• DeaDn32

    So you can never cast your Green cards?

    • Wetbv

      Are you unfamiliar with the game? “Graveborn” is your first hint.

    • Mrmissouri25

      what happens is that you dump your hand/deck, then reanimate everything onto you field. good strategy, just not the right cards for it.

  • Wdv331

    graveborn sucks . your pretty much just buying entomb [22 bucks] for35 bucks cause everything else sucks in graveborn

  • I hate graveborn decks with a passion with a few swaps and the deck becomes next to unbeatable second turn emrakul ouch!

    • Cwheil

      Emerkal can’t go into the graveyard he automatically gets shuffled right back into the library.

      • Ass

        Actually its ability goes on the stack just like anything else. If you drop it and reanimate while that ability is on the stack Emrakul pops onto the battlefield and the rest of your graveyard gets shuffled into your library.

        • Alex Jimenzy

           Except Emrakul wouldn’t be in the graveyard yet. It would still be a spell on the stack.

  • swampking15

    ebon stronghold is almost better then the black lotus get it !!!!

  • Shhhh….spoilers!

    WTF, this is strictly worse than Spirit Mono Black Reanimate. I run 4 Kokusho’s and 4 Demigod of Revenge, Patriarch’s bidding, iname and only 2 or 1 to cast reanimate, I also run Cabal Ritual since iname will automatically trigger threshold. At least if u don’t get ur combo, u can win by turn 5 and cast ur creatures.