’t give us both leaders in this case not because of ‘5 factions vs 10 factions’ but because they have yet to print those characters. If they gave us both, that makes both mythics a preveiw card which breaks the Duel Decks model. One mythic is ALWAYS a preview while the other is a reprint. Has NOTHING to do with number of factions.

      Slivers is not overdone yet. This year was just a minor little cycle and a rare and mythic to adress the concern that slivers were not performing well at all in standard like Wizards were hoping. Two years is nothing compared to how long slivers have been absent. About seven or eight years of no slivers. Now if they do slivers again for next core set, then I will agree they are overdoing it. Especialy considering slivers struggle in standard because of how much slivers need more slivers.

      Chances of dwarves this block are low, absolutely no mention of dwarves. Orcs of course are back, as well as djinn and efreet being in Jeskai as races. Sultai is getting a new race in the form of rhakshsa. Those however may not be a new creature type but instead listed as ‘Cat Demon’. You will NOT be disappointed when it comes to creature variety from the way they have been talking.

      • Murrell Sippy

        That first line was a bit rude bro. He said RWU, and you corrected saying it was URW. It’s the same thing beyond silly semantics.

        • David Fitzsimmons

          yes I mistyped a bit. I essentially meant to say that there really is no ‘high probability’ it is all but confirmed it will be URW. I wasn’t trying to ‘correct’ him with how it was spelled, I only said it as URW because that could easily be how I tend to type it out first. I tend to get a bit ahead of myself in conversations and don’t fully think things out well. Usually is FAR hindisght before I can see where I goofed.

  • Goku, Dragon Ball Hero

    I really wish they’d reprint Jareth…

    • Brad Wilson

      A Jareth reprint would be the icing on the cake to this set.
      I highly doubt they will reprint him but holy god would that be awesome, Jareth is my all time favorite card from before modern.

      • Goku, Dragon Ball Hero

        Mine too… mine too…

        • Patrique

          I play Jareth in my Doran Commander Deck, I also played him mono white back when he was standard a million years ago haha n.n naturally also my favorite!

  • Mick Cortella

    Wow the text on arcanis screams im going to khans of takir but in my gut feeling unfortunately arcanis is not going to be in khans of tarkir

    • David Fitzsimmons

      Dude, if the Sun Titan did not show up in Theros after Heroes vs Monsters then Arcanis, a non-planeswalker legend is definitely not showing in khans. Ever since they started the non planeswalker duel decks in fall it was always a pattern of one of the mythics being a preveiw while the other mythic was a reprint that would not be in that set. Niv Mizzet just had a loophole with them making a new card for him.

    • Max Taargus Taargus

      His text has always been like that…. he was a pit fighter in onslaught just like akroma and phage….

  • Thomas Happ

    I think we were talking about modern, because in standard, I wouldn’t even be able to play slaughter games.

    Also, every core set reprints counter spells, so in standard there will ALWAYS be blue control decks, standard formats have to find new cards to combat these, while modern can already deal with some.

  • ethan pearson

    preeminent captain and zurgo would be unstopable

    • Josh

      They would be amazing…. If Zurgo was a soldier.

      • ethan pearson

        ya exactly why can’t you be a soldier not warior

  • Josh

    I seriously hope this DD will give us quick and easy access to standard legal multicolored lands for each of these wedges (assuming cunning is in fact going to be UWR and not mono blue)

    • ethan pearson


    • Antares

      Maybe 1 each? Another possibility is that we’ll get scry lands on-color, or Painlands.

      I’m just hoping for 2 multi-color decks. :P

      R/W/B vs R/U/W seems fun.

      • Josh

        Well looking at the last duel deck, you can see that Vraska’s mana fixing came from tainted wood, a land that has not seen standard play in a long time, to be honest I was kind of hoping for a single overgrown tomb, maybe even a temple of malady in anticipation for JOU but no… Tainted wood, that was dissapointing and now I’m worried that they’ll continue that trend and we’ll end up with buddy lands, or worse… Guild gates. There will have to be some type of mana fixing though, it would be cruel to give people a pair of wedge decks with nothing but basics.

