FtV - Realms Symbol

Contents and Details:

  • 15 Premium foil cards, including 7 with new art
  • An exclusive spindown life counter
  • A collector’s guide
  • Each card has been printed using a foil process unique to the From the Vault series.
  • The 15 lands are all printed in the current card frame. For some, it is for the first time.
  • From the Vault: Realms will be available world-wide in English only, and will have an extremely limited print run.
  • All cards are black bordered and tournament legal. This means that these cards are legal for use in any tournaments where the original printings are still legal.

FtV Realms Box

  • The_vaskinator

    Picture is totally thawing glaciers

    • Anonymous

      thawing glaciers is on the reserved list

  • Sweetestsadist

    I thought Glacial Chasm.

    • Eengelhardt

      definitely glacial chasm

      • Blanchard_alexandre

        it may be thawing glaciers because to me on the reserved list dont say u cant be printed in foil !

        • Iseepeople

          they changed how the reserved list works. now they are no longer going to print them in foil either.

          • whatever

            thanks god, because it sucks.

          • Guest

             Actually, Glacial chasm may be bad, but Thawing glaciers is ridiculous, I’m actually rather sad that Thawing Glaciers can’t be reprinted

          • roelie

            like mox diamond?

          • Guest

            They changed the reserve list to include foils because of the small uproar over reprints like Mox Diamond and the others on the list that got printed in FTR: Relics and as Judge Foils.

        • Anonymous

          reserved means they will never be printed again, being foil has nothing to do with it.

        • They used to reserve the right to reprint them in foil but that is no longer the case.

          “A previous version of this policy allowed premium versions of cards on the reserved list to be printed. Starting in 2011, no cards on the reserved list will be printed in either premium or non-premium form.”

  • Krayziespirit

    It’s Dark Depths

  • 12345

    boreal shelf nuff said!

    • whatever

      Wizard was like… “Let’s make the worst “from the vault” ever, horray! Hey, I know, let’s put boreal shelf into it!”

      hehehe… yeah, I don’t think so.

      • Jimmy j

        They did that already with legends

  • Squeek

    Thawing Glaciers is on the reserved list

    • Jannickrabijns

      mox diamond was also on the reserved list…

    • roelie

      the previous ftv have included cards from the reserved list, so no idea why that could not happen again.

  • Bbbldr8

    gaea’s cradle !!!!!

    • Jefferya26

      maze of ith

      • Matty4776


    • Artificer682

      :( Gaea’s Cradle is on Reserve list

  • Budoy

    Scalding Tarn

    • whatever

      lol. I wouldn’t bet.

  • Dwtiner

    it better not be Gaea’s cradle, i like my $80 original



    • Eh Franken


    • Page24

       sure sure, and the power 9 are ofcourse all lands so this is definitly true :’)

      Black LotusMox SapphireMox Jet
      Mox RubyMox EmeraldMox Pearl
      Ancestral Recall
      Time Walk

    • The Replier

      And that’s also why you posted with the name guest in capital letters, right? To get our attention? I’m all for it, hell yeah, reprinting Ancestral Recall as a land! It’s time in my vintage deck has come!

  • Cairrojj

    Please print Rishadan Port

  • Tgtechguru

    r&d emailed me telling me the contents of it. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….
    Dark depths is definitely in it though

    • :P

       obvious troll is obvious

      • Goesroofdaddy13

        an obvious bad troll is really just a self troll

    • Fooster1012

      or possibly lake of the dead

  • Nicholas DePaolis-Feingold

    not gaeas cradle

  • Nicholas DePaolis-Feingold

    but there will be black lotus

  • Nicholas DePaolis-Feingold

    that will reduce its value, only non land card in the set

  • Nicholas DePaolis-Feingold

    it will have boreal shelf in it, and reflecting pool

  • Nicholas DePaolis-Feingold

    tolarian academy

  • Tgtechguru

    all jokes

  • Krlmaahs

    Mishra’s factory and Command Tower !

    • Casshern

      Command Tower is too weak to put in a set like this.

