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MTG Visual Spoilers

Gatecrash Art

  • Tommoo77

    amazing go dimir

  • Justmanypeaches

    Guildgates and Shock lands! WOO!

  • Danthemanxo2

    gruul keyrune is best keyrune

  • why there isn’t simic charm? like why does it have the symbol of gruul on it?

    • Julian Bernard

      yeah strange

    • Julian Bernard

      it is actually the one below

  • Toms

    The girls in gruul look rather sexy for being barbarians

  • Herpmcderp

    Gruul instructions = Best prerelease moment in mtg history

  • Nunyo Biznas

    The new Watery Grave art is amazing!, The other look good too but the Dimir Shock art is really good.

  • [witty name goes here]

    I just added to my desktop pool.

    • [witty name goes here]

      Windows 7 and desktop slideshow are one of the best things ever.

  • Pillow53


  • Lonethief

    If they reprint Lightning Helix, I will be peeved.

  • Pe Tey 13

    Please let that goblin be good! Gruul deserves some amazing cards!

  • Isaac

    Where is Gideon?

  • Willschmidt613

    i hope dragons maze and gatecrash and all the sets in standered will make a good gruul deck

    • rynot916

      they prolly will. youll have accelerants, huntmasters, thundermaws and whatever gatecrash and dragons maze brings

  • jadefang

    is it just me or those the boros key rune look like optimums prime?

    • Facepalm

      It’s just you.

  • Sloathedemon

    boros all day! :D

  • Microcip

    simic charm????

  • Lancegutierrez

    that was the bomb! this block is going to own! forget about the eldrazi fear the guilds!

  • Legionnaire

    The Boros keyword will be based on artifacts. Discuss the probability of this statement’s truth amongst yourselves.

  • Potato


  • rynot916

    i hope the boros or orzhov keyrunes/charms/signets are standard playeable

    • Shadow921

      there are no signets stoopid

      • rynot916

        i heard there were signets in this set, aparently there was art released for them too. i dont remember the link to them tho

  • Simic all the way. Amazing art :)

  • Soren14

    Dude doesnt that angel look like angel of despair

    • Fox The Ivincible

       Dude she has the black wings and everything the armor is even similar i wonder if they are going to reprint dude i could so use her for my deck

      • ColonelLudicolo


  • Carlohoc

    lol gruuls instructions hahaha luaghed my but of lol

    • ColonelLudicolo

      Your grammar is… reddit-y

  • nuclearwombat

    Not sure, I’m either Simic or Boros, otherwise, IZZET is the RtR guild to go with. I’ll be playing Izzet for Dragon’s Maze…

    • nuclearwombat

      I actually like all colors but black (unless it has infect =D), so I could be all but Rakdos, Golgari, Orzhov, and Dimir.

  • Overlord Ludicolo

    Simic art is best art.

  • guest

    domri rade just killed a freaking mammoth
    what a baller

    • ColonelLudicolo

      Based on the fact that it’s already a skeleton, I don’t think he was the one who killed it…