        • eldritchcoyote

          There’s no information stating that the Arcanis deck is a wedge deck also, is there? i mean… a UUU casting cost, in a DD wedge deck? They wouldn’t really be so cruel, would they? Besides, if they did that, they’d have to waste two of their six seeded cards just on a nonbasic land for mana fixing, for each deck.

          • Antares

            I’m guessing either Mono-U, or R/W/U. Jeskai believes in the cunning of the dragon, and outsmarting their opponent. Their focused color is Blue. That means that it could either have Mono-U, or be the full wedge. They might be as cruel as all that, at any rate. We’ll have to wait and see. XD :P

        • Antares

          Wizards seems to have become firmly set against having more than *A* good card in duel decks/event decks/etc, after the Thragtusk debacle.

          That card was printed in a duel deck, an event deck, and STILL 15 to 20 dollars while in standard. Insane card.
          I hated it so much.

          I gotta say, I wish they’d at least put 2 or 3 value cards per product in them (the Thragtusk one had about 40 to 50 dollars worth of value).

          • Kameenook

            Thragtusk duel deck? Did I miss something?

          • he also said event decks in which there were more than one which contained thragtusk

          • Kameenook

            Yet he still said duel deck, did he type incorrectly, or is there a secret duel deck I never heard of?

          • nah he probably just mis-remembered the pre-cons that thragtusk was in

          • Kameenook

            Fair enough :)

  • ethan pearson

    maybe cunning is mono blue and josh do you play minecraft

  • ethan pearson

    im bored any deck ideas

    • Adnorap

      how about a Sliver/Myr deck, mostly blue for drawing and Xenograft(s), plus the infinite colored mana loop with Myrs, a couple of battlespheres, and all the slivers you can fit.

      • Kameenook

        Tribal frogs, or go modern with chasm skulker, lorescale coatl, and just good stuff.

    • GOldman

      How about a remake of the aristocrats

      • ethan pearson


  • ethan pearson

    guys guess what i made $60 by saying meow in front of 68 people

    • Kameenook

      How? I’m interested.

  • ethan pearson


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  • BrickHouses

    The symbol for the box is an eye with wings because the Mardu have Wings on their banners and Jeskai have an eye.

  • Mick Cortella

    Cunning wish?! LOL

  • Will_layton

    does anyone realize there is a typo on Zurgo it should read “whenever a creature is dealt damage by Zurgo” not “whenever a creature dealt damage by Zurgo”

    • Blachh

      read it with the “is dealt damage by zurgo” as parenthetical information. The actual sentence is “whenever a creature dies” … so there should not be an “is” in the beginning of the sentence. Trust me it makes sense.

    • Siyanor

      You very evidently don’t speak English very well, Will.

    • HikingStick

      The ability is not triggered whenever a create is dealt damage by Zurgo. It is triggered whenever a creature dies. Thus, “Whenever a creature dealt damage by…” is the proper syntax. Some are not as familiar with the proper use of past participles, and participle phrases. “[D]ealt damage by Zurgo Helmsmasher this turn” is a participle phrase that describes/specifies the condition of the creature that triggers the ability.

    • Nharzhool

      Even if you were right, it would be a grammatical error and not a typographical one.

  • Josh Kaufman

    So cards that are confirmed not in this box set, Power 9, oh and anything good. Maybe mana leak. that would be sweet. But it would only be in the SB so you can Cunning Wish for it.

    • Vizzerdrix

      WTF are you going on about? There is no sb and there could definitley be something worth while in here. there is litterally no reason why force of will can’t be in a duel deck. unlikely perhaps but id say not impossible

  • da

    Anyone else bothered by the symbol? I don’t like that there’s a white in the middle of it, it just looks wrong! that should be empty space :(

    • lonewolf

      I’m more bothered in angel wings in logo…….

