• Szajba

    Hot chick ;).

  • Dor-311

    she looks bald… they just need to make her look like Jessica Alba…. problem solved. o and they could give her at least one good ability.

    • jin-sei no tenshi

      they can add new abilitys and it all depends on what type of deck your playing my freind has an izzet counter burn and when she comes out she messes you up its a really good deck
      i hate it i run a golgari that almost went 3-1 but i played a guy who like always places 1st so i lost
      but his izzet competes with my golgari

  • vincent

    the pre-release is on my birthday!!!

    • Ardanaz

      Same for me XD

  • chii

    why chandra WHY?!!!!

  • Zdeterrible

    Red finally deserves to get a serious walker.   Sorry Tibalt, you’re fired!   ROFL

  • Max

    I will laugh so hard if there is another unplayable chandra… :P

    • guest

      >implying any Chandra was unplayable…

  • Tim

    Honestly, I want Chandra to be RRR or 2RR and have a +1 “Deal 1 Damage to each creature you don’t control”. But enough about Chandra, this set will have over 200 other cards!

    Predictions on my end: Better counterspells than the ones available now. The return of Shock and Rampant Growth, and possibly Birds of Paradise. Either the newest Ajani getting reprinted or an Elspeth of some kind. Liliana in any variant. Perhaps Tezzeret or Tamiyo? I doubt Memory Adept will see another printing. Maybe Nissa or a new Garruk? That’s just my walker speculation. I feel like we may get Battle Cry this time since we had Exalted in M13. Or maybe the return of an original Ravnica mechanic. There’s lots of possibilities here, its a Core Set after all!

    • traridan

      Rampant growth probably won’t be coming back, Farseek is way better in every way possible, Birds I could see even being put in one of the Ravnica sets, Shock idk maybe.

      Personally I would like to see completely new planeswalkers idc if they are the same characters just new ones, having the same old ones is kinda boring. I hope they don’t reprint the same old dual land, personally I feel they should put the Innistrad lands in this core set.

      Thragtusk would just be a bad reprint, I would like to see champion stay in standard, Nissa would be nice to see back and I hope the new Chandra doesnt suck.

      • nargoon

        i want rampant for my mono-green deck again id also like to see samurais back in mtg

  • Jace, Goblin Nabob

    she looks freakishly disproportional.  

  • rynot916

    they better reprint good ol’ thraggy!!

    • Captmorgan96

      they won’t they learned their lesson with the titans

  • BirthOfTragedy7

    is this chandra or did tibalt finally come out as the a-sexual being it is?

    • 63

      Ever seen Priscilla?

  • Tyler

    what does Chandra need a cape for?!?

    • Ricky

      cape what cape?

  • Jace must die

    4th chandra please

  • Guest

    She’s making me a bit hot under the collar, if you know what I mean.

    No really, she set me on fire, I could really use some water.

  • Rezon Shinryu

    Come on new Elspeth

    • Gideon, Champion Of MTG

      im right there with you, the first i had a planeswalker it was elspeth and i loved her :D

      • justindeltora

        Unless you can fend off hordes of phyrexians elspeth is othwise detained at the moment please leave a message

  • +1 Deal 3 damage to target wall and 1 damage to another target creature.
    0 Put 2 0/1 kobold tokens into play.
    -2 Use this ability only if you control 3 or more kobolds, “Chaos Confetti”.

    • Captmorgan96

      -2 destroy target gate

      •  Now if we could get a mega-sized promo of this card, her -2 would be unstoppable!

  • …..

    oh god another damn chandra

    • Daubert918

      Oh i’m sorry would you rather have another Jace?

      • no but at least something better…..

      • Sure if he’s actually playable…

  • DragonKnight

    Is that Chandra on ravnica?The background looks like a Golgari guildgate

  • Shinoby8

    i need an OP chandra please

  • nekneth

    i want titans or at minimum birds

    • Yes please god yes…

    • nargoon

      theyre never going to reprint titans they ruined standard

  • Sabisent

    Chandra AGAIN?

  • agrus kos

    Dude chandras hot

  • Wereu

    Everyone is commenting on Chandra herself. I want to know what happened behind that burned out gate. 

    • Minion 9434

      Obviously she forgot her keys and didn’t feel like waiting for a locksmith.

      • That Guy

        You make it sound like she’d bother using keys in the first place.

        • You make a good point. Chandra IS a thief guys.

          • justindeltora

            She obviously let out the slivers guyz

  • Michael Bryan

    I smell another Chandra!

  • GeneralMajora

    I just thought of something crazy……-4 destroy target land? with 3 loyalty for 3 mana?