      • Krlmaahs

         they have had weaker cards before look at the legends set lol. i still have my hopes up for one of the two

      • Monkeydragon245

        they dont need a FTV command tower. theres already a judge foil

        • Brawndo

          Lol yea, ’cause THAT version isn’t $80 or anything…

      • Cfranks

        Almost all of From the Vaults Dragons takes issue with that statement

      • Fooster1012

        tell that to kird ape in banned

  • Caos Monster Of Reality

    They don’t relece enough of these so they always git racked up to $50 that is not fair at all…… fu mtg card collecters

  • SP_N1nja

    Wastelands anybody?

  • Badwolf

    Looks like frost titan to me

  • Piip

    Kjeldoran Outpost will be one of them, someone needs to compile a list

  • Theryonicle


  • Thecampen

    it’ll be just like all the rest: over-hyped, over-valued, and underplayed.

  • Colem970

    Let’s get real here clearly this is a library of Alexandria

  • George Zapatos

    its a chasm. in a glacier. that’s not thawing. its obviously glacial chasm.

  • Jace TMS

    that’s a glacial chasm

  • Thedren The Inquisitive

    I think we should boycott it if there isnt at least one card in it that justifies the purchase, by that if there isnt a single card in this deck that is equal to or more than the MSRP of this product I will not buy it. this is a way for wizards to regulate the secondary market, make expensive cards available an economic stimulus for the layman if you will. anything less is far crueler than gold bordered cards

  • Wondersaw

    Hoping to see…

    Urborg Tomb of Yawgmoth, Mutavault, and maybe even Cavern of Souls.

  • Headstails

    my predictions:
    glacial chasm
    dark depths
    magosi the water the veil
    arbor dryads
    reliquary tower
    one or two lendaries from kamigawa, I would put bouseju at the top of that list
    one or two that say ‘add one of any color’, my  votes for city of brass because it’s the most nostalgic and hasn’t been reprinted in a while
    maze of ith if it’s not on reserved list
    unfortunately mishra’s workshop is on reserved but I wouldn’t mind seeing mishra’s and urza’s factories side by side
    I don’t expect any lands from a cycle except for whatever is going to come out of Return to Ravnica, that way they can preview the new cycle

  • DaniblesDickables

    Mountain and Swamp!

  • moonrose

    The following cards are in the box set:
    Maze of ith, hallowed fountain, scalding tarn, academy ruins, urborg:
    tomb of yawgmoth, secluded glenn, dark depths, glacial casm,
    wasteland, temple garden, windbrisk heights, rishadan port
    graven cairens, guild city hall (from return to ravnica block). Guild
    city hall is a non_legendary land with level up 1 colorless mana. At
    levels 1-3 it adds 2 mana of any color to your mana pool, level 4 and up
    it has. Tap: add 1 mana of each color to your mana pool.
    This information was acquired by a sorce close to aaron forsythe and was
    recieved in a personal email from mr. Forsyth himself
    The following cards are in the box set:
    Maze of ith, hallowed fountain, scalding tarn, academy ruins, urborg:
    tomb of yawgmoth, secluded glenn, dark depths, glacial casm,
    wasteland, temple garden, windbrisk heights, rishadan port
    graven cairens, guild city hall (from return to ravnica block). Guild
    city hall is a non_legendary land with level up 1 colorless mana. At
    levels 1-3 it adds 2 mana of any color to your mana pool, level 4 and up
    it has. Tap: add 1 mana of each color to your mana pool.
    This information was acquired by a sorce close to aaron forsythe and was
    recieved in a personal email from mr. Forsyth himself

    • Joshuawins

       okay, so already you are wrong. good job.

  • Island.

  • Ethral

    Forbidden orchard Printed in this set seen the new art wizard 5/5 stars love the little spirits in the left hand corner.

  • Brendanmoleary

    print ALL THE ISLAND

  • Sean

    WTF Really? So far with what’s been spoiled, people just lost a shit ton of money.

    Urborg is sitting at $60 foil
    Dryad is $22
    Forbidden is at $25
    Grove is $30

    MSRP is $34.99 yes? This leads to a huge loss so far with only 6/15 spoiled.

    • Joshuawins

      you couldnt be more wrong. sure tons of people are going to be able to say that they have a ftv urborg. but how many of those people are going to be able to say that they have an original foil urborg? not many at all. and to prove my point, a from the vault legends ulamog is going for 15 a peice right now. however, a pack foil ulamog is going for 25. and no, the price of a pack foil ulamog would not have been higher if it wasnt in the from the vaults set

  • Minamo

    Arbor and Orchard have really amazing pictures! I think i’ll buy this pack even for these two cards

  • Zeekelous

    Maze of ith maybe?

