From the Vault Twenty Symbol

From the Vault Twenty Packaging

From the Vault: Twenty Contents and Details

Twenty premium foil cards, including some with new art.
An exclusive Spindown life counter.
A collector’s guide.
Each card has been printed using a foil process unique to the From the Vault series.
The twenty cards are all printed in the current card frame. For some, it is for the first time.
From the Vault: Twenty will be available worldwide in English only, and will have an extremely limited print run.
All cards are black bordered and tournament legal. This means that these cards are legal for use in any tournaments where the original printings are still legal.

From the Vault Twenty Spoiler

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  • OMG cant wait

  • Judge2008

    totally mother of runes

    • Roxas

      For me is Brainstorm

      • Dingo

        For me is enlightened tutor.

        • academy rector

          • guy

            Ancestral Recall

          • ancestral recall is not tournament l so it cant be.

          • Nefarox

            Though I am 99% positive ancestral recall won’t be in this or any other future sets, it does not say that it has to be “tournament”. Other cards on certain banned lists may be printed in this set.

          • i meant tournament legal. forgot about the legal part…and it clearly says on the details that:
            “All cards are black bordered and tournament legal. This means that these cards are legal for use in any tournaments WHERE THE ORIGINAL PRINTINGS ARE STILL LEGAL.”
            which means they are only going to print tournament legal cards.

          • Nefarox

            Ah ok. Sorry, I misunderstood. Since ancestral recall is pretty much banned in every format and the fact it’s on the banned list most likely means it won’t be reprinted.

          • data

            Ancestral Recall won’t be reprinted because it’s on the reserved list, not because it’s “Banned in every format.” It’s still only Restricted in Vintage.

          • Nefarox

            That’s why I said “pretty much” before it. Reading the entire comment does help. And I only just found out the banned list I was referring to in the second part of that sentence was called the reserved list. That part was badly worded on my part.

          • hurdle

            well…maybe it’s just infernal plunge…yeah…infernal plunge

          • Jason Martinez

            reserved list is not a binding contract , since contracts usually have penalties when you break them . Magic had a we will not reprint list before and they reprinted anyways . I am hoping they will do whatever it takes to make the game grow , even if it means making the small percent that are collectors angry.

          • That wording means if it is legal in the original printing in any format, you can use this one as well.

          • deadsightsx

            ah but ancestral recall is not banned in vintage, it is restricted which means u can still have 1 in your deck. :)

          • Bob

            Except the part where it says tournament..

          • Charles Schuler

            Academy Rector is on the reserve list.

        • The 10th power

          that’s blue magic around her hand it would be mystical tutor

    • Looks like Academy Rector to me.

      • Who?Me/

        Academy rectum?

    • Hunter Nance

      I’m thinking it might be Force of Will.

    • richardshort2001

      ….aaaaaaannnnnnndddd it’s a 17 cent card, Impulse. Good card though, but kinda disappointing considering what we can guess this thing is going to sell for.

  • Best From the Vault ever? Probably…

    • dack maddy

      That ain’t saying much……….

  • ButlerOfBolas

    Am I crazy for wanting that to be the art for Ancestral Recall?

    • Judge2008

       ancestral recall will never be reprinted………

      • ButlerOfBolas

        Can’t a man wish?

        • judge2008

          u can but no cards from the resrticted list so no ancestral recall…..

  • Kuster

    could be mother, snapcaster, counterspell… maybe force, but highly unlikely.

  • Foil armada wurm

    Can’t wait to get this!

  • Foil armada wurm

    How much do you think these will actually sell for? I ended up getting 3 from the vault realms for $50 a piece but being that this set is 20 super cool cards from 20 years of magic, what do you think will be the price? What about the reserved list? What cards will be printed from those first years? Thoughts?

