Izzet vs Golgari Duel Decks Spoiler

The Izzet League, under the ingenious mind of its guildmaster, the dragon Niv-Mizzet, has dabbled, delved, and decoded many mysteries in its insatiable thirst for knowledge. Now the dracomagus seeks to plumb the depths of Ravnica’s undercity. But the Golgari don’t welcome interlopers in their dank, moldy realm.

Under the command of the elvish lich lord Jarad, the Golgari have dwelled in darkness long enough. The Swarm grows restless and its rot farms need fresh corpses. Jarad believes the time is right to teach Niv-Mizzet’s magewrights a lesson: that there is no place for Izzet research in the vicious cycle of life and death.

Izzet vs Golgari Duel Decks Cover

Izzet vs Golgari Decklists

Izzet Deck

Golgari Deck

  • BangaaBrute

    Sweet! Can’t wait to see whats in it.

    • Well from the naming of Jarad as the leader of Golgari we know that this takes place after the events of Dissension, but other than that we have no specific time point considering that bothe Niv Mizzet and Jarad are basically immortal…

  • Bankaikurai55

    Niv mizzet my man!

  • Jace

     come to me my dragon

    • Lonethief

      Niv-Mizzet: Come to me my puny human

  • Wisdomseyes

    This suggests the existence of guilds in the new ravnica… odd. I wionder how they are going to explain that since the guilds… you know… disbanded and all

    • Me-me

      Perhaps, instead, these decks are set in the guilds’ hayday.

    • The guilds never disbanded as a whole, instead they changed. Jace mentions in Agent’s of Artifice that the guilds wrote a new guildpact that was not enforced by planar wide magic. Additionally you can ascertain the following information from the end of the Ravnica Cycle and the planewalker books:

      WARNING, IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE RAVNICA CYCLE, THERE ARE SPOILERS BELOW. Again this is story spoilers of the ravnica cycle published in 2005-6, not card spoilers.

      Azorius Senate: Their guildmaster is dead, but another one can be voted in; however, they’d have to rebuild Prahv or relocate.Orzhov Syndicate: Their guildmasters, the Obzedat, were never targeted or killed, as is the majority of their nobles, lawers and banks. Thus their power didn’t chang much.House Dimir: We know that the Dimir as a guild lost a great deal of power between Ravnica and Guildpact; however, Szadek’s spirit took control of Agyrem before it fused with Ravnica. It stands to reason that he still holds power their, or has retaken his place in House Dimir.Izzet League: The Izzet did not lose much during the events of Guildpact, with the exception of Niv-mizzet fleeing the battlefield. The new image for RTR suggests that Niv-Mizzet has allied with Jace and probably has retaken the League, after all, who would dare oppose a dragon like him?Cult of Rakdos: The Rakdos guild never lost an ounce of power. Rakdos rose, reigned hell, then was put in a coma. When Feather dropped Rakdos into his lava pit, it was unclear whether or not he was still “sane” or not (as far as sanity can be applied to the demon). The Cult as a whole; however can function without Rakdos or Izolda, as they have for the last 10,000 years on ravnica.Golgari Swarm: The Golgari leadership exchanged twice in Ravnica, resulting in Jarad as the new Lich Lord of the Swam. It was made very clear in Dissension that the Swam had not lost any power and in fact had enough power to invade Rix-Maadi. Besides that, there is no reason to assume that they have fallen.Gruul Clans: The Gruul never acted as a guild to begin with, and with the removal of the original guildpact and its planar magic, there isn’t much to inspire them to unite as a guild unless Borborygmos tells them to do so. Boros Legion: At the end of Dissension it was made clear that while the Boros had lost a great number of veterans at the end of Ravnica, they did hold power. It was also made clear at the end of Dissension that Feather was promoted to Guildmaster following the investigation of the Angel’s genocide in 
      Agyrem. According to Agent’s of Artifice, the Boros Legion no polices the entire plane. Now certain regions are policed by their own militia.Selensnya Conclave: The Selensnya Conclave was active from Guildpact through Dissension, and never lost their parun, nor their main tree of power. Simic Combine: The Simic lost a lot during the events of Dissension. Their guild master, Momir Vig, was killed, their primary lab, 
      Novijen was destroyed by Kraj who also killed every customer with a cytoplast implant. From a public relations standpoint, they shot themselves in the foot and are unlikely (in my opinion) to reform as a guild because they have lost all public favor towards them.It is worth mentioning that it was unclear whether or not the Golgari parun, Svogthir is still alive. Svogthir is a powerful enough lich to have possessed a third body following the destruction of Savra’s corpse in Dissension.