  • Some of the cards on the reserved list are just stupid.  There would have been absolutely nothing wrong with printing Gaea’s Cradle in a set like this.  It would have no affect on any format in which Gaea’s Cradle isn’t currently legal.  Instead, they give us Murmuring Bosk.  Why?  Garbage, card is garbage.  I want to see exciting reprints in these sets as they did early on.  Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth good choice.  Grove of the Burnwillows good choice.  Forbidden Orchard, Dryad Arbor and Glacial Chasm are not bad choices though I’m not sure any are something to get excited over.

    • Falton717

      Actually, these make perfect sense to be in a FtV set. Urborg is a duh. Grove is a duh. Dryad arbor should be a duh, since it’s the only land creature in the game, and counts as a forest. Forbidden orchard makes complete sense because it adds mana of any color to your mana pool without the drawback of damage, just a 1/1 colorless that doesn’t have any abilites given to the opponent. Murmuring Bosk makes sense, as it’s a land that taps for three different kinds of mana, but is a Forest, and so can be searched from a deck using methods beyond basic land tutoring, such as a Silverglade Elemental, and are key in decks such as those with Doran. So Murmuring Bosk isn’t trash. Also, the purpose of the reserved list is not for the effect on formats, it’s for collectors. Have you noticed that M13 has reprinted some of the most ridiculous cards in the history of Magic, like Vampire Nocturnus and Akroma’s Memorial, and the value of those selfsame titles have dropped significantly. Noct is closer to 10 than 16, and Memorial is now around 15 FS printing, when just a couple of months ago it was at 22 apiece. So it’s best for you to keep quiet and not complain about not getting a 75 dollar card in a box set that’s set at 35 MSRP. We’re lucky for the Grove and Urborg. Also, we don’t even know what the remainder of the set entails.

      • Goesroofdaddy13

        well stated. scratch that. VERY well stated!!

      • Pray you can find it for $34.99.  I luckily did.

        • Qbradd

          Where did you find this for MSRP? I have never seen a FTV Set go for less that $100 until FTV: Legends had been out for a while and proved it was trash. 

          • Seems like all the online retailers are price gouging.  You’ve got to check your local stores if you’ve got any around anyway.

          • Qbradd

            Yeah, but where did you find it for so cheap? No store, local or otherwise is going to sell this for MSRP.

          • It’s a lot harder to price gouge someone when you have to look them in the face.  All these retailers, online or not, are probably paying I guess at most $25 for the box set.

          • Thegamebunker Cleburne

            Some stores are willing to sell preordered from the vaults for MSRP, I do.

          • guest

            my store does

          • Marcus Willis

            The local store here Sold them for MSRP Tyche’s Games

          • Goattoken

            There were two places around where I live in Atlanta that sold them at $35… Like people are saying you just have to look

          • Walmart or target sells these for 35. Lol i make an easy couple hundred buying them all in my area.

          • wiseguy

            You sure these retailers even get limited print run stuff like this? I never even saw any of the premium decks at my local walmart, much less one of these FTVs…

    • 10scottjacob

      Murmuring bosk is one of the greatest lands ever made. Its a fetchable 3 color mana producing land. I’m pesonally impressed they added this card to the set

      • 10scottjacob

        Plus it works really well with woodland cemitary and sunpetal grove

      • Falton717

        That was my original reaction to Murmuring Bosk. Having played a Treefolk deck with Doran, I found this land to be one of the most useful/powerful in the game.

    • Iandelcourt

      they don’t have a reserve list because of sets they are legal in it’s so that collectors are guaranteed that their cards don’t stop in price ever.

      • Iandelcourt


      • Sefs

         Cards on the reserve list can still drop in price and many are worthless and will never be worth much. There is precedence for printing functional upgrades of cards on the reserve list i.e. copy artifact and phyrexian metamorph.

    • Monkeydragon245

      if they printed gaea’s cradle for this FTV, theres no way buying this set would still be $35. gaea’s cradle alone is $65

      • RevShad

         but what you are forgetting is that that is the original so that value has no say in what this set would be worth. all it would do is create slightly drop the value of the old one, short term, and create a new one that after Realms is sold out would have similar value.
        Besides Wizards doesn’t care about the sell value of singles, because they don’t see any of that money.