  • Movieguy1700

    my guess is a new chandra, garruk, and unfortunately jace. then giddeon and sorrin probably an older version of them

    • …..

      more jaces!

      • 2hp10

        I doubt there is going to be another Jace or Gideon. Sorin is a maybe along with Garruk, but Chandra is a yes. A strong yes,

  • Tropesso

    A get out of the jail card?

  • magicbeastnazi

    rampant growth should get reprinted

    • Darq_phoenix

      Nature’s lore.

    • How is Farseek not better?

      • Guest

        Not better if a player is playing mono green

        • i play mono green mana ramp, 4x rampant growth, 3x untamed wilds, 2x reap and a lot of elves that bring out my big creature on turn 4 if possible

          • nekneth

            just use somberwald sage and cast them on turn 3

        • DerEin

          Or using shocklands with green in them…

        • Who the hell is going to be playing Mono-Green when we’re coming out of Rav?

      • Forged

        Doesn’t come into play tapped.

        • Rampant Growth causes the land to come into play tapped just like Farseek.

      • therecanbeoonlyonept

        Farseek is always better. Farseek can pull out Shock lands. You can play with forest+something. Problem solved about the forests.

        • Kazemi

          Which is great until you really need that one extra mana at one life for the win and topdeck a shockland…

    • nick


    • Will

      and Cultivate, too

  • Nthrof

    My predictions

    New ChandraCMC-RRR/2RR
    3-4 Loyalty
    +1: Chandra ~ deals X damage to target creature or player, where X is the number of red instants in your graveyard.
     -2:  Search your library for a red instant card and play it without paying its mana cost.
     -5: Return up to five red instant cards from your graveyard to your hand. 

    Same old Tamiyo

    Old Sorin, or Newest Lili

    Newest Ajani, or Old Gideon

    New Nissa
    3 Loyalty
    +1: Search your library for an elf card with converted mana cost less than or equal to the number of elves you control.
      0: You gain 1 life for each green mana symbol among elf permanents you control.
     -6: Put a 1/1 green elf creature token into play for each elf you control.

    Thragrusk will NOT be reprinted. It’s much to powerful.
    Birds of Paradise, MAYBE. 
    A recycled keyword. Such as battle cry, kicker, undying, suspend (I would like the last two)
    Reprint of Shock (BEST ONE MANA BURN EVER)
    Titans were to good. Not coming back.
    Legendary creatures like the ones in M13 (I hope)
    New duel lands. Either the same color or enemy colors. Maybe both if we’re lucky?
    Tri-lands like we saw in Shards of Alara (please)

    • jaked

       that second ability for your ”new chandra” seems a bit to OP for a -2

      •  Totally agree. And Nissa’s -6 is quite underpowered. I’d like to see a Nissa that’s playable in a non-elf deck.

        • ChaosPanda

           They’ve been hinting at a Green Black Nissa for a while.
          “She has secretly been experimenting with Black mana … ” and such.
          I think that’d be cool.
          Something like
          +1 Gain 1 life for each elf you control.
          -3 Deal 1 Damage to a Target player or creature for each elf you control
          -8 Something Epic happens.

          • Green/Black   NISSA

            +2  Target Elf or Zombie you control gains extort (G/B) until end of turn.
            -3  One Elf or Zombie creature spell can be played without paying its mana cost until end of turn.
            -8  All Elves and Zombies you control on the battlefield gain trample, +3 +3, and intimidate.


          • ro

             Extort has already been stated as a characteristically W/B keyword.

          • jake

            extort? lol thats orzhov silly

          • extort is a ravnica only keyword, theyre likely not going to use it even in a core set

          • Luna

            Its possible very unlikely but Woc has reused a keyword from the original ravnica in bloodthirst

          • Trample and Intimidate don’t play so well together. Now if you’re looking for a decent Black ability you could do worse than Deathtouch. Also, the +2…really? Extort for Green? Why not a mana-based ability like “Add any combination of B/G to your mana pool for each Elf/Zombie you control”?

          • MyArmadaHasWurms

            Extort is cool but I don’t see it happening. I hope nissa shows up again!

          • Guest

            “Something epic happens.”
            Yes. lol

        • Tresle

          Her final ability is super powerful. If you have ever played elves, there can be 30 elves in play on turn 3, and doubling that is super powerful.

      • Devin Patterson

        how many OP red instants are there in standard at the moment? Like zero. The most “OP” thing you can do is thought flare.

        • jesse

          other formats exist too

    • Pete

       ya, they would never have a non ult be as overpowered as that -2, maybe if it was like ” look at the top 3 cards of your liberty for a red instant or sorcery. You may cost that spell without paying its mana cost” even that seems powerful as well. But who knows. i hope they make her better, she has yet to be powerful. dont know what it is about red, but maybe Wotc feels if they make Red too good, it will cause an imbalance.

