Jace Deck

Vraska Deck

  • Red

    Mono Blue against Golgari?

    I go for Vraska.

    • nomadrl91

      judging by jace walking away from a waterfall, i’m guessing he is going to be auzorius

      • MagicGALAXY

        More less Izzet, but who knows. Wizards might, most likely not, make this a Tri-colored RWU control deck.

  • Reaper7985

    Dem eyessssss :3 <3

  • Kevan Kramer

    The new Jace art is bad. I wanted Vraska vs Domri. I guess Vraska is stepping out of the shadows now…so should her name be Vraska the Seen?

  • Andy Dondes

    Buut jace is already in a duel deck just another version. Had hoped for gideon domri or ral zarek vs vraska

  • LeonFA

    This also shows that there is now potential for walkers to appear in multiple duel decks, since there was already a Jace vs Chandra. This means that our next dual deck could (And now I’m pretty sure it will be) Elspeth vs Xenagos.

    That said, I was actually expecting Gideon versus Vraska. I’m interested regardless though to see what they choose for the decks.

    • Will

      i think we get one in between the next PW vs PW like heros vs monsters, and izzet vs golgari

  • TheZombologist

    Really wanted it to be Ral vs. Gideon….craaaaaaaaaaaaaaap.

  • Ajani100

    Wonder what direction they are taking with Jace’s Deck since this Jace doesn’t mill. Giving creatures -x/-0, returning, countering…ect.

    • as

      Counter burn control deck could be interesting, so would w/u azorius detain control deck.

  • Jesterskull25

    yeah vraska my fav planeswalker, teach jace he not all that (love it)

    • Zombie

      Unfortunately, Jace, while I don’t really care for him, IS all that.

      He’s one of the most powerful Planeswalkers in the story, and he’s the most powerful Planeswalker in the game.

      The problem started with Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Wizards can never print a Planeswalker that powerful ever again, so Jace will always be the best.

      • MagicGALAXY

        It’s true.

        I like Jace as a character a lot too in this story, but I just don’t like how he seems to end up erasing his memory throughout it.

        It will be very awkward if Tezzeret will try to take revenge when Jace doesn’t know who he is.

  • Fayt Vanguard

    I like the idea vraska (my fav) vs Jace (the one I most hate) plus remeber Golgari vs Izzet

    • MagicGALAXY

      That was good xD got me right in the gut.

    • nitemaric

      jace is an awful planeswalker and character i want him to die already

      • MagicGALAXY

        Shhhhh!!! Don’t say that…if Wizards gets ride of him…we won’t have a Planeswalker to make fun of any more!!! Nooooo!!!

        In all seriousness, he isn’t that bad. There is only 2 things I can stand about him; some of the art and his story line.

        The story line is….just….read it and you will understand my pain. The whole beginning is good, but where it leaves off is upsetting and disappointing. Look up,”Jace”, and read his story on wiki.mtgsalvation(dot)com

        • TheZombologist

          We still have Tibalt. We’ll always have Tibalt…even though, weirdly, he’s my personal favorite flavor wise. No, it doesn’t make sense. Yes, I am seeking mental health.

          • MagicGALAXY

            The story makes sense, it’s just the fact that he goes all that way and…for nothing. Just erases his memory.

            It’s going to be awkward if Tezzerect tries to kill him for almost being Mind Sculpted.

          • TheZombologist

            I think there is slight confusion. I meant Tibalt is one of my personal favorites flavor wise. He’s an ex-necromancer turned pain mage. Plus, I think he combos pretty well with Grimoire of the Dead.

          • MagicGALAXY

            Okay my bad ;)

            I think you are right about Tibalt. He isn’t that bad as a Planeswalker. I wish, and hope, wizards will make him better if they ever make a new one.

          • TheZombologist

            He was also turned into a half-fiend because he fused with the devils he made when the cathars tried to toast him and he planeswalked away. His card isn’t awesome, but I hardly think it’s as terrible as everyone says it is. It’s not for everyone, but in the right kind of deck, I think it can really shine. Plus, he’s only RR to play.

          • MagicGALAXY

            Yep. You’d think people would treat him with more respect since he is, and probably forever be, the cheapest Planeswalker ever printed ever.

