• Zach

    What is this

  • Oh, obviously cunning will have Storm Crow as the mythic, and speed will just kinda be the junk deck that sucks.

    • Cesar

      I love all the storm trolls, like really, I love you *—–*

      • I’d ask you to marry me, but I’m already engaged to storm crow.

        • Dr. Storm Crow


          • Storm crow engages all men… in combat or in love. No matter what, however, it always wins. You claim to know the ways of the crow, ser, but you are wrong. You call yourself the “Doctor Storm Crow”, but this proves your ignorance. Storm Crow needs no doctor!

          • Dr. Storm Crow

            I am a doctor AND a storm crow, and I know that our breed exists beyond the realms of mortal understanding, and I am horrified you would even deign to question our practices. YOU ARE THE IGNORANT ONE.

          • What medical school did you go to?

          • Dr. Storm Crow

            Got my bachelor’s degree at Tolarian Institute of Storm Crows, earned my doctorate at New Prahv through their accredited Storm Crow Studies program, then did my attending studies at Evos Isle Conservatory, where I specialized in Storm Crows.

          • HAHAHA Liar. Storm Crow is too good to go to school.

          • Dr. Storm Crow

            That’s just, like, your opinion, man.

          • Storm crows are born with the knowledge of million men, what would they do at school? You may be a storm crow, but you were born with some dysfunction.
            Anyway, I am engaged to storm crow, the ring on my finger tells no lies.

  • Chaz Hardesty

    So red based aggro vs blue based control

    • DA

      Hard to say… but I’d learn more towards it having multicolor, as this is likely to have cards from the next set, Khanar. Since Theros is a set mostly focused on Mono-color, Khanar will probably have a healthy number of multicolored spells (No where near as much as Ravnica or Alara I’d guess).

      • Khanar is actually code for storm crow.

      • candyslice

        you’re actually wrong, khanar/tarkir will probably have more of a mono color bias because theros block is quite rooted in multicolor as well

    • the brad

      i’d say more like boros colors vs simic colors

    • Yes, again, Red = obligatory shitty junk deck Blue = Storm crow tribal

  • Adam Watson

    so its a test of play styles/skills i guess

  • Will buy it for the toy’s inside. . .

    • dinner

      I agree, the toy is OP and will break standard

  • Andrew

    Speed gets no love lol

  • Tommy

    I hope its a return to shadowmor/lorwin

  • IZZET101


  • Chi Sarades

    another angel vs demon dual deck

  • Josh Kaufman

    Where is the highly anticipated Squirrel vs Storm Crow Duel Deck everyone wants? And I mean everyone. If you think you don’t, you just haven’t put enough thought into the interactions multiple storm crows can have on an army of squirrels.

    • Dude this isn’t actually duel decks
      Storm Crow is speed AND cunning.

    • Wilmer Claessens

      But I want Storm Crow vs Grizzly Bears :c

  • Lemmywinks

    Symbol looks like a mix of wings with a slingshot in the middle. So, that can only mean….Storm Cow and Tim just doing their thing!

  • Josh Kaufman

    Storm Crow is the new Chuck Norris, the most interesting man in the world.

    Storm crow doesn’t pray to god because storm crow would just be talking to itself.
    Storm crow can profitably block True Name Nemesis and when a judge is called, storm crow wins and then gets priority.
    Under Storm Crows beak is another Storm Crow.

  • hi

    the set symbol looks like an eye with wings