    • Mlundgoldstein

      expensive if there’s anything good in it

    • Mr guest

      Cards on the reserved list can’t be reprinted in FTV.
      They closed that loophole after printing karn silver golem

  • Snapcaster Mage seems most likely.  Force of Will is on the no reprint list I believe…

  • BirthOfTragedy7

    that is definitely a blue card.  i would say either counter spell or force of will (although it does not look something that would be force of will artwork to me).  it does look like the innistrad artwork for think twice but i highly doubt that WotC would troll us so hard as to put that in this set. seeing as the artwork is similar to think twice, this card may be either brainstorm or ponder (brainstorm seems like a perfect card for this set seeing as it has made one of the biggest impacts on magic the gathering). i am curious as to what the other cards will be though. here are my predictions but don’t quote me on this!:

    brainstorm (because i think that is what the spoiler art is), possibly either force of will or mana drain (neither are on the reserved list and both are due a reprint), jace the mind sculptor (because remember this set is about influential cards in magics history, not just super rare ones), demonic tutor (it has never been foil and is also begging of a reprint), birds of paradise (i am a bit iffy on this choice since it gets reprinted practically every rotation but no one can argue that birds haven’t been one of the most influential cards in magic’s history), chain lightning or lightning bolt (hopefully chain lightning), land tax (also hasn’t been printed in a while -last printing was a judge promo a while ago i think), wasteland (if any land has played an influential role in mtg it is wasteland -they probably won’t do any of the fetch lands).

    im sure that i got most, if not all of everything i said wrong lol but these are the influential cards that come to mind. too bad the set will probably be $80-$100 at my local card shop….

    • guest

      hey at least i was right about it being a blue card! lololol. hell and i called jace too. hopefully we will see FoW in this set

    • Vileo

      Only $100? I think it’ll sell for more. With the quality of the cards in this set, plus just the sheer fact that it has a foiled Mind Sculptor, I’d consider $100 a mean bargain. Nah, it’s going to be really expensive.

  • White Druid

    Yes, mother of runes, an awesome card that is still on my monowhite angel deck.

  • Chomby0886

    would love this to be Force of Will. Looks like could be Mother or Runes but it clearly looks like a blue card

    • Just because a card has a certain color on it does not mean it is that color.

      • We have proved that in the past.

        • BirthOfTragedy7

           but the art work is so similar to think-twice. it just seems like either force of will or brainstorm. FoW needs a reprint but this card doesn’t seem to represent a “force of will” as much as a brainstorm. i could be wrong though!

    • CubeDrafter

      if it is FoW this will cost a bunch, legacy players will have access to the card in foil for the first time ever

    • Jesse Lynch

      Looks more like Noble Heirarch than Mother of Runes lol

  • Knapp42

    Best Part. Get a spin down that starts at 20 XD

    •  Oh. My. God!

    • Andy

      The Tenth Edition spindown life counter starts at 20 too. The 10 is replaced by “X”.

      • _Moloch_

        so is for 9th…

      • Techreus


      • Herp

        X is the Roman numeral for ten, so don’t you mean it starts at ten? Lol

        • renfield286

          no, because the 10 is replaced by the x, not the 20

  • Mlundgoldstein

    Bloodbraid Elf needs to be in this

    • Circa89247

      Ew, not since its banned

      • CORR

        Yeah, in Modern. >.>

    • You can get two in the Cascade Planeschase deck, I doubt it’ll be printed…

  • Circa89247

    Totally ACADEMY RECTOR!!!!!

  • Uchihars

    Snapcaster mage? :) Or not? :/

  • King_frosty

    Mystical tutor I think

  • Ferran__13

    Noble Hierarch lol.

  • 2/26

    psyonic blast for sure guys come on :p

  • Evilbrother101

    yo what if that was jace mind sculptor

  • Me

    twenty foil islands

    • Person

      We can only hope.

      • trea

        full art

    • Sean Mclorie

      with custom art maybe like the ma/ro on a beach

      • Laserface

        Maybe just go all the way and give 20 foil old templated Guru Islands!

        • f

          or jace’s mom.

        • Sean Mclorie

          that would be nice

  • dante

    I’m thinking mother of runes, shes due for some foil treatment.

  • I keep seeing Noble Hierarch in this one.  Green, white, blue, all represented.

    • Jesse Lynch

      I agree, it reminds me of the old Invasion-block Battlemages that all had staffs with the 3-colors they represent on them. Also same block the Dragon’s Attendants had the colors on their chestplates to represent. But anyways good eye I ha e to agree I see Noble Heirarch here.

  • Cs

    snapcaster mage

  • someone

    yay. black lotus foil.

    • THAT guy

       yeah in your dreams man

  • Primess13

    OMG, it’s Jace’s Mom.  lol

    • MtgMind-Welder98

      Actually that is Jace, but the photographer in the magic the gathering video screaming at him,”Give me Mind Sculptor. SCULP MY MIND!” is his mom

  • Ari

    It could be Rayne.