            Yes. I had to say,”ever,” twice. Yes.

          • www

            Also, you can build a really good b/r aggro deck around him. Also, in sorin v. tibalt, tibalt was a hell of a lot better, even if some of the cards (e.g. breaking point) were kind of sad. Plus, there are so many fun things you can do in a tibalt deck.

          • ArthurIReyes

            from what I read, Tezzeret is dead, Bolas killed him for failing him

          • MagicGALAXY

            Well from what I read, the entire story of Tezzeret ends at him in Phyrexia, forced to kneel before Possessed Karn.

            When you say,”Tezzeret is dead from failing.”, I am guessing you are talking about when him and Jace got into a huge fight. Jace almost ended Tezzerect but left him to die instead. Bolas then took Tezzeret and reformed him. That is why he looks different from the card Tezzeret, the Seeker, to the card Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas.

            That’s all I found when I read it on wiki/mtgsalvation. Please tell me if they have updated the story because I WANTS TO READS IT.

        • People seem to not be able to read the top right corner of a card when it’s a Planeswalker. It’s MUCH easier to build a competitive Tibalt deck than a competitive Nicol Bolas deck.

          • MagicGALAXY


            Would you rather play with not the greatest Planeswalker with a REALLY, and it’s as cheap as it will ever get, cheap mana cost or play a with a very powerful Planeswalker….that costs 8 mana to cast.

            Not that Bolas is bad, he’s just much harder to rely on.

          • Zombie

            I don’t know why people say Bolas is so strong.

            I’m pretty sure anyone who says that has never read Karn Liberated.

            There’s a reason Karn is still worth $30 and Bolas is worth $4(Yes, even his first Conflux print is dirt cheap). You’ll just have to figure that out yourself.

          • MagicGALAXY

            I already now about Karn and yes he is more powerful than Bolas.

            I wasn’t thinking about him at the time and I am sorry for that.

            The fact he can exile your opponents stuff or even your stuff and restart the game having all those things you exiled with Karn and him on the field on turn one is just amazing.

            I didn’t mean get you upset, because I am guessing that what you are right now.

            Plus now that I look back at Bolas, he is a decent Planeswalker, but there are cheaper Planeswalker like Jace or Chandra that are much more reliable than Bolas is.

          • Zombie

            Nah :P I just see a metric butt- ton of people talk about Bolas’ power level, and I’m just sitting here with Karn Liberated and I’m like… Wut?

            So many people regard him as the most powerful planeswalker once he’s on the board. And then I’m almost morally compelled to step in and remind them he’s barely seen any play whatsoever.

            Nothing against you specifically, I’m just a “Karn Liberated Wins Games” advocate.

          • MagicGALAXY

            Your right too.

            I have been to many magic events and I have never seen anyone play with Bolas, just his colors.

          • Yup

            I hate seeing Karn hit the field opposite me…just like “dammit”

      • ArthurIReyes

        they won’t get rid of Jace. He is their main character and apparently will be stronger than Bolas

  • Max

    That is the ugliest jace ever! I LOVE IT!

  • MagicGALAXY

    Man I am probably not the only person wanting Squirrels vs. Rats. WE NEED SQUIRRELS BACK!!!

    • We want more duel decks! When do we want them SQUIRREL!

      • MagicGALAXY


        • ZedWrecker

          Vampires vs. Clerics would also be pretty fun.

          • MagicGALAXY

            That does sound like fun. Or Humans vs. Zombi……PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES(or Zombies vs. Plants if there is any compliant of copy right lol) :D

          • slivers vs kithkin?

          • MagicGALAXY

            Yah I can see that working out :)

            There aren’t really many Kithkin as there are Slivers, but I would like to see some new ones.

          • yup. . . I like to see the fight. . . 5 color slivers vs a duel or tipple color kithkin deck. . .

          • MagicGALAXY

            Mother of God….MAKE THEM COMMANDER DECKS!

          • Then we need a tribal COMMANDER deck release. . . 5c Slivers, 3c Kithkin, 5c Elemental, GB Rat’s and Squirrels, WB Angel’s and demons. . . let that sink in. . .