    • Qbradd

      Glacial Chasm is a waste in this set. 

      • Has its uses

        Yes and No, it has some combo value and really Ice Age is an older set now and the new art is nice to see 

    • RevShad

       what are you talking about Murmuring Bosk is a great land. yes Gaea’s Cradle would have been nice but i would have dropped Glacial Chasm. other thing that would be great to see would be Dark Depths but since Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth is there they wouldn’t do that .

      • Guest

        I agree on the Dark Depths that would have been a great card to print but once again I believe cradle is one of those cards that wont be reprinted. I honestly don’t think glacial chasm is that bad but I play a lot of EDH. Gonna try it with a hex parasite :P

    • Guest

      Cradle I believe is on a list of cards not to be reprinted. If you do a little research I’m sure you’ll be able to find why. I thought it was something to do with retaining the value of the original printing. Also There is a maze in here which gets this collection very close to MSRP and the rest of the lands (except for like desert and shivan) have many uses in different formats especially EDH. 

  •  And don’t cry about whether or not reprinting a card would hurt the resale values of the prior printings.  That shouldn’t be used as the basis of any reprint decision made by WotC.

    • I agree with Kenny.  The more players that have access to cards the better; so I would love to see Wizards reprint the expensive cards.

  • sham

    Damnit with reprinting Urborg!

  • Wiggles457

    don’t care about dryad arbor, don’t need forbidden orchard, and i don’t like glacial chasm

  • Nik

    John Avon is awsome1

    • he drew two cards in this collection… I agree with you, but sheesh mostly unrelated. 

  • I’m guessing that one of the zenikar man-lands will be in here as well, One of the urza’s saga cyle would be a good choice, but from kenny’s comment I am assuming it can’t be re-printed.  (I also agree that re-printing it in a set that does not affect legailty would be non-effective except for lowering the value of the card)  Finally, I’m guessing that Dark Depths will be in there as well, as it is an iconic land.

  • Bendoane182

    Since half the cards revealed so far see legacy play you can’t really complain about this set at all.

  • Lonethief

    Dark Depths seems like a pretty likely candidate, considering the 20/20 Marit Lage it makes.

  • abc

    When do we get the rest of the spoiler?

  • John

    When do we get to know the rest of the spoiler?

  • Matt Law

    Glacial Chasm? that card is shit! why can’t we get a Maze of Ith or Vesuva or Academy Ruins? hell, even Homeward Path would be better!

  • 10scottjacob

    Im hoping for a cavern of souls… but not getting my hopes too high

  • Looks like the price gouging is already starting.  Good luck to all when they search for these at the $34.99 MSRP.  I got one pre-ordered luckily.

    • Guest

      What kind of idiot economics is this? The laws of supply and demand act to clear the markets at a fair price — the MSRP has no bearing on the perceived value of the product. I guarantee that everyone who is complaining about the market price not reflecting the MSRP would sell their copy in a heart beat to the next guy offering (for example) $150 for their $34.95 investment. Why should the shop owners be vilified for selling their product at the same price? I would respect them less if they didn’t! Sucks for those who don’t, won’t or can’t pay that much for the product, but if all I can afford is a Honda, its not the Lexus dealer’s fault! Grow up and stop trolling!

      • Do you know what price gouging is?

        Besides, retailers are buying up all the inventory and sitting on it.  They’re clogging up having the product get to consumers.

        What kind of idiot calls someone a troll and posts as a Guest. Coward. GFY.

  • Callumyeti

    I hope that they put Dark Depths. It is such a fun card.

  • Paul

    I only wished that they had put dark depths into this… otherwise its awesome!

    • Fooster1012

      they have not spoiled everything yet, theres still nine other cards

  • Dewen


  • Mike

    Karakas or Maze of ith would make sense if wotc want’s to keep Legacy running. If the idea is to make Modern the eternal format and kill Legacy, then those couldn’t possibly be reprinted. Let’s see. Is there a date to the full spoiler?

  • Aslancross

    Command Tower looks like it’s being reprinted as a foil in Commander’s Arsenal, so I doubt it will be in this set. 