  • Levz_mendoza005

    i know Teysa, Orzhov scion after 20 years :D

  • its vedalkan shackles

    • guildkey master

      No. If it was the person would be blue and it, the “shackles”, would be on someone.

  • fun guy

    make a falkenwrath aristocrat or a thundermaw

  • Justmanypeaches

    I think it would be a lame reprint, but this totally reminds me of Beguiler of Wills.

  • Force of Will…..To me she seems to be forcing her will on the opponent…. but we will see…. also, all these lame ideas like beguiler and think twice are silly, since when wizards originally spoiled this set, they stated that the 20 cards would be cards from world championship decks from over the past 20 years….. FORCE OF WILL FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • All these lames talking about FTV Twenty being standard cards. No, thundermaw hellkite will not be in here. Neither will boros reckoner. There are only 2 cards in standard even worth mentioning, and surely they wont print them: geist of st traft, and snapcaster mage.

    • most narrow minded and ridiculous comment ever

      • THEGREAT


        • Clint

          Also Deathrite Shaman

      • Jeru Roku

        Actually, you need to realize that standard isnt the only format. I bet you that come October when Theros drops, if they didnt reprint Thundermaw, He’s going to be under 10 dollars and not used at all in modern/extended/legacy. They think about cards that still have worth. If tarmogoyf wasnt going to be in modern masters, he may have shown up here. I think cards that are EDH, Modern, and Legacy staples are going to dominate this ftv, and maybe ONE standard card will stick his nose in here, and its probably Snapcaster Mage

        • CubeDrafter

          i agree and if snapcaster mage is reprinted they had better keep the same artwork!

        • Doobster8

          If they keep following the other FTV trends, we should see one new card in this set that will be in the next set, so there’ll probably be one standard card in the set.

          • Josh

            So… how did you expect them to put a card from a winning Theros deck, when it hasn’t been released?

      • BirthOfTragedy7

        not narrow minded and ridiculous at all. you clearly are a standard player. i am guessing we will see little to no standard and/ or modern cards in this set (seeing how modern masters covered that area up well). although there may be a few good modern staples since WotC is trying with all their might to push modern onto people. as for the card art preview we have here… it may very well be force of will. if there is any card that has dominated tournaments and been a constant in its format it is for sure FoW. so that pic is either force or it is intuition. those are my best two guesses.

        • Tommy DeLeon

          Hate to be THAT guy, but we standard players don’t have all the douches. Every format has their own.

          • guest

            agreed lolol

    • Jordan

      Why would it be a single format… when has any of these from the vault sets been one format… think before you speak. They most likely won’t reprint anything recent.

      • mike p

        The whole point in the set is to reprint a card from every year that was good during its time in ” standard”
        With that being said
        M factory
        K outpost
        V tutor
        Hymm to t

  • Heres to hoping its a noble hierarch, mother of runes, counterspell(or FoW), or at least a brainstorm. PErsonally id like to see it as an enlightened tutor.

  • lightningrod14

    i don’t get it.

  • Yes! It comes out on my birthday! I really hope they have some total reanimation cards like return all creatures to the battefield under your control would be nice for my Mikaeus, the Unhallowed reanimator

    • You do realize that this is a reprint set?…

      • Dang! Well I could trade these for stuff. That’s a dumb idea. Wait, they have new art! Or commanders!

  • Tyalis


  • I’m almost sure that Inquisition of Kozilek will be reprinted. The reason is: Its price is 10 dollars and it won’t be printed in Modern Masters. Also, they can’t print Jace, the Mind Sculptor for that year because of the 40$ MSRP.

  • N Blackmore

    Mother of runes or mystic tutor

  • ts1337

    could be twenty foiled islands for sure force is on the reserved list this is super likely MoR she needs an alternate artwork since her fnm foil didn’t have one and she sees a lot of play

    • Force of Will is not on the reserved list. But I doubt they’d ever reprint it anyway.

  • The green staff and blue magic make me think this isn’t mother of runes.

  • Matt Law


  • dakota romanos

    So im guessing thats mother of runes

  • me

    counterspell maybe?

  • Ups

    I guess it’s a new illustration for an old card. With an answer like this we can never go wrong.