      • Kowwmann13

         “The Izzet did not lose much during the events of Guildpact, with the
        exception of Niv-mizzet fleeing the battlefield. The new image for RTR
        suggests that Niv-Mizzet has allied with Jace and probably has retaken
        the League, after all, who would dare oppose a dragon like him?”

        with the re-release of nicol bolas… i’m pretty sure he’d mess with a dragon like Niv-mizzet… and i’d really like to see that happen :P

        • Lonethief

          I doubt Niv and Bolas will fight, but I would probably root for Niv-Mizzet because 
          (Z–>)90º – (E–N²W)90ºt = 1

    • Newsflash: Wizard’s doesn’t give a damn about the novels, they will do whatever they want with Ravnica irregardless of what Agents of Artifice says, heck from naming Jarad and Niv Mizzet I wouldn’t be surprised if they just went back to the post Dissension timeline and ignored that book all together…

      • that guy

        irregardless eh

      • Memnarch9

        I disregarding your entire post because you said irregardless.

        • What? it’s a 
          colloquialism, it’s not incorrect, it’s not a word, but it’s not incorrect, also if you are honestly that mad about grammar on the internet I think you can find something much more significant than irregardless to be mad about, idiot…

          • Me-me

            It _is_ incorrect… And he’s not angry. He’s just ignoring you.

            You, on the other hand, seem livid. About someone pointing out your fault.

            I wish you luck in never changing.

          • It sounds pretty silly. :) Heh… irregardless… *chuckles*

          • Wizardshyguy88

            No, it really is incorrect. Ir- Means not, so when added to regardless it cancels itself out. The word literally means nothing. It is either regardless or irrespective. Also it sounds unedjumacated.

        • hhk71

          I’m disregarding your entire post because you don’t understand contractions and you correct people.

      • Anonymous


    • Trey Harris

      This is coming out before Return to Ravnica.

      • Lonethief

        You don’t say?

  • OEEE

    As long as FoW is reprinted. Otherwise stick that stupid dueldeck…

  • tdogg3

    i think the reasonable questions are what does Jarad do as a card and will it be the old Niv-Mizzet or a new one

    • Zamael

       Look at the top cards are right there

  • Quichemuncher

    Retarted…….Gruul vs Boros would be cooler Borbogymus needs a makeover

    • Lonethief

      Have you ever played an Izzet deck? Much more fun than just about any aggro deck.

      • Lonethief

        And cooler.

  • Orzhov Vs Simic!!! :D

  • Theryonicle

    ravnica is epic!

  • vampire legend

    why is this getting realized before return to ravanica comes out

  • vampire legend

    why is this getting released before return to ravanica come out

    • sorta like tezzeret vs elspeth right before scars of mirrodin

    • DezXanatos

       More like what they did with Venser vs Koth while scars was stillin rotation for standard play, Wizards wants the duel decks to be relevant in Type-2 Constructed and not just a casual product.

    • Lonethief

      They often make duel decks before their aspects affect the next block. Remember Coalition vs. Phyrexia right before scars? I guess Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas was foretelling the new Ajani and reprint of Bolas in m13?

  • DezXanatos

    What I’d like to see in these duel decks is a variety of reprints of cards from the first Ravnica block that WON’T be in this new one, reprints that will, and all new cards for the block. As well as some good ol’ generic utility cards from red, blue, green, and black. StarCityGames continues to say a lot about “Shock Lands in M13” so I don’t expect to see those just yet. I would like to see new mythics though. Possibly the Ral Zarek character spoiled in Duels 2012 and/or Kiora Atua. They’re multicoloured, and they fit Izzet and Simic themes pretty well. I mean, those would be in RTR or something but still. The thought of good Dredge in standard both scares and excites me, and with temporal mastery’s existance, stitch in time with snapcaster mage could be a ton of fun. 

    • Kbarr3077

      i would like to see lightning helix come back. maybe even the nephillims

    • Zamael

       you might see one of them, but not both
      return to ravnica already has Jace, and since Ral Zarek and Kiora Atua are both dual colored with blue  it would unbalance power in blue’s favour

  • sorin

    new to magic 
    can somebody fill me in on the basic backstory for ravanica and he guilds

    • QAZAZ

      Basically, way back in Ravnica’s history, guilds were formed to maintain balance. Each guild is two colors, and as there’s ten combinations of the two colors, there are ten guilds. Then before I think the ten thousand year anniversary of the guildpact (magical enforcement of the guild) crazy stuff happened. Szadek of Dimir came out of hiding, Rakdos, the demon awoke, and the guildpact was destroyed. Ravnica is being reintroduced well after this.

    • Lonethief

      W/U guild: Azorius: Control
      U/B guild: Dimir: Mill
      B/R guild: Rakdos: A bit hard to explain fully, their mechanic is called hellbent, extra effects while your hand is empty
      R/G “guild”: Gruul Clans: Aggro
      G/W guild: Selesnya: Weenies
      W/B guild: Orzhov: Again, a bit hard to explain fully, but part of it is about creatures dying
      U/R guild: Izzet: Storm. They play tons of instants/sorceries
      B/G guild: Golgari: They revolve around the graveyard. Some of their decks don’t even need mana to function
      R/W guild: Boros: Aggro Weenie
      G/U guilt: Simic: +1/+1 counters for everyone!