    • Shadow921

      shock is not the best 1 mana burn ever!!! you clearly have never heard of lightning bolt

      • Tim Haines

        Beat me to it. :P

        • Guest

           …Bump in the Night…

          • Anonymous

            Lightning bolt in general is better as it can do it to a creature or player. Bump in the night is still good with flashback (and maybe because it’s black depending on your preferences). Either way, lightning bolt is better. 

          • Patricknoonan001

             burst lightning???

          • Guest

            Lightning bolt is way better than burst lightning. One mana does 3 damage, I’d be willing to sacrifice a point of damage for 4 less mana in the case of the kicker. And in case it isn’t kicked, it’s pretty much a shock anyway which lightning bolt is better than. 

          •  I think he was referring to Burst Lightning being strictly better than Shock.

          •  While we’re at it: Galvanic Blast.

          • Johnny

            mid-to-late game tho Burst is usually a better top deck than Bolt

      • Wiizaaard

        You’re right about lighting bolt being better than shock. However, shock is more balanced which makes it more likely to to be reprinted  more likely.

        • Loczek

          Ya kidding right?

      • dude

        pillar of flame is like shock, but better

        • Nate Ricci

          Pillar is conditional who cares if it’s exiled or not if they can’t get it out of the grave, and it’s a sorcery. Shock is faster and so is Searing Spear. That’s why you see the Spear more, even though it’s a 2cmc. Pillar is an answer for undying, Gravecrawler.

          • CogMonocle

            voice of resurgance makes you wrong

          • Kylar

            i was about to say the same thing

          • Archyboy

            Kitchen finks and Geralf’s messenger says you’re wrong as well.

          • Andy Dondes

            Cmon dude Incinerate is so much better than spear

        • Andy Dondes

          Shock is an instant. Pillar is only sideboard.

        • Jacob Brown

          Hmmm Traumatize……….your argument is invalid

      • mrbuttons

        um, what? lightning bolt? dumbass

    • if the new chandra had a 1+ like that it would be WAY to powerful i could make a modern deck with her using the old burn spells like chock galvanic blast incenerate mizzium mortors and light bolt etc. her plus would be way to powerful i could easily win with just chandra make a deck running 4 of her and a shit tons of burn spells and anti artifact just in case, same with the new nissa mono green with possiable white rhox faithmender spam the 0 since it say green symbol which basically means everything thats green TOO powerful and thragrusk might be reprinted since he is so good considering he seen alot of play especially over here where i live i seen bout 5 ppl run him and i agree with the Old sorin he was my first planeswalker i wish they would bring him back bc i usually won bc of him considering i his loyalty counters too high for him to die and i kept them at 10 life everytime they gained life 

      • blickata

        Was that all one sentence?

        • Derzig

          I think it was two, though I do believe he managed to spell every other word incorrectly.

    • Uberbeast

      Lighting bolt was best 1 mana burn, flame slash next, galvanic blast, and then shock

      • CORR

        I think Lava Spike deserves a mention here if we’re mentioning flame slash.

      • Mlundgoldstein

        and pillar of flames is better than shock

        • Xero

           Instant makes a big difference, buddy.  Shock’s better.

          • hurdle

            Instant vs exile; Each requires different styles of play and each is better in certain situations.

      • perzon

        MAGMA SPRAY! Way better than shock.

    • Wesleyp_6

       Tri lands are coming in Dragons maze

      • Loz

        rosewater already said that’s not going to happen…. so no

    • Nordic

      Ajani, caller of the pride will probably be reprinted, as he has only been in one set. All planeswalker in the coreset has or will be reprinted in at least one other set. (gideon and sorin was in m12 and ROE/ZEN, Chandra, firebrand and garruk, Primal hunter and Jace, memory adept was in m12 as well) This mean lili will  most likely be reprinted as well, but the bad response may stop that from happening. New Chandra is practically  official. Don’t think we will see Gideon in the core set, since they just printed a new version of him. Sorin as well. Tamiyo was printed in a too recent set, but that set rotates out soon, so it may happen. Beside, I don’t believe they will print memory adept again because they just printed a new version of Jace. also, even though a new Nissa had been nice, I want Garruk, Primal Hunter, but that is just my opinion. Agree with Thargtusk, probably not gonna be reprinted (I don’t mind, already got my playset :P ) Really want the birds of paradise back.  I don’t think undying will be recycled yet, but I agree with the recycling part, it was done in m13 and m12 as well. Battle cry would have been cool :) I would rather have Lightning bolt instead of shock. And if kicker returns, we might as well get Burst Lightning. Agree when it comes to the titans, they will probably not come back. And legendary creatures again would be nice, hopefully some that are better commander material. (Not saying these were bad, just want better) New dual lands would be nice, but wouldn’t mind seeing the M10 lands getting reprinted again, since they work so great with the shocklands. And trilands would have been awesome, maybe we could get a rare cycle with some :)
      Also, please, a new green mytich that ain’t a fatty, I would prefer something that’s more like lotus cobra :)