    • guest

      OH NO! Something new and different!

    • Vizzerdrix

      i auctually kinda like it

  • DC

    Speed is the aspect of Mardu.
    Cunning is the aspect of Jeskai.

  • Vegard Kivle

    Could we get Splinter Twin in the speed deck?

    • Kameenook


  • Derek Niles

    I wonder if the Arcanis deck will be tri-colored to represent the Jeskai clan better or just mono blue? I hope tri colored or at least duel colored


      It says they have Lightning Angel so its kinda 3 colored

      • Derek Niles

        Yeah, I posted that comment before the decklists were spoiled


          der ya go then

  • Vizzerdrix

    So Raid is awesome it will help new players see a reason to play spells after combat and hopefully not get overly excited about creatures and play them early and have there better stuff dealt with before there less important stuff, Ive been playing for a while and i still run into the problem of playing things too early

  • bob

    i find it odd that the deck are mostly monocolored maybe the clans wll e focused on 1 color and then just be splashing the other 2

    • Derek Niles

      Yeah, they talked about that at comic-con. Each Clan focuses mainly on one color

  • Derek Niles

    That Cunning Decklist looks sweet as hell, I love Impulse, Lightning Helix, and I super excited to see the most American Angel alive Lightning Angel get a reprint!

    • Antares

      Now if only she’d gotten new, and more badass, art. . . .

  • Murrell Sippy

    Hopefully Lightning Angel gets an art upgrade

    • Kameenook

      Yes, hopefully it is not in standard, Brimaz curving into Lightning angel would make me cry.

  • Radical Larry

    so… what’s keskai elder?_


      *Jeskai elder and it is a new card coming out in Khans of Tarkir as part of the Jeskai Way Klan

  • Kameenook

    Ermagerd, Lightning Angel.

  • BobTheTitan

    Best guess is the new lands from khans that are in this are commons… Maybe like the panoramas?

    • Murrell Sippy

      Why wouldn’t they do uncommon tri-lands that come in tapped like in Alara.

      • Kameenook

        They could do the tri-lands, but I think it would be cool to give them the clan ability to make them more powerful. Raid to enter untapped? We’ll have to see based on the other clan keyword abilities.

      • BobTheTitan

        thats what i thought

    • JonE

      Considering how WotC always add in two of each tri-lands for each three colored dual deck they make, & also considering how this set is essentially targeting EDH players specifically, I’d literally be willing to bet that they will be the RBW & RWU tri-lands.

  • da

    Eh I am actually pretty disappointed by the deck list :/ a lot of cards just look like they’re randomly there.

    • guest

      Got to agree with the disappointment, but not entirely random.
      Cunning focuses on ETB and morph triggers, then uses bounce effects so those creatures get multiple uses. The rest is instants so you can keep the opponent guessing.
      Speed focuses on combat, mostly making tokens or getting creatures with haste. Then some little burn spells so you can hit the facedown creatures before they morph.

      • da

        But I mean… like if they were going for ETB they should have just done flicker like Venser’s deck, and if they were going for morph they should have went for full morph. IE Ixadron, or heck they could have atleast given like Exalted Angel instead of Sphinx of Uthuun (It’s a good card yes, but with flicker… self bouncing it to repay 7 mana for a fact or fiction ain’t that great)

        Also all the rares in the speed deck are red :/ I kinda wish they gave a Fervent Charge… I kinda fits the decks theme, and it’s one of the 4 current cards with RWB mana cost (was gonna say stuff like how white looks extremely forced into the deck and if they were gonna put all those goblins, they should have just did a full on R/W/B goblin deck :/ but whatever…)

        But I guess most of all I guess I am just disappoint about the money cards (’cause I already have my playset of banefires :p) and the cards from the next set (mainly because two of them are lands)

        • Antares

          The lands were probably just to showcase that they were doing the same fixing they’d done for the Shards during Alara.