         Orzhov guild plus the new sorin and his token deck mite be fun Immma hold onto my chapels and vault of the angels for a lil

      • explain the 9/14 wurm for selesnya and i thought the guild ran around convoke spells orzhov was lifedrain for the most part and golgari will probly revolve around dredge now ( why not  theyre making niv-mizzet a creature again with curiosity being legal lets hope they change his creature abilities)

    • Lonethief

      Also, Izzet is the best

  • Guest

    So wait will we get a Jarad card for the Golgari foil?….since they talked ubout him then there is no card for him as of yet

    • Fallenvash

       Since when have they made new cards for duel decks? it is always reprints

      • tetrisaddict92

        Looks like they do have a new card for this duel deck. Jarad is now a bro of mine.


    Aren’t guilds the point of Rav isn’t that the whole point that they have this weird grouping system based on traits and characteristics you cant just disband who you are (stupid gay rights speech ensues) 

    • Lonethief

      Well, THEDARKNIGHT, Ravnica is a vast metropolis dominated by the ten guilds. The Guilds are not merely people who share characteristics, most of them share a common goal. The Boros, for example, wish to enforce justice, so they form an army to defend justice. The Selesnya wish to protect nature, so they turn nature into giant elemental thingies. The Izzet seek knowledge, and so on.

  • Sean_028

    This is my theory after looking online… this should be how each guild ends up

    Ravnica dealt with 10 guilds, what are the chances of this being a contination of those or new guilds?

    Problems with this idea:

    Boros Legion – Their leader Razia is dead (by Szadek) as is Agrus Kos. Razia had the ability to create angels who were pretty much clones of herself. The only suriving angel is Feather and current guild leader.

    The Golgari Swarm – The only remaining leader is Ludmilla and she’s in exile after a promise she made to Feather in return for sparing her life.

    The Selesnya Conclave – Currently leaderless after Mat’selesnya offered herself to preserve order in Selesnya.

    House Dimir – Ruled over by Szadek, even after the new Guildpact is formed, Szadek is still going strong in the Agyrem district in spirit form.

    Azorius Senate – Currently ruled by Grand Arbiter Leonos II after the death of Augustin IV

    Izzet League – It’s current leader is Niv-Mizzet

    The Orzhov Syndicate – The Ghost Council are the current leaders.

    Simic Combine – Currently leaderless after Momir Vig was killed by Agrus Kos’s spirit that was residing in Savra’s body that was being used by Svogthir. Vig’s greatest creation Project Kraj is currently dismembered.

    Gruul Clans – No real leader, but Cizarsim and Borborygmos are “leaders” of their clans.

    Cult of Rakdos – Acting guildmaster Izolda attempted to takeover the slumbering guildmaster Rakdos with help from Momir, but it backfires. Vig is killed by Agrus trapping Rakdos inside Project Kraj in a coma and Kraj is currently in pieces.

    • Lonethief

      Golgari is currently led by Lich Lord Jarad. Skazdek was publicly executed. The selesnya “Song of Nature” was discovered to be brainwashing the general population: they were all killed. Orzhov disbanded. The ENTIRE Simic combine was killed by experiment Kraj. The Boros are now freelancers. Everyone else is just peachy though XD

    • volvinder

      You are wrong!!!!!!!  Lyzolda was eaten, by watchers of the ritual after gaining control of rakdos. golgari is lead by the lich lord, and Skazdek was executed, like Lonethief. Not the entire guild, but a good chunk were killed by kraj, for the simic combine. if all the simic combine was wiped out, they wouldn’t exist anymore. other than that yeah everyone is just fine.

      • Lonethief

        “Skazdek was executed, like Lonethief.”
        Wait, WHAT happened to me? o.0

        • Volvinder

          you didn’t get publically executed, just me deleting stuff, and forgetting to finish a sentence… sorry [:3

      • Lonethief

        Also, I’m pretty sure Kraj enveloped all forms of the cytoplast, thus killing all initiates to the Simic guild.

        • Lonethief

          Wizards is just ignoring that part. Or could it be that the original Simic were replaced? I’m confused, I’ll just wait ’till October.

          • Shiro

            considering how big ravnica is, I doubt ALL of the simic initiates got taken out

          • Lonethief

            Experiment Kraj drew to itself all instances of cytoplast on the plane, thus killing Simic as a whole. After seeing a bit of fluff, It has been confirmed that the original Simic has been replaced by Merfolk from beneath the earth’s crust in an underground ocean.