  • Josh Kaufman

    Lets see, the MSRP is probably going to be between 30-50? So that leaves you with 20 cards that fit within that that number.
    So basic Island. Counterspell, Mana Leak, Lightning Bolt, Savannah Lion, Delver of Secrets, Unhinged Island… Um some other bulk, and to make it worth real money, add in a Deathrite Shaman with the same art!

    And what do they consider the winningest cards? Or the most played? LIke commons that people could afford? Or Mythics like JTMS? Or rares that made the game unplayable like Arcbound Ravager?

    I’m more excited to see “WoTC 20 greatest F-ups” Like Delver, Jitte, JTMS, The Entire Kamigawa Block, and fill out the rest with an entire foil set of Homelands!

  • I got kids + No desire for vault. Though I may be able to MAKE money saleing them.

    • Chase


  • alecjags

    Its released on my birthday! =)

  • Techreus

    Tabernacle at Pendral Vale, Force of Will, Tarmogoyf, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Ancestral Recall, and other AMAZING cards that are forever important to MTG history should be printed in this. Abviously none of these will actually be put in, but still it would be neat

    • v85rawdeal

      Well, one out of five isn’t bad.

  • Oh joy! 4 of each basic land in.. wait for it…. FOIL!

  • Sakon

    I’m surprised no one has thought it was Patron Wizard yet…

  • Just so you know, this is Mom.

  • ROCKer

    its going to be force of will for sure

  • Bradley Carter

    FTV Islands. Islands that could never be reprinted have been reprinted in this very special FTV: 20 set. Islands from your favorite sets, all with new artworks and modern borders! Wacky inflatable arm flailing tube men wacky inflatable arm flailing tube men!

  • leo

    When i first saw it I thought Mother of runes, but after reading some comments about how blue and green were represented in it I feel like this is obviously Riku’s mom. Green and blue aspects to the art + with that raised eyebrow and smirk Riku’s mom obviously looking to start a fire with someone.

  • Jesse

    Personally, I would love to see Candelabra of Tawnos

  • chris

    its shadowmage infiltrator

  • t3kn34k

    Mystical tutor

  • f

    Martha Beleren??

    • wert

      you mean jace’s mom?!

  • Vasilis Nektarios Georgoulis

    Mother of runes!!

  • TimothyWells

    From the Vault: 20 copies of black lotus.

    • Gabe

      Im still waiting for From the vault: Legacy Featuring 4 copies of force of will.

  • Mr. kody

    Well I’m gonna go out on a whim here and say it isn’t a snapcaster due to the fact that an old woman wouldnt be a likely candidate for the flash mechanic, probably not mother of runes cause the part of the card that stands out is that she is holding a baby hence “mother”. I’m gonna place my hopes and bets on academy rector.

  • Well looking at the three base tones of the image, Maybe..

    Noble Hierarch?

  • JesusFreak

    Mind Control. The circles at her fingers and her forehead must be a hint here.

  • cadaver

    It’s mom. is bet 20 bucks and my left nut.

  • Knight of the trolliquary


  • Vasilis Nektarios Georgoulis

    I m taking a guess, so the 20 will be:

    1. Noble Hierarch
    2. Mother of Runes.
    3. Snapcaster Mage or Omniscience
    4. Ancestral Vision
    5. Vedalken Shackles
    6. Sower Temptation (Usually they don’t include too playable cards so I believe if there is no Thoughtseize or Bitterblossom get ready for legacy Masters. So the Number 6 will be either one of those or Sower of Temptation. (some will ask themselves why this card… well))
    7. Counterbalance
    8. Sensei’s Divining Top or not.
    9. (Birds of Paradice vs Remand) Again, Legacy Masters or we could see a Stifle over there! (not along with thoughtseize though or bitterblossom Wizards still need to earn money) otherwise we could see a Remand or lame as it sounds another reprint of BIrds of PARADISE( noooo).
    10. Green Sun’s Zenith
    11. Burning Wish
    12. Baleful Strix
    13. Inquisition of Kozilek.
    14. Medling Mage
    15. Grim Monolith
    16. Forbid
    17. Scroll Rack
    18.Gemstone Mine
    19. Armageddon
    20. (cough) Land Tax.

    Now Regarding the Art here it could be Mother of Runes, Counterbalance, Medling Mage, Ancestral Vision, or Forbid.