          I’ll wait and see how the decks play out. it sounds like speed is just “smash face until win”, while Cunning is going for the grind. They look FUN, though. :)

  • guest

    Are these decks worth $25? What are the money cards I am unsure if I will buy a copy or not.

    • David Fitzsimmons

      $20 not $25. the MSRP is $19.99. Always has been for duel decks.

      • guest

        The only place that sells them near me is comic store. Always sells for $25. Cheaper than paying shipping although.

        • ultramegalord

          walmart and target usually have them where im at and they dont go above msrp.

          • Rikel Wirkkunen

            really, I can never pay less than 30.00 for Duel Decks at Walmart or Target?

          • Derek Niles

            Thats really weird, I don’t think stores like that are even aloud to charge over MSRP are they?

    • Antares

      DUel decks NEVER make their money back. Only buy these decks if you expect to play against friends with them, or use them against things like Garruk The Slayer and the Challenge decks from Theros

      • guest

        But if it’s only a small difference I won’t mind. I did not mind Jaces vs Vraska because Remands is $10 and the two planeswalkers are $3+ each so I only lost a couple dollars.

        Some Duel Decks make their money back, when I started playing magic I picked up a Angels vs Demons and got my first two mythic rares :) and Elspeth vs Tezzert was worth it as well. I wish I picked up a copy of Japanese foil Jaces vs Chandra, I had many opportunities to do so for a reasonable price.

        • Happy The Cat

          a foil arcanis from star city games is 25$ from Tenth and 20$ from Onslaught
          that is you money back right there

          • Derek Niles

            This one will be incredible easier to get than both those foils though so you can expect this Arcanis to maybe be like $5-$8

      • Murrell Sippy

        This statement is very false. If you are a douche trying to flip it in a day, of course not, but over a year or two, very few wouldn’t make you money.

        • Antares

          I can tell my brain is fried from the fact that I had to read that a couple of times to realize you WEREN’T calling me a douche. XD :P

          what I meant was that the actual cards within the duel deck would not make the money back in their inherent value, at least at the time of release. Basically, don’t look for the deck to make its value back in cards, but rather for it to be fun and/or include cards that you would like for a deck of your own.

    • Guest

      At big box stores they go for MSRP at $20.00. The 2 beetle back chiefs, krenko, and goblin war chief pay for it by themselves.

      • Rikel Wirkkunen

        how do you figure? I could get all 5 cards for less than $20.00, yes the other cards will make it worth it, but they dont pay for it by themselves, and since these will have there own set symbol, the secondary market will make sure the rares are less than MSRP… and how the hell is Walmart selling these for $30.00 selling them at MSRP?

        • kbarr

          if you want your moneys worth from duel decks the closest you are going to get would be purchasing the ones with planeswalkers in them. the only exception was divine vs demonic when they came out. & you got way more than what you paid for.

  • Kahai

    Lightning Angel and in color traps, the cunning is looking like the winner to me! :D

  • Chi Sarades

    is arcanis the omnipotent really just a wizard nothing else

    • Peter Lawrence

      According to WotC it was a design choice to give him an element of mystery, that he could be anything, just some powerful human, or the last member of a long forgotten race, or anything else you can dream up

      • Chommpy

        Could be fun if they’d do a “Xenagos” with him and suddenly he ends up being a Planeswalker in the the middle set :P

  • Amir Atme

    LOVE the new art on goblin bombardment!

  • Mike Thomas

    Interesting fact: 5 out of the last 6 dueling decks (including this one) includes red. 2 have blue, 2 have black, 2 have white, 2 have green.

    • Ed

      and 3 of the 4 tri colour duel decks have included red/white, making all 3 of the red/white/x combos in duel decks

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        Communism. Only explanation. The reds are invading our deck system.

        • Kameenook

          And here I was, thinking the Boros Legion might actually be cool.

          • Dr. Burn Crow

            Maybe they’re cool if, ironically, you hate America.