  • Qbradd

    I thing FTV: Realms is a good opportunity to reprint Urza’s Mine, Urza’s Power Plant, and Urza’s Tower with some fancy new art. Urzatron has a strong place in Modern and I think the cards would see play. 

  • HyperQualm

    Maze of Ith! Do it!

  • Ducky

    when will the rest of this be spoiled? Also it sickens me what the retailers do in price gouging the players with these sets. The MSRP is what they should sell for not the over inflated prices do to what cards are inside. This is why I am glad that I have a local store that sells the From the Vault sets at MSRP for the first few months and then after they raise the price. I purchased FTV Relics, and Legends at the 34.95 plus tax and I plan to purchase Realms as well at that price. Shame on you to the retailers already price gouging, I say thhis cause I have already seen pre orders based on these 6 cards going for $149.00 just wait till the other 9 cards are spoiled. Cause as we all know they save the best for last. 

  • RevShad

    my guesses for the remaining 9
    Yavimaya Hollow
    Library of Alexandria
    Lotus Vale
    City of Brass
    Dark Depths
    Gaea’s Cradle
    Cabal Coffers
    Maze of Ith
    Riftstone Portal

    • RevShad

       i forgot to check the reserved list before making this list so all i’m left with is City of Brass, Dark Depths, Cabal Coffers, Maze of Ith and Riftstone Portal becasue Yavimaya Hollow, Library of Alexandria, Lotus Vale, Gaea’s Cradle are all one the reserved list.
      guess i’ll have to rethink my list

  • Motherfucker

    i see dark depths and eye of ugin being in here

  • Sigh this set has roughly 70 bucks in cards and thats using starcity pricing which as we all know is jacked up sky high. Atm this set is not remotly worth buying.

    • Sefs

       Star city has on their front page “Buying opened from the vault realms sets for $75″….

  • Wheres Thawing Glaciers? :(

  • Boseiju, Who Shelters
    All Grove of the Burnwillows
     is beautiful
    I must be in my more crazy dreaaams!!!!

  •  is beautiful
    I must be in my more crazy dreams


  •  Can we stop all the whining and complaining already? really. It’s called the Reserved list for a reason; cards that were too powerful to be reprinted in any future set because it would unbalance the game state. So in the process those cards skyrocket in price and become unattainable due to the low amount of them on the market. So what does Wizards do? They make alternative versions of those same cards with slight drawbacks (Shockland, Miracle cards, Suspend cards, etc.) Reprinting cards in the Vaults does and doesn’t hurt the value of the original printings. When Akroma’s Memorial and Guilded Lotus got their M13 reprints the original sets of those cards did go down in both non foil and foils, but not my much. For people to ask for Gaea’s Cradle to be in this Vault… YOU ARE DREAMING. It’s foil price alone is above $100. You’re gonna come back and say “Ya, but they reprinted Maze of Ith and it’s sitting at $180.”  Well, both of those are their FOIL value and both have never been printed in foil outside of the Judge promos which in it self is a limited release making it that much harder to get. Wizards doesn’t care about 2nd hand value when it comes to reprinting cards, all they care about this making the game BALANCED. They’re not making any money off of a Gaea’s Cradle that’s at $170. Do you see Wizards selling old back stock of singles at Cons… Nope.

    Ancient Tomb has no foil and is sitting at $10 Boseiju is $10 / $20 foil Dryad Arbor is $3 / $22 foil Forbidden is $6 / $25 foil Glacial has no foil $0.75 Grove is $13 / $30 foil Maze of Ith has no foil (Promo doesn’t count) $50.00 Murmuring is $3.50 / $10 foil Urborg is $20 / $60.00 foil Vesuva is $10 / $35 foil To buy them non foil right now: $126.26To ask for cards like

    Rishadan Port
    Gaea’s Cradle

    Tolarian Academy
    Mishra’s Workshop

    Keep dreaming.

    • Sefs

      Reserve list is not a prison of power …although copy Artifact was a beast….phyrexian metamorph surely destroyed the game single handedly…..

    • Koku Ryu

      Thank you. I agree with you completely on this.

  • Xero

    Oh God, Maze of Ith.

  • Reaganlichfield

    final verdict: no thank you 

    • Xero

      This has got to be a troll comment.  You could sell all the cards you get from this for much more than you bought it for.

