M13 - Magic 2013 Core Set Card List

  • Leader G

    missing 207

  • Sowhatifimabarrel

    228 and 229 are missing as well. Other than that great job on the list!

  • kostas

    there are too many cards that i have and there are not in here

  • Daeneth

    207 is:
    Jayemdae Tome
    Color: Colorless
    Type: Artifact
    Set: M13
    Card number: 207

    (4), (tap): Draw a card.
    [i]A true scribe devotes an entire lifetime to the creation of a single volume, a masterpiece as unique as its maker.[i]

    Just trying to help. A full list of cards is a good tool for a collector.

  • MagicSpoiler

    Thank you all, it seems we have missed a few cards, but now the list has been updated!