          • MagicGALAXY

            Aaaaaaaaaa….the feeling is gooooooood.

          • yes. . .yes it is. . .we need to petition this. . .

          • MagicGALAXY

            My god you are right….LET’S CREATE A PETITION FOR EVERYONE TO SIGN!

          • Nimbus

            Slivers Vs Allies >.>

          • Slivers Vs. Elementals 5 color vs

    • Frontic

      How about Storm Crows vs. Storm Crows. I would love that one. So much value

      • MagicGALAXY

        Oh the value…and the flavor UUUHHHHH

  • guest

    by far some of the worst and most uninteresting art in magic ever. but, at least it is pitting two of my three most hated walkers so maybe they will just destroy each other.

    • MagicGALAXY

      They are not that bad are they? Vraska is awesome for Golgari and this Jace was more for control, not mill, and is different from the rest of the Jaces ever printed in magic ever. Come on we have Sarkon the Mad, Tezzeract, the Seeker, and Tibalt? I can understand why you hate Jace but Vraska? What’s wrong with her?


        jace has won some games honestly i threw him in my zombie deck he isnt that bad and varaska is meh the second abbility is good the first sucks and the last would be hard to pull off late game

        • MagicGALAXY

          The first ability is the biggest reason WHY you can pull off the last ability in late game though.

          Who would swing big powerful creatures at Vraska to kill her if they would end up dying? I sure as heck wouldn’t.

          • ZedWrecker

            I like to call her Our Lady of Death.

          • MagicGALAXY

            I’d call her,”Medusa.” It works. Plus I love Greek mythology.

            That’s why I call Xenagos,”Pan.”

          • The Apocalist

            I like to imagine Vraska as a sort of vigilante, and her assassins are her disciples of violent justice. I think part of what makes her most interesting is the fact she is BG, but she is also actually not a true villain-type. More of an anti-hero, like The Punisher. She wants justice, but through violent means.

          • MagicGALAXY

            I agree. She definitely seems like a vigilante than…well…really anything else.

            I don’t know her story, but I might end up reading it if it exists :D

      • David Herrera

        Sarkhan the Mad is actually supposed to just hit the board and murder someone when you’ve got lethal power on board. Or something cute and combo-y like making Stigma Lasher a dragon and then -4 Sarkhan. Tibalt is terrible, though. He’s literally just annoying when my opponent plays him, not a real threat.

        • MagicGALAXY

          yep. I feel that if you are going to play him, play him with for example a dragon deck or other interesting combos. If your opponent is not going to do that, you have nothing to worry about.

  • MagicGALAXY

    Wow we have to wait until March 14th 2014 to get this? That’s after BotG comes out! Dx

  • Frontic

    Vraska looks sick, but jace kind of looks like his mother did his hair and he doesnt like it very much…

    • ZedWrecker

      You’ve won the internet. Collect your Internet.

  • FuzzyKittyBark

    i like how Jace can use his last ability to cast Vraska

    • Mizzo

      I like how Vraska can use her last ablity to kill the planeswalker whom calls for Jace’s help.

      • L2magic son

        jaces +1 stops vraskas ulti from winning the game fyi

        • noob

          yea if he is still alive after vraskas -3 ability

  • Jinn_Ultimus

    so when are they going to bring back tamiyo, i think a ral zaric dual deck would be sick. gideon would be a good match for him.

    • TheZombologist

      Exactly what I thought, man. I like Vraska a lot, but I was really hoping for Ral vs. Gideon. I’m so sick of Jace.

    • Sam Chi

      But, it would probably be Domri

    • Patrick Hardison

      Well according to the secrectist or whatever rals rival would still be jace

  • Nightvision393

    The art… it needs to be literally almost anything else. ALSO, why Jace again?

    • Phoenix Risen

      Vraska’s not bad but Jace’s sucks. This is Garruk vs Liliana all over again

  • Will Wassmann

    Hey look! Mark Hamill morphed into Mads Mikkelsen.

    • MagicGALAXY

      Why so serious?