      • Guest

        Or we can get an ‘uncommon’ cycle of lands for once. Making lands rares only attracts the monkey players who think they HAVE to have them. Then they become expensive. Remember when Seachrome Coast was running $15-$20? Yeah me too. That’s stupid.

      • Suixatig-nij, Rugua eroc

        One of the new cards is Liliana’s Reaver. That makes me think there’ll be a new liliana (No one liked Dark Realms)… Also, I would agree that Caller of t he Pride is probably coming back… Maybe a new Garruk, but I’d take Nissa too, (Standard elves FTW :D). Fer blue, maybe Memory Adept? Personally, I’d like to see a new Taimyo, or maybe even Tezzeret. As far as abilities go, I’d like to see something interesting like battle cry, but I’d agree that undying isn’t a bad reprint ability. One other thing I’d like to see reprinted- Wrath of God, or something along those lines.

    • guest

      dude, there is no way nissa is going to be in m14 unless their are a shitload of elevs

      • Nocte0160

        why wouldn’t there be loads of elves?

    • Omanak9

      -2 on Chandra is way to powerful, not happening

    • Sharp

      How can you say shock is best one mana burn ever when there was lightning bolt

    • docstorm4

      “Reprint of Shock (BEST ONE MANA BURN EVER)”

      As a red mage I am highly offended. Lightning bolt meet face. Face meet lightning bolt.

    • Tim Burns

      I don’t think the new Chandra will be anything like that. That sounds almost playable in Legacy burn. Keep in mind I say almost, but still.

    • Shadow Frost

      Chandra’s -2 is ridiculous. Imagine EDH play, I’ll just win the game now.

    • Genius

      your chandra would never see print. chandra wouldnt have her loyalty interact with the graveyard. and no planeswalker has ever had all 3 abilities tie in with the same common element. so making everything about instants and soceries is not realistic……maybe you should stick to something your A) good at, and B) qualified to do……Shut the F*ck up and leave the predictions up to those who have common sense enough to know the kind of thinking WOTC has in their R&D. Other then your post being completely unresearched, over saturated with predictions that counter act each other, and over all terrible…….good job

      • Guest

        People like you ruin the game for others. You shut up. People can predict whatever they want even if they’re wrong.

    • AJ

      problem with that chandra: in EDH you get to play searing wind from your library for frizzle free. OP.

      • Bolas Rocks

        or Warp world

    • nekneth

      thragtusk isn’t all that unlikely to be reprinted
      lightning bold will always be better than shock
      no legends i hope
      no titans till m15
      no to the nissa and no to chandra the -2 is to strong
      no tamio she doesnt see enough play as well as being falvorful

      • Aaron Miller

        You think the titans will return? Prime time was Op. Or do you think they will be different titans

    • onearmedcow

      I’ve seen two possible MR demons, both would support that one of the recycled keywords is going to be Morbid. Also, one of these previewed is Bloodthirst. I’d love it if all my exalted stuff would get reprinted, but I haven’t seen anything yet that hints at that being a possibility.

    • Aaron

      Chandra -2 ability lol no especially with all the big instants with dual guild colors. Nissa’s 0 ability is a little ridiculous as well especially since its a 3 drop. I would tell you that shock is definitely NOT the best 1 CMC burn but others already have. I do agree that it is more likely than bolt however.

      R.I.P. Lightning Bolt you will probably never be reprinted after the printing of searing spear

      • Devin Patterson

        What big instants? Thought flare?

    • anosmianAcrimony

      New Nissa’s first ability: Just search your library for it; put it back afterwards, you don’t get to do anything with it.

  • Machote1165

    is it me, or does it look like the Joker’s face is burning in her hand?

    • BorosIsBoring

      Your Drunk Machote. Go Home!

  • Stevey

    Cmon! Bring back harms way!

  • Sdfoiufsfiuu

    i hope  we get to see some old card and some new plainswalkers that would be cool

  • Justindeltora

    Don’t upset sweet tooth’s girlfriend

  • Adin Solomon

    they should add some try-colored cards… possibly for my green red blue deck??

  • i hate this art, the main reason i hate it is the melted gate, shouldn’t it be melted all the way down to the bottom so she can just walk out?