  • Me

    Needs Emrakul

  • Me

    Infernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of Evil

  • Me

    Maybe Our Market Research Shows That Players Like Really Long Card Names So We Made This Card To Have The Absolute Longest Card Name Ever Elemental

  • Legacy man

    Hmm my speculation is that it can be a Force of Will but i doubt because FOW is not much of a key card. I think this is the art of an mystical Tutor, but if this is the art of the mother of runes it will be awesome but Mother is also no keycard so i exclude her!

  • David

    someone said Noble Hierarch, and I think he/shes right.

  • Cliff

    I think its a brain storm

  • derpina

    The image doesn’t seem like it’d be noble hierarch (lore wise). Doesn’t look very “bant-esque.” The woman seems to be some sort of shaman, spellcaster, hell, maybe even a librarian of some sort, judging from the background. Seems like it’ll probably end up being some blue spell (or mother of runes).

  • Fletch Fletcher

    I love reading the comments of idiots who clearly have nothing better to do than squabble about things and make themselves look stupid, which is clearly a lot of you people.

  • Herold on MCM

    Dark Depth allmost for sure! :-)

  • Anonymous

    Do you suppose they’ll reprint “Dark Ritual”?

  • Hyperdash

    I presume that 20 means the 20th anniversary of magic the gathering right? :)

    • Matt Stone

      Yup :)

  • John Williams

    wizards has stated that the 20 cards in this will include 1 card from each years world champ tournament winners deck, its a special 20 card FTV instead of the usual 15, to celebrate magics 20th anniversary.

  • steve

    Force of Will would be nice.

  • !!!!


  • Ivouououou

    Are you guys sure that Jace, the mind sculptor will be in FTV: 20?

    • MagicSpoiler


  • Robert Anthony Nelson

    umm, how much is this gonna cost with jace the mortgage sculptor confirmed in it?

  • Wyhat

    I need to pre-order….now………….

  • Areeweblind

    JTMS… win game… preordered 4 already.. hahaha

    • Κωστας Φρανκ

      From what site did you preoder can you link plz?

  • JACE

    so its nineteen shitty cards and jace

  • Zachary Vollen

    That gilded lotus and akroma’s vengeance are going to go into my edh decks. I think I’ll get a few gilded lotuses.

  • Loiden Mc Leroy


  • Popix

    this from the vault, will cost 1000€

  • cheeseball

    with Jace the ****hole in there, they need every other card to be worthless, that way normal people can buy this :P

    • David Bannister

      You got your wish.

  • me

    jace the mind sculptor is there …. mom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mtgcollector2005

    yeah i wanna see Force of Will. Maybe Tolrarian Academy.

    • Tim Stoker

      Tolarian Academy would be fun as all hell to see again, I remember playing with it socially back in the late 90’s. Force of Will is just Force of Will. However, with Jace, The Mind Sculptor making an appearance here, i think any more huge cards (monetarily) would make the set unfathomably expensive to buy.

  • Edward Leer

    I really hope Mana Drain makes the cut on the release

    • Tim Stoker

      That would be a dream come true. Mana Drain, I am certain has been a major component of a tournament winning deck at some point during it’s illustrious history.

  • Tank Johnson

    Jace…. :) I’m in hevan

    • v85rawdeal

      Same here, this one’ll put me on 13 in total

  • Steamsteam

    FTV 20. From the name and the fact its 20 years of history, I thought this would be a set consisting of the most iconic non-reserve list card of all time. Whops!

    • Zimmer Remmiz

      Yeah gotta love that super iconic Cruel Ultimatum…

  • undead.don

    sooooo lame. They actually just put jace in there. WTF. you will not be able to find this box for less than $300 now.

  • FuzzyKittyBark

    tarmy and Jace are commons in theros… not really, but could you imagine the rage xD

  • Rezon

    Glad to see Ink-eyes, but really did not want to even picture Jace in this. UP YOURS MIND SCULPTOR!

  • derp

    this is BS They are reprinting Jace :(kioajdfakj’fg

  • Ben Meszaros

    Ok. How are the cards chosen for 20? Cause whiskey tango foxtrot.

  • Zimmer Remmiz

    Well this is going to expensive as all get out…

  • Gilligan Isle

    Anyone gotta guess on the price?

    • Edward Leer

      from what i’ve seen the MSRP is $39.99

  • Me

    impulse. I dont know why. I think itll be impulse.