  • erik9099

    jade looks like an idiot :) lol

  • erik9099

    srry *Jace

  • james

    jace travolta

    • Luke


      • Derek

        Just Awesome

  • Lost Faith

    I know a lot of people are tired of Jace, but it WAS time for blue in a DD again.

    • Tyler Wood

      but..was it time for jace in a dd again? no.. shoulda been gideon..

    • Shadow921

      both of last years had blue…

  • Andrew Clark

    Jace looks so depressed. I know I am. I wanted one w/ Ral Zarek. Plus, the Jace kinda sucks to me.

    • Kevan Kramer

      The Jace is good, but the new art sucks.

  • the wind

    greasy hair
    good at making you mad
    and not long ago everybody hated seeing him (ms)

  • ZedWrecker

    I think what upsets me most about this is I already have a Vraska foil, and now if I get this, I will have 2 Vraska foils and a weiner looking Jace. I wanted Gideon vs. Ral.

    • Adam Watson

      now that would’ve been great. now im sad because it can never be.

      • ZedWrecker

        I know them feels, fine sir. I know them so hard. And it makes me sad to know they are all for naught.

        • asa

          god v. god fights? Greek mythology had a lot of stories about gods who had petty disagreements that messed stuff up for everyone else. (ex: Hercules)

          • The Phantrim

            God vs God duel deck? Might be interesting. Looking forward to the duel color Gods in Born of the Gods and Journey into Nyx.

          • Ludicolo

            Creature Xenagos v. ‘walker Elspeth?

  • O0oze

    that is the worst art jace ever had…
    this art should be banned, not mind sculptor’s….

    • Reyos Blackwood

      English version jace vs. chandra was worse.

      • Yup


  • VeryGaryIndeed

    jace has red buttons or something on his clothes… Is he izzet? my friends suggest azorious, i need clarification, gary!… please…

    • Reyos Blackwood

      Jace refused to join a guild, and now functions as the guildpact itself. He was courted by the selesnya conclave however and supported them during the running of the implicit maze.

      • AlmostGaryAgain

        oh… thank you so much! :D but… mono-blue?

        • Reyos Blackwood

          Has he ever been anything but? Jace is a mind mage, and all mind magic is blue in origin.

          • GaryIsLosingHisFluckingMind

            no sir, he has not, but i’m not talking about jace himself, i’m talking about his deck, you don’t believe they’ll put another color in to back the blue?

          • anonymous

            black 2. like duress and such, thats mind magic… right?

  • VeryGaryIndeed

    look he gots white on his clothes too!!!!! just makes me more confuseded.

  • Regardless of the art (which should look better in person) these decks will probably have some fantastic reprints. Blue has always been a good color to get reprints in. Looking forward to release day.

  • The Phantrim

    Comes out in time for my birthday. Might consider getting it.

  • minion95

    I think this may be the first unplayable jace.


      Why is that?

    • Reyos Blackwood

      Really? Because Architect is played in format already.

      • sander86

        He is talking about how bad the artwork is, its unplayable because the art is that bad.

        • Reyos Blackwood

          The background is fine, jace’s outfit is fine, it’s the head that I find bad.


    Shouldn’t Jace’s hair be wild and un-organized like in Memory adept?

  • selesnyaWarden

    the Titans will return in born of the gods, you have not been warned, you were spoiled (evil laugh)

  • Reid Nimmo

    Jace’s art does kind of blow, but Vraska’s on the other hand is awesome. I’m looking forward to this, I may slip my other Vraska in and have two of them. Awh yeeaaah.

  • Reyos Blackwood

    Should have been Ral Vs Vraska, or better yet Dak

    • Carlos Pimpão

      Duck Faydin will suck…

  • SlightlyLessGaryThanBefore

    thank you for all of your opinions on jaces deck color!!!!!!!! get it? because no-one really said anything? no? ahh, you’ll understand when you’re a little older ;P

    • EvenMoreLessGaryThanBefore

      and i mean besides blue -_-

      • Necro

        Gonna be U/W unless they go tri-color.
        U/R would just be another Izzet vs Golgari, so no

        • RalFayden

          I guess it would be UWR …. We haven’t had tri-colored decks since Ajani vs Nicol though

  • SpymasterOfTrest

    At least the box is Simic

    • JaceIsGary

      creative thinker arent you!? eh, i don’t think he’s gonna be in a simic deck, mainly because of the image of him with mizzet on the ravnica fat pack, azorious maybe though, we haven’t had an azorious deck since venser, and just had an izzet, i’m leaning towards mono-blue or u/w.