    • CORR

      Is it hard to believe she blew it open with a fireball, and just stepped through it? People can be so petty sometimes…

  • …..

    we the Boros need Gisela and clifftop retreats!

    • Anthony

      Thank god people who like Gisela i told my friend to put her in his Boros deck he was like “nah she aint good” i said WTF a searing spear would deal 6 a brimstone morbid would do 10 how is she not good?
      use silver blade paladin Double strike with gisela

      • nekneth

        built a deck so as to get her out on turn 3

  • Exphelt, risen champion

    Please!! Mana leak again please!!!

    • Gaston205

      Forget Mana Leak, we need Counterspell back!

  • Foil armada Wurm

    Is trilands a theory or has something been said about them officialy? Also thragtusk won’t be reprinted in this set for standard. Tey flooded the market a bit with the 3 event decks he is in so there is plenty to go around for modern though. Also thinking rancor probably won’t be reprinted but I hope that it is! It would be cool to see them reprint armor of thorns though!

  • m14, the return of the titans, Hypnotic Specter, Wrath of God, Phage the Untouchable, Akroma, Angel of Wrath, and Terastodon

    • If only…

      • justindeltora

        Only in them dreams as welll as ridiculous red candy of wait look who the cover card is lolololol

  • guest

    is it just me or did chandra just crash through the gate?

    • Loiden Mc Leroy

      Chandra defiantly just crashed through the gate. No doubt about it.

    • Nocte

      i’d say more melted through

  • Shadow8811

    I wonder if her hair down south is on fire as well



    You’re all complete idiots. All of your planeswalkers are flat out shattered and your predictions are baseless and and even a little dumb. Except for you BirthOfTragedy7. Carry on, 

  • giantomano

    Think the colored planewalker will be sarkhan vol. he was with the “new” chandra on the posters on magic pro tour.

  • Guy

    who’d win? flame Mario or Chandra?

    • justindeltora

      Chandra flame mario cant keep peach safe from bowser if he was paid to where as chandra wpuld just lite up his life

  • TucciMane

    They should make a Creature that’s the opposite of thragtusk.
    A 3/5 black spirit , when he enters the battle field your opponent loses 3 life, when he leaves the battlefield you get a 3/3 black spirit creature token . would be sweet [:

    • nargoon

      it would have to be a 3/5 that entered and hit them for something (most likely 3) then when it left you destroy a creature

      • Kylar

        no a 3/5 that makes them lose 3 life oh it dies ill get another one but you dont lose the 3 life this time. it would be way to strong for esper. the 3/3 was a good idea to start with if anything they made it into a 2/2 flying it would still be good, but getting a 3/5 would just be a bit too strong.

        • White Weenie

          Idea: “Bloated Corpse” Creature – Horror {4}{B} “When Bloated Corpse enters the battlefield, target opponent loses 3 life. When Bloated Corpse leaves the battlefield, put 3 1/1 black Horror tokens with deathtouch into the battlefield.”

          • White Weenie

            Would be a 3/5 obviously. And give him and/or the tokens maybe, fear.

    • trollingunoobs

      not the opposite of thragtusk it would be more like 3/5 black spirt with flying, when he enters the battle field you lose 3 life, when he leaves the battlefield your opponet gets a 5/5 black spirt token with flying. more opposite of thragtusk because thragtusk helps u but this creature would be more mean to you than help full if it was opposite lol

  • Pretry

    please reprint Thragtusk. I finally got all I need, and i want to play them next standard too.

    • Thragtusk is one of the most hated cards to be printed in recent years. The overwhelming hatred of Thragtusk overpowers the very few people, if any, who like it.

      • almost everyone who plays green loves Thragtusk

        • Dakota

          I agree. Thragtusk is in a great place because it makes Green Aggro a competitive deck especially with sweepers like Terminus existing in standard

  • please reprint bolt and goblin guide i need it please

  • Pedro Martins

    i wouldn’t be surprised if they reprint an older chandra and release the new one on theros

  • DahGinger

    I hope WOtC gets this Chandra right. The first is probably the best next to the firebrand. Blaze was just a fun card that sat around and messed with control players. Overall she should be better

    • 2hp10

      I strongly disagree. Chandra Ablaze could kill if you had high cost mono red sorcery and instants. Get her all the way up and insta win with her final.

  • Hmm… here is what I would like:

    White planeswalker: Elspeth of some kind
    Black: A New Sorin or maybe a new Black Walker all together
    Blue: Maybe a new, Mono-Blue Venser? Doubtful, but it’d be cool.