    • Not true about both Golgari and Selesnya,  Selesnya is now ruled by the wolf that got the jewel at the end of the first book, and Golgari is now ruled by Jarad, when he came back as a lich.

      • mat’selesnya is a “title” given to selesnya leaders… i’ve read somewhere that there’s a new mat’selesnya now… not sure though

    • 528495

      The merfolk actually run simic now (green and blue merfolk, yes)
      and selesnya is run by either that wolf or the dryad triad
      golgari is now run by Jarad who came back as a lich; if they bring back guild champions, it will be his son Myc Zunich
      Rakdos is still around

  • Buttery Raven

    What if phyrexia came to Ravnica and corrupted it! (if that happens I will be unamused)


    • Lonethief


      • Zamael

        WE ARE ORZHOV, WE ARE FAMILIA(anyone else see them as mafia?)



          • mer-momir

            We are simic, together alone!

          • Lonethief


          • I would say we are dimir but they would probably kill me before i could post anythi

          • Scarbrought93


          • Scoobasteve42

            We are white… get off our lawn

          • Shiro

            (We are Gruul) SMASH THEM, then WE EAT!!!

          • WE ARE RAKDOS…

            K I L L

            E V E R Y T H I N G

          • VIZKAR

            WE ARE ELDRAZI…


          • Yawgmoth

            We are Phyrexia, ALL WILL BE ONE

          • Lonethief


          • kasigah

             We are Bolas. Your arguments are invalid.

          • Lonethief


          • otherlonethief


          • otherlonethief

             I’m being cruuuusssshed!

          • waaaa

          • Furbz


          • Wellingtonalvessantos

            We Are Bant…We Save Alara!!!

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          • KikiJiki The Planeswalker


          • poop


          • gjeep

            I wanna get high!

          • Shutup

            where the hell is magnivoooooooore

          • Chefjcruz


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          • apprenticeofbeleren

            We are beleren, you’ve just been mind sculpted

          • :(


          • Rakdos


          • Guest


          • Theo Ekelmans


          • Draegonmastyr


          • Minhtri13

            I’m Niv-Mizzet, thought of a way out of that mess.

  • Lonethief

    Considering the fact that Kraj is a sentient(ish) blob of cytoplast, he could have survived being blown to bits. I like the Simic, but they die too much.

  • Lonethief

    Reviewing Jarad, I think he could be playable in Dredge w/ Dread Return

  • Lonethief

    Eeee! Only 23 days away!

    • Teddywink27

      I Cant wait Either. Jarad will be put into my decks once he rotates in.

  • Lonethief

    Hey, wait a second! Where’s Niv-Mizzet’s flavortext?

  • Darth_scyon

    This post is funny, it went from guild talk to character assassination. You guys all suck donkey nuts, gargle horse sperm, and REGARDLESS what you think, are just a bunch of Trolls.

  • Lonethief

    Give me Gelectrodes!

    • Jeru Roku

      Agreed, also Electrolyze

      • Lonethief

        No electrolyze :(
        It would have been a great card for alt-art too.

  • Zamael

    Just so you all know from what I’ve read, all of the guilds are supposed to have new mechanics (whether these are actual new mechanics, new to the guilds, or a mix of both I don’t know.  Supposedly  selesnya has an ability called Populate(put a copy of a creature token onto the battlefield, have some crazy effect)

    BTW First Guilds in Return to Ravnica are….Izzet, Selesnya, Azorius, Rakdos, and Golgari

    Predicting a 5/5/0 in guild split for the block

    • Bookworm1896

       It’s already been announced that it’s 5/5/10 with the first two sets being large and drafting solo. The third set will be small and will draft RTR/Gatecrash/Sinker.

  • Lonethief

    Izzet had better have a mechanic better than Replicate this time around >:(

    • Lonethief

      Mechanic acceptable.

  • Lonethief

    Looks like I’ll be needing $60 for two of these and the gift box >.<

  • Lonethief

    Wait a minute… ISOCHRON SCEPTER WTF!!??

  • Malackald

    Combo ideas? (Golgari deck)

    • Lonethief

      Toss a few dread returns in there and you’re set.

  • Cheesebox

    Eternal witness? Golgari grave-troll?

  • Lonethief


  • Sliver Queen


    • Lonethief


    • Klangas1234


  • Lonethief

    What would happen if I replied to myself until the comments ran  out of space?

  • BloodDragonRed

    will these b standard come oct 5 or is this just an extra box?

  • BloodDragonRed

    will these b standard come oct 5 or is this just an extra box?

  • Domo Doom

    we are nephalia all your bodies are belong to us!

  • Blackdragongod_69

    niv-mizzet the firemind … that they changed him?

  • lover of jace

    izzit izzit izzit

  • Raulcg3

    What are the rules regarding these reprints? Are they type 2 legal?

  • kong

    get a real life boys

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