    • Orion Moore

      dun dun chhh!

    • TheEyeless

      Jace doesn’t fit into those colors at all…. besides blue, but that’s not what simic is about!

  • Turd furgeson

    Jace is ugly pale with greasy black hair looks like half the magic community to me now all he needs is a bottle of Mountain Dew and his mothers basement to dwell.

    • a


  • Nightvision393

    I’d guess that the story has Jace investigating the murders at the Azorious’ request, what with him being “Arbiter of the Guildpact” who probably has to try and keep the peace. Look at that hair. That hair probably conforms to the Azorious Senate’s “Code of Public Conduct and Appearances in the Name of Peacekeeping and Justice page 19 section XVII part b.”
    I recommend Chandra as a stylist. Just light that hair up.

    • AdventureMormon

      Chandra has a quite unique sense of style, what with her motif being, “Just light it on fire! It’ll be fine.” I think Jace just ends up scrying in his mirror too long before he realizes he has to get out of his house, so he puts on his hood. This time though, he actually used his mirror for his hair.

    • TheEyeless

      makes sense, he’ll have an azorious deck, i’ve been pondering the colors for some time now.

  • Tank Johnson

    Jace looks like he just got done recording with his new indie band, ‘Fact or fiction’, or was it ‘Jace Berlin and the dispels’? Either way, their very obscure and are going on tour with ‘Mumford and sons’.

    • Joebob


    • Montague


      Good band. I much approve.

  • MagicGALAXY

    Well, no Christmas Miracle here; fixing Jaces face on the art a bit :-/

    • Dillon McHugh

      I think it looks fine. Vraska looks awesome!

  • Harrison Fink

    I feel like Vraska’s deck color is going to be azorious…

    • TheEyeless

      you mean jace’s right?

      • AdventureMormon

        No, Vraska’s. Why would Jace be U/W?

        • TheEyeless

          No, you’re right, why wouldn’t vraska be u/w, y’know, you just can’t play her.

          • AdventureMormon


          • deadcalf


          • TheEyeless

            Lol, obviously trolling.

          • Necro

            Uh, Chromatic Lantern?

        • deadcalf

          i really hope you are trolling. or you should quit magic now

  • Ludicolo

    Jace looks like Arin Hanson.

    • Robbie Newbold

      first lovely ive seen out of reddit

      • MetalF

        A lot of Lovelies like to lurk.

      • Ludicolo

        What the hell is a lovely

  • Ben


    • Tim

      They already made those in RTR

      • Ben

        I meant that they might be included. I’m completely aware of their existence lol

        • ygvhbjuhyg

          Sorin Tibalt had no vampire tpken or sorin eblem so its possible there are no assasin tokens

    • Ben

      Update for anyone that was wondering: they included three tokens.

  • Tiffany Diamond

    We are leaving the ravnica block….. why in the hell would WOTC make this?
    Why does jace look like a roid rage grease bucket.
    I am very dissapointed. It would have been alot better to possibly see a core set version of a duel deck.

    • Frank D

      The spring duel deck is usually a final farewell to the block that cycles out in the fall (ie: last spring’s Sorin vs Tibalt), and the fall duel deck is a preview for the flavor of the upcoming block (ie: Heroes vs Monsters).

      I’d say wait until the deck list comes out. There’s usually quite a few gems hidden in those decks, and they’re usually pretty well balanced, if you want to play a quick game with a friend.

    • BobTheTitan

      Because we are leaving Ravnica… hahaha just so people dont abuse jace now that you can buy him and an entire deck

  • Jace is a pedo

    OMG Jace looks like such a pedofile. This flavor text makes more sense now…: “More children taken. This is an evil we will track without mercy.” Hmmmmm. I really do wonder who’s taking the children. NOT!

  • HSciad Selrak

    Why does everyone dislike Jace’s art? He looks great. He looks REAL.