    Green: I don’t care, I never use green anything
    Bring back Doom Blade, better counterspells (maybe reprint Mana Leak?)
    Bring back the Horsemanship and Champion mechanics (I dunno, I just think they are cool mechanics)
    Meh, just think I think would be cool, doubt they will happen.

    • Juan

      venser is dead

      • James S Agee

        Yeah, I know that now. I was unaware before.

    • 2hp10

      A NEW black planeswalker would be awesome… Perhaps bringing in an unknown element or someone thought to have died in the planeswalker war?

  • Cookthefourth

    Will Farseek be reprinted?

    • justindeltora

      Possibru shocklands will still be standard

  • TapItBeforeYouLoseIt(;

    I want these lands to be reprinted- the taplands from m12/13 and the innistrad block taplands; Also I think they should reprint Thragtusk or have some beast to replace him, I also think they should bring in Lightning Bolt, I also hope somehow Vampire Nighthawk or Bloodhunter bat comes back…I love those cards. Also you think any Dragonskull Summit, Clifftop Retreat and Isolated Cathedral or some other Black/white will make a come back? If not im seriously thinking of a American Control Deck…if they reprint lands for it especially with Lightning bolt getting a reprint? Seriously thinking about this. 0_o.
    I think it’d be cool if they make a new Sorin since he’s going by by…/: If they do that im making a Esper deck with him in it. (:
    Or if this new Sorin is black I could run a Black/Red Aggro with him like a I did when m12 was legal (: either way I cant wait for this…I was kinda disappointed in the new sets… the guildgates are horrible and the shocklands are worst. either way I want new Taplands. (:

    • Bennyboy7

      The shocklands are worst? Even though they are in pretty much every single pro tour deck and all have their value sitting at around $10 each? What are you, like 6 years old? By the way none of the innistrad cards are going anywhere till October… and you must be the only person in the whole world who is dissapointed by the new set…..

      • Anthony

        There at $10 because they haven’t been printed as many times as the duel lands of core set cause there going for like $3 the shock lands are at $9-$12 because they have been printed like 2 times that’s why they are reprinting them to drop the prices.

  • Jaryn

    I honestly believe that Thragtusk will be reprinted. Because Boros Reckoner will be present in the current next Standard. Another claim to reprint Thragtusk is that Restoration Angel, Cloudshift and ‘flicker’ cards will not be printed once again. So Thragtusk is a lot less powerful then before. So I honestly would keep your playset. :)

  • 2hp10

    I feel like there isn’t going to be any “new” planeswalkers. Maybe a different name for an older planeswalker and different abilities but no completely new ones. They already put quite a few in the RTR block.

  • justindeltora

    Honestly everyone wantimg this and that for walkers heres my prediction new chamdra as she is cover card and nothing but either reprints of the usual suspects I.e. ajani sorin jace. Rtr printed an unnecessary amount of new or reworked planeswalkers so I doubt we will be seeingridiculous ones

    • Anthony

      Jace shouldn’t be in this set.One of my friends said he dies in the RTR block so we may be looking at reprint of Tamiyo or a new Tamiyo

      • guest

        your friend is an idiot. jace doesn’t die. he most likely won’t be reprinted, as he was already printed so close to this set, but he’s definitely not dead.

      • justindeltora

        And nicol bolas dies regularly so I see everyones most despised mind mage coming back

        • Anthony

          i didn’t know that i don’t read the story’s, but if he is reprinted i will be so so happy!! :D
          Also another reason he shouldn’t be re-printed is because he already has a standard form “Jace Architect of thought”
          until M15, but maybe they will reprint another from, or the same Memory adept.

          • justindeltora

            But sriously though they wont kill jace he is to popular and hopefully kiora will see theros

      • James S Agee

        Jace isn’t dead, BUT he is now the Guildpact, and Cannot leave Ravnica. So, he likely won’t get reprinted for a while.

    • Shadow921

      2 things
      1st they need new plains walkers for blocks to gi with the story line! mtg is not all about the game! and even if it was the cards are based off of the story line of the block

      2nd every block has 5 new or reworked plainswalkers, bot that you paid attention so let me break it down for you.
      every blick has 3 sets
      2 of those are classified as large sets and the remaining 1 is classified as a small set
      each large set gets 2 walkers
      each small set gets 1 walker
      for a total of 5 walkers per block

  • Mojo


  • Nordic92

    Can we please remove Disintegrate, Bloodpyre Elemental, Cone of Flame and Skargann Firebird from the M14 spoiler site. These cards are NOT proven to be in M14; they are proven to be in Duels of the Planeswalker 2014. Duels of the planeswalker always use cards that won’t get a reprint in the next core sets, like these cards from DotP 13: Cone of flame (yes, it was there to), Inferno titan and Beacon of Destruction. (and yes, I purposely chose cards from Chandra’s deck.) All these cards have been printed before, thus, they are not a granted inclusion in M14 as they just reused all cards in DotP 14.