          • darkblood

            Typical Ameican responce. The “commies” are out to get me. The real irony is how much both of these Countries bear reseblance in bullying and being paranoid. It’s ok my little imperialist friend, you got team america colour wedge in one of the clans to fight the commies.

          • Dr. Burn Crow

            ,,,,yeah, you’re an idiot.

  • Victor Kowalski

    all i can say is that the decks are ok.

  • Vizzerdrix

    hmm i want fleshbag maurader lightning helix and the foils. Havent really seen this bad a deck in a while, i atleast wanted all the rares in jvv and remand was a nice inclusion Sun titan was awesome and bb regrowth was nice in hvm also. Why couldnt we get something worthwhile in this one?

    • Happy The Cat

      they get to print two mythics per duel deck, one throw back and one unreleased, before the block to hype up the set and get you looking forward to it. look at RTR, we saw Jarad who looked amazing, but never got played because of a draw X instant and snapcaster.
      they have worked out what the okay cards form each set will be and print those as teasers for the set, even though they wont really be the money cards like elspeth or stormbreath
      I’ve allways thought as the duel decks as what the fat kid plays. The kid who can beat all the others with his pre made 20$ deck his mom bought him that are better than the other kids cards that are usually just the latest starter decks or 4-8 packs that some one made a shabby deck with.
      I worked at the YMCA for 5 years and I have to say they are the most fun to beat, they don’t really know the mechanics and misplay allot. The other kids won’t admit it but they love watching them get beat cause McFatty can’t brag anymore after you take him down and never taking any damage. I ran a 300 card battle of wits/maze’s end/door to nothingness deck that the kids loved to watch cause I could beat this deck they never had a chance against without ever casting a creature.
      they make the duel decks worse so the fat kid doesn’t always win and that is a good thing

      • Vizzerdrix

        Polukranos was a 10$ gr monster staple for a while. Trostani was the only mythic legand played in standard and that was a fringe frites card.
        Sun titan like arcanis is an amazing edh card and I’m slightly interested in building zurgo so I’m happy for that but overall I want 2 uncommons and mostly just helix as I don’t have a playset yet. I have yet to really see a duel deck where I wanted so little. I know there bad I still buy them sometimes multiple bc I want a specific card like 4 sorin 4 promo art lingering soul 4 spectral processions etc I pretty much built a modern bw tokens with sorin tibalt duel decks. This duel deck does very little for me. I’m not saying it should be a full powered legacy deck or anything like that just that I have no real reason to buy this

  • Happy The Cat

    btw speed it not an aggro build everyone its a stall. It’s almost exactly what I play every prerelease so I kinda know what I’m talking about. the way it works is it tries to put your enemy on defense so they don’t kill you before you draw your bombs it loses to flying and vigilance both of which are heavy perks on cunning’s creatures
    also arcanis looks amazing but I think that it wont look good on a regular sized card, maybe on an XL card like in the commander boxes but you won’t be able to see the detail that well on a normal sized card

    • That One Guy

      It puts your enemy on defense… by continuously bashing them in the face with attacking creatures. THAT IS AGGRO. Before you school everyone on deck types, learn your vocab.

    • Rawwwr

      ” It’s almost exactly what I play every prerelease so I kinda know what I’m talking about.”

      This comment made my day, thanks. Must be awesome troll…

  • Havoc1983

    I will take it, need some for my Goblin EDH and my Grixis EDH =)

    • Vizzerdrix

      Keep forgetting about the the goblin stuff. This might be worth picking up actually

  • Harty101

    I can’t wait for it to come out

  • Anon

    Anyone think Arcanis would be a good general?

    • Guest


      • Bob


        • Bostorket


    • ramenloverninja

      Actually yeah with his instant speed bounce effect you could circumvent the cumulative mana cost when he is about to die. And he be a good source of card draw.

      • Yes, and no. If you use his bounce, the commander recast thing doesn’t trigger, as thats destroy/exile, but he’s not the strongest commander you could find.