    • PopcornBunni

      No real person I’ve ever met has a head that large or a body that blocky and stiff. He looks like the Minecraft guy.

    • Orion Moore

      He looks like he sparkles in the sunlight, meh.

  • kiowa

    i’ll just buy it to get another jace and vraska you are basically paying for jace and getting a free vraska so y not though i really dont like how jace looks he seems like he now just went outside for the first time in years

  • JoeBob

    Where is the spoiling? So far we are shown only two cards. When are they going to release more. I am hoping for a Ponder or a Brainstorm, or even a Cryptic Command. Not holding my breath though.

  • MageMasterD

    Looking at Memory Adept’s art everything on jace’s attire in architect is flipped to the other side.

  • Hans Giesfeldt

    just realized, jace looks kinda like john barrowman lol.

  • That Guy

    Thank you wizards for finally reprinting remand. Where did i find that? on the gatherer website with all the other cards in the duel decks.

    You’re welcome.

    • Aloyzy

      I love That Guy

  • Dr. Storm Crow

    Greatest disappointment with the Jace deck comes from the fact that Lord of the Unreal is not in it. Also Storm Crow, but that’s slightly forgivable here.

  • Montague

    So, almost worth the whole cost for Remand.

  • fghfgh

    picking up four of these the night they’re released just for the remands

  • Brandon Parkison

    How is Remand good? you aren’t even countering a spell you’re just delaying it… what if its late game and they have a low costing spell and they can afford to recast it? Remand isn’t really that good…

    • Matt86

      Yeah, that’s just one of those non-EDH, non-multiplayer-things, where stalling 1 turn while not generating card disadvantage is regarded as an ok move.
      Completely useless in EDH though…

      • Thomas Sturm

        My Nekusar, the Mindrazer commander deck disagrees with this. :D It’s perfectly fine in his deck where I want people to have cards in hand. They’ll discard it to a shocker, or lose it due to Teferi’s Puzzle Box, or something similar anyway. But yeah, it’s certainly better in other formats.

        • Matt86

          I will concede that every card can be played in one wacky archetype or another, my point was to mock people who don’t at least have one working Commander deck so that they can play a game of magic that is actually fun every now and then. ;-)

    • HSciad Selrak

      In a blue deck that does nothing the entire game but stall and draw, remand is perfect. The opponent’s hand will be full and he will be forced to discard things on his turns as he sits and does nothing, while you counter and draw and gain advantage. In this situation it is better than Mana Leak. but Mana Leak is good too. however Mana Leak is not as great during late game, so I’m guessing you don’t like Mana Leak either. However Remand allows you to draw a card at least, so can actually be better than Mana Leak during late game. Remand is pretty good. All cards are situational. Nothing is fantastic is every situation. Each card has its niche. Cards that perform best in the best niche are considered the best cards.

    • Nick Korner

      The big play with remand is to use it like an orzhov charm’s unsummon when your spell is in danger of being countered or responded to. Use remand to counter your own spell and cast it later in the stack to avoid any unwanted abilities. In doing this, you lose no card advantage since Remand cantrips and your opponent’s spell on the stack is countered upon resolution since there is no legal target.

  • lonewolf

    idk about u guys but art for future sight is amazing.

  • oliver5732

    Did anyone notice that Jace isn’t in the Jace deck

    • angrybob4213

      Yes he is?

  • Hans Giesfeldt

    who else wishes spelltwine had been lord of the unreal?
    still buying this though, because remand.

  • Necro

    10/10, will buy.

  • Josh Kaufman

    Does anyone else think there is very creepy resemblance between the Jace pic and Reid Duke?

    I think it’s fine. Not amazing. A ton of recently printed rares, and the third time Remand has been printed, but it’s expensive, so hopefully it goes down in price.

    I just don’t get the 2 gatecreeper vines and only 1 guildgate.

    *I do really love that art for putrid leech.

    • Maxim Poirier

      gatecreeper vine does indeed fetch a guildgate but can also fetch a basic land

  • Kepsen

    Love the reprint of memory lapse. would be a nice reprint for standard/modern

  • I ended up getting more use out of this than I thought EDH toy’s hidden in here XD