    • Nordic92

      Not all cards, just these cards. Opps, silly me, hahah :P

  • selesnyaWarden

    with all the hints, I probably think a new version of Gideon, might show up in M14, like liliana of the dark realms when she was still innestrad legal, don’t know much for green and blue planeswalkers, and there might be a new cycle of uncommon cards, be them creatures or artifacts, hopefully they’d be creatures to complete the uncommon good cycle, “flinthoof boar” example, although not all of the cycle was impressive.

  • Me

    Oh great. The first two pictures are of a burn planeswalker. I am so excited. Yay! we lose Swagtusk in standard so it can be replaced with burn cards. Amazing. July is going to suck. (Unless farseek and swaggy get reprinted, but thats not going to happen.)

  • Guest 1

    I think that they reprint too many Chandra’s and Liliana’s. how about a new planeswalker that can be reprinted. like a new Elspeth, garruk, koth, or a better tibalt

    • Shadow921

      currently lili, chandra and garruk have 3 different versions each ( im not counting both sides of gartuk relntless)

  • SamariyuAblaze


    • justindeltora

      The amount of win is to be freakin ridiculous

  • Coke

    Will the dual lands from m13 be reprinted?

  • PJ

    Slivers are coming back. this is bad.

  • pomaster

    it should be farseek that’s reprinted so rtr is still good

  • ha I tolds you al the slivers would come!! and just in time to abuse the cavern of souls while they can mwahahahahaha

  • Why do Slivers look human? It can’t be evolution because Sliver Overlord was ‘the end of evolution’.

  • Well, Slivers are back, anyone want to buy all my cards?

    • Hand of the Praetors

      i’ll give you two bits for all of them.

  • justindeltora

    So thragtusk and resto angel get rotated and whats in their place slivers thats what and oh did ravnica just give us color fixing I think it did

  • justindeltora

    Just noticed chandra new gauntlet think she bumped into ral zarek anyone?

  • SLIVERS!!!!! I love slivers. Why do they look like people now?

  • Yodasodabob

    SLIVERS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I bought the premium slivers deck and loved it. i am so happy!!!!

  • Antipanda

    Slivers are back + “You control”… We are all dead.

  • Juan

    imagine basic collection sliverdeck. damn

  • Alex

    Interesting why are the slivers humanoid or more beast rather than there snake-ish triangle head origins, and why do they now no longer give all Slivers the effects but only ones you control. This core world seems a more evolved sliver (but I think it looks less fun to have than the old double edged sword that a sliver deck vs another sliver deck gave.


  • N-Blackmore

    Brace yourselves. Sliver decks are coming (back)

  • F… that! I survived the merfolks with legs only with disgusted face, but theese slivers… WTF is that? It’s horrible. How can slivers be a humanoid? It’s against all the natural law in the Multiverse! Wizards, please, stop taking drugs.

    • justindeltora

      That gate cjandra burned through wouldnt be the first te she released somethong this way cough eldrazi cough

    • The easiest way to answer that is that they are Slivers, they clearly adapted to scare the piss out of their prey, not particularly surprising and they have gotten more and more intelligent, and with them on multiple planes adaptation going in this direction makes sense…

    • justindeltora

      Just though of this but what if simic or some other ravnica guild revived them thus a rtr tie in

  • SliverDeath

    The Slivers are back!!

  • Smileyfaceist

    Oh god they brought slivers back

  • Juan

    4 of each shock land and 4 cavern of souls… future sliver standart deck

    • omicrom

      44 lands , solid deck

      • Sumatra

        maybe he means edh

        • nordic92

          But you can’t have 4 of each land in EDH

  • they messed up slivers…. I wish they were just ” slivers get _” not you control. it made sliver vs sliver decks so much fun!

  • does anyone else think that the new slivers dont look like slivers at all, but predators from Aliens?

  • Really disappointed with the slivers there. What’s the reason behind the change in both look and mechanics?

    It bothers me, because them breaking with the visual style of previous sliver creatures just completely breaks the feeling of them belonging together as one. It just takes away from the swarm aspect.

    And the abilities only working on slivers you control take away from an interesting tactical aspect.