        • venomousthanks

          even with destroy you can choose to reanimate

        • djaiaidhjzusbsiskelae

          Did I seriously just hear someone say “not the strongest commander you can find” about one of the only commanders that that does not apply to?

          • Bostorket

            Dies to removal every time I’ve seen him played. Lack of haste and the high cost for the ‘safety play’ makes him a liability, despite all the ramps or counter-support.

          • Nharzhool

            Then get you some lightning greaves, or Cavern of Souls.

          • Bostorket

            Cavern’s never a bad plan, as are Das Boots, though he can still get dead’d before he gets to lace them up. And that’s if the boots are still around; in my EDH experiences so far they tend to be a priority target even if there’s nothing to wear them yet.

            Arcanis is a decent card. A really decent card. Far too decent a card to let stick around. His combo-licious shenanigans have too much potential. The experienced player knows what he’s capable of, and the as-yet-uninitiated will learn very quickly. If he were to suddenly make a regular appearance in my local play pool I’d start keeping handy a Sudden Death with his name on it (literally).

            (also, apologies for the late reply – I thought I had, and for some reason Discus keeps giving me new updates about old replies)

          • Yes, apparently you did. It’s my opinion, and I have the right to voice it without being ridiculed.

          • TheEyeless

            Bless you.

          • I didnt sneeze :3

    • ShahrazadMan

      That cost, though. (Even though you can only play blue, three hard blue is a lot.

  • The Sinner

    does this mean cards like Krenko, Mob Boss, will be reprinted in KTK?? if so, i’m going to play goblins, with Ankle Shanker :o:o:O

    • Bostorket

      I wouldn’t hold your breath. Heroes v. Monsters had reprints in the perfect flavor for Theros with Sun Titan and Winds of Rath (could have made something similar without the ‘Rath’ part), but neither materialized in the set, nor in M15. It’s probably them giving out another opportunity for players to get access to decent, powerful cards elsewhere than the secondary market.

    • Sleepy

      Given that Krenko is from Ravnica probably wont see him. We will be getting some new goblins though.

  • Mikaus

    Arcanis price guesses? It’s draw three cards. Every turn. It even can get past destroy spells.

    • A Mother*ucking Sorcerer

      It’s a reprint. Arcanis was worth around $5. This print will probably put him at $3.50.

  • Percius

    Getting this just to deconstruct for my EDH decks.

    • Minja

      I did exactly the same thing lol

  • walrus

    anyone know what the 5 new art cards are

    • Anno

      Arcanis, Zurgo, Repeal, Goblin Bombardment and Fleshbag Marauder

  • Slate_Steel

    Meh, this duel decks are bad and bad value. Not worth the cost and I’ll probably just end up picking up the cards with new art up as singles for much cheaper then $20

    • Kameenook

      Duel decks aren’t 100% of their value all the time, the extra value to get your $20 worth usually comes with playing them with somebody.

  • Noatzon

    Do we know if you’ll be able to play with cards from this duel deck? Thinking mainly Warcheif, Krenko and Lightning Helix as i’m intresting to make a Mardu goblin deck of some kind c.

    • Benjamin Glaubinger

      None of those cards are going to be standard legal, if that’s what you’re asking.

      • Anon

        That’s not true. Any of these cards whose most recent printing is legal in standard can be played.

  • MiND

    Speed was so much better than Cunning. Bad duel decks. It’s a silly thing to think but I do wonder what they are thinking when they play test these.

    • Kameenook

      Players have different play styles, and not every hand was created equal.

      • MiND

        You’re right, same things go for colors, they are so afraid that blue will be broken that they make the majority of the blue decks very backwards as far as synergy goes.

  • insert funny name here

    I got the most ridiculous speed cunning duel deck. The cunning deck was normal, but the speed deck was eleven of all of the rares and nothing else. It was awesome.

    • Jonathan Mueller

      My reply is way too late, but congratulations on the kind-of godpack nonetheless.

      Imagine that happenign with the latest Duel Deck that includes Collected Company and Windswept Heath. Ca-Ching!