  • random person

    RAT NINJA!!!!!!!(ink-eyes)

  • Edward Leer

    WOW! how anticlimactic was that…build it all up with a jace and leave us in suspense … then MEH!
    but I’ll still buy it for the jace

  • Magi

    Well, after the hype of the sneak preview, the full reveal… is somewhat disappointing.

  • MtgMind-Welder98

    Kessig Wolf Run? Green Sun’s Zenith? Swords of Plowshares? Yah for EDH!

  • MtgMind-Welder98


  • Sven

    Upon looking at this list, I’m hoping to get all of these cards excluding Jace. Guess that’ll cost me… what, $50 out of $250?

    Unless you’re looking to get that Jace, I don’t think it’s worth the money to buy the whole thing. Similar to FTV: Realms, except Maze of Ith wasn’t a $150 card.

  • Brian Walton

    NO …… 4 good cards, the rest – not so much :(

  • shocklands73

    Jace, i’m so happy i could play him all day. But I got 2 troll :]

  • hodge

    Hahah. One (mono) red card.

    At least they’ve got a handle on Green lately.

  • justindeltora

    Jace just made this set worth it take that pricetag

  • Justin

    one foil forest also

  • chasetm89

    like how much is this thing gona be lol so much op insanely priced cards aha

  • Jack

    Not impressed by the choice of cards… Jace is good… Fact or fiction, Hym… But Gilded Lotus and Kessig Wolf Run? Come on… These cards are still being sold now…. and Fyndhorn Elves? Not even close to a unique or power card… They could have at least done a classic reprint of the original Llanowar Elves… Even then.. Far from a super power card… Where is Sol Ring?

  • WhoCares

    Milk that COW! Thank you Wizards. Keep insulting your customers with these garbage cash-grabs! Spend my $$ elsewhere.

  • Khurzog

    Who was it that said “These are the 20 cards we should use”? Jace is the only card in here anyone is gonna care about, and will be the determining factor in whether people but it or not. He will not even be something to chase, though. Now that he is out of Standard, he is stuck in Commander. The rest are junk rares and common/uncommon trash that we all have a ton of lying around. I cannot believe WotC would try to take advantage of people like this.

    Go back to the drawing board. Have a little group time. And don’t come out with anything until you have a idea that is worth more than what I toss in my recycle bin each day.

    • Will Datass

      “stuck in Commander” – Did Legacy and Vintage just die in the past couple months? otherwise, your statement is false. I agree that most of the cards are weak in terms of pure power by today’s broken standards, but I’ll take a fol Hymn and Fyndhorn Elves for Commander any day. Also, do you realize what a foil StP used to cost? I’ll take the reprint, tyvm.

    • Andy Clunie

      you’re completely insane. im buying one of these and instantly using maybe HALF OF THEM in my competitive EDH deck. Jace is gonna do nothin’ but sky rocket. ” I cannot believe WotC would try to take advantage of people like this.” dude thats just retarded. plain and simple. if that were the case… I’d hope WotC takes more advantage of me!

    • Peetree

      Go and buy a proper deck of vintage deck and see it’s power….. sigh… these new noobs have no idea…

    • Khurzog

      I may have been a little blunt and rushed in my first post, but for the most part I stand by it. EDH can keep Jace, DR, StP and HtT are the only cards in here that say 20th. Rest are bleh.

      @willdatass:disqus : I only claimed that Jace would be stuck in EDH. Legacy is going the way of the dinosaur and if you are running Jace in vintage, you are gonna be way too slow. Even a first turn Jace is ineffective in vintage. DR is Vintage all day, HtT can be in the right deck.
      @andyclunie:disqus : A $95 Jace is the obvious reason for this card list. Save yourself some $$ and buy them all in singles. Outside of Jace, the rest can be had for dirt cheap. I have more HtT than I will ever need, same with Fyndhorn (or spend a buck and get 4 Llanowar Elves and 4 Elvish Mystic).

  • Flood

    oi. people keep calling these trash and cash grab. if you’d actually read some of the text of the item description, Wizards describes these as some of the most influential cards of the current history of magic. each of these cards helped a champion deck earn its title. they’re not all amazing cards that kill your opponent instantly, but they have history.

    • Condawg

      true dark ritual has won me alot of games early and the are meant to commemorate WoTC 20th anniversary