  • Ghest

    No preview card for RTR? And there seem to be 8 cards with new art instead of 7

  • hub

    regular Grove of the Burnwillows picture is so much prettier.  The alternate border also helps Dryad Arbor.

  • Nik

    He also did the original art for Cephalid Coliseum. I think they’re both very good. The old art wouldn’t really fit in this set to me. Man it would be cool to get him to sign some of my cards!

  • nate24!!

    will we be able to use these in the new standard format?

    • Guest

      Unfortunately no. As far as I know standard does not include cards from duel decks, from the vaults, decks like planechase, and other such sets.

  • Segura2gabriel650

    i am glad i found this at my local shop. i paid for three in advance at 34.99

  • Garrick

    I am angry about:
    Windbrisk Heights
    Cephalid Colloseum
    High Market
    Glacial Chasm

    I would have liked to see:
    Hall of the Bandit Lord
    Terrain Generator
    Any other stuff that’s playable!
    In a From the Vault set, you expect the best of the best. Most of these aren’t that great.

    • Bobbyjoel001

      Cephalid Colloseum is awesome… getting a playset to go right in my dredge deck

      • Yep Yep

        I was thinking dredge, crucible of worlds or life from the loam

    • Jeff Jeffreys

      Desert is a land type all of its own, i think it deserves a spot in here. i dont see what high market does that elephant graveyard or phyrexian tower wouldn’t better convey. i think the world in whole are pissed that wasteland, mutavault or karakas weren’t in here.

  • Krlmaahs

    cephalid colloseum, high market, Shivan gorge, dryad arbor, and desert…. these don’t deserve to be in here. I was expecting better… i know my choices where going to not make it, but that is not the reason why this set was disappointing…. it was highly anticipated and it turned into a let down.

  • Tweak260

    It’s bullshit how resellers price gouge the [email protected]*! out of you for these sets.

  • Sven

    I do not know the process of determining which card gets reprinted in this set, but 5 out of the top 6 cards on this list (excluding Maze of Ith, obviously) are pretty mediocre.

    I thought maybe they’d reprint a card that’s a staple to the game or story (City of Brass, Kor Haven, Glimmervoid, Volrath’s Stronghold, Cabal Coffers, etc.), or at least ones that were playable. This is unlike the other From the Vaults sets which feature all good cards (Excluding Dragon Whelp from FtV:D). I mean, even though Legends wasn’t that great, the arguably worst card in that was Cao Cao, Lord of Wu, and he’s not that bad. I will never see High Market or Shivan Gorge played. Ever. Not even in EDH. 

  • Guest

    I like how people are complaining about some of these lands and saying they should have printed cards like Gaea’s cradle and Wasteland. To me it sounds like you are just trying to get around paying or trading for face value of decent cards and want them handed to you for the whole box’s retail price being less than either of those cards, they are already giving you a maze of ith, they are giving you a little taste of everything, that’s what the FTV sets do

  • Anyone interested or know someone who could be interested. I have 10
    From the Vault Realms (Brand new sealed) Still for sale, and I am
    willing to give them up for $60 Shipped. I am a store owner, so I can
    take Credit Card. Give us a call at 435.267.2497 if your interested.

  • Pinnegar

    missing: 1 waste land, 1 tabernacle at pendrell vale

  • Myr Inferion

    The List I would’ve like to have seen:
    Deserted Temple
    Sorrow’s Path
    Tolarian Academy
    Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
    City of Traitors
    Lotus Vale
    Glacial Chasm
    Grove of the Burnwillows
    Rishadan Port
    Forbidden Orchard
    Boseiju, Who Shelters All
    Volrath’s Stronghold
    Riftstone Portal
    Murmuring Bosk

    Cephalid Colloseum, Dryad Arbor, Windbrisk Heights ,Ancient Tomb, Desert, Shivan 
    and High Market all seem A tad out of place, most of all  Market, Gorge, and Coloseum:
    Those feel like  a steel toed kick in the guts Vesuva gets a lameness counter
    for no alternate art…however this set does do one thing right…it walks
    all over FTV legends. To open that  set and see so many recent faces
    was a kick in the face.

  • Xcver

    sigh, no Diamond Valley :(

  • Hellsing

    Take this Glacial Chasm…Leyline of Lightning!!