    I don’t hate the design as such. If this were either what they had always looked like, or these were simply a different creature type, i would love them. Its like as if they made another sequel to aliens and all the aliens now looked like the “newborn” from Alien Resurrection. (well except these still look cool in their own right, as opposed to the thing from that movie, but its still a complete break with the style)

    • They changed the art because they ran out of ideas, there is only so much you can do with a triangle headed beast with a tail and a claw without getting into rehash territory, and the mechanic change was a result of how they template all “lord” type cards, basically if they hadn’t changed the way the mechanic worked we never would have gotten Slivers again, so while the new form is jarring I’d rather have this than never have slivers again…

    • Seritho

      I’m with you. It really does change them from a Collective Hive Mind that comprised the entire race, now they are more like individual ant colonies. Still, makes Sliver Overlord a hell of a lot more powerful.

  • This is going to be interesting to build into my pauper sliver deck. Guess Muscle Sliver and Sinew Sliver are no longer the highlight of the deck…

  • shteveisacraker

    i dont know about all of you but i would love to see mana leak come back even though its just a tad bit broken haha.

  • hmm

    Seems like M14 is gonna be a tribal block

  • disqus_TGpnjTAMa4

    Rise again, my slivers. RISE!

  • ghostinsnow61

    slivers are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay babb

  • Craig Crowe

    Sliver Creatures you control… that’s different to how the old ones work

    • Seritho

      No kidding. I mean I guess it helps make the decks a little bit more…independent. Maybe that is why they look more humanoid, individual hives rather than a racial collective. Does feel a little weird but ultimately I do like it better.

  • Lightning bolt?

  • Juan

    no black or blue sliver. slivers in theros maybe?

  • MyArmadaHasWurms

    So happy they are printing Scavenging ooze in this set! Gonna get me a playset!

    • dave

      Gonna get a playset for myself as well. But i’m going to get it from my families 4 iPad’s. Scavenging Ooze is the promo this year for Ipad/Steam DOTP:M14

  • George Zapatos

    Just did a quick read-through. People may have already said this.
    When this cycles in, we will be able to simultaneously play Deathrite Shaman, Dark Confidant, Scavenging Ooze, and Snapcaster Mage together in Standard, Modern, Legacy, and Vintage.
    This set seems like a huge deal from Confidant and Ooze alone. And there’s always EDH candy, but Ring of Three Wishes seems more than really good.

    And there are a number of seemingly decent Standard cards too.

    • pj

      are you saying we can play deathrite, confidant, ooze, and snappy in standard? you are 75% correct. confidant is modern masters, he isnt standard.

  • Damien Ohmygoodnesschristie Ma

    M14 BLOWS so far. It seems to be putting that good ole timer on the game again. Making everything slow. : (

  • James S Agee

    Something New is known: Jace can’t be in this set, as he is now the Guildpact, and is therefor stuck in Ravnica. So, either a new Blue Walker, or a Tamiyo reprint.

    • Jeremysclone

      They already confirmed it’s Jace in m14…. Hence Jace’s Mindseeker being a card…

    • ~

      Core sets are not bound to the lore of the expert expansions. So whatever is happening to characters in a given plane in no way directly influences what can or can’t be printed in a core set.

  • Andy Dondes

    Give me a reprint Reya Dawnbringer to my GBW reanimator deck

  • mewfan151

    You know what I want to see? I want to see Guile come back, and a recycling of a BUNCH of Counterspells, Frontier Guide, Cryptoplasm, Level-Up Cards and some Angels. I’d love to reproduce my GWU Counterspell deck.

  • MonoBlackPlayer

    Corrupt is back! hello Mono Black in its full strength.

    • MoreGunsEqualsLessCrime

      not unless they reprint mutilate or damnation

      • MonoBlackPlayer

        I hope Theros has something for mono black, but im sure it wont.. so back to gruul slivers it is

  • Andy Dondes

    Spoil the new chandra please!!!

  • Loki

    These new slivers will be loads of fun! Can’t wait to see what else they release. Thorncaster alone makes them a greater threat than they already are. My EDH deck will be getting overhauled when this releases.

  • Kaine

    Fire Servant and mind sculpt please xD

    • Kaine

      I can dig that, that and Aether Adept PLEASE!

  • eraser

    if they put mutavaul in, i’ll be very happy

  • MyArmadaHasWurms

    Almost a week with out any new spoilers… I think I may go crazy lol!

  • Person with a computer

    Chandra, Flamebringer is Fake, the -0/+0 ability is last and it has no “the” in the name

  • Rererak

    Some of these cards are morphed. I tapped 3 mana and they didn’t flip either. Broken morph cards.

    Ah well, I have bigger problems. *pulls out shotgun* Ma, Slivers are back. And from the looks of it they got stronger.

  • Alex Egertsen

    GOD DAMN SLIVERS I HATE THEM WITH A PASSION ( and no I am not talking about wood slivers, I am taking Magic the Gathering Slivers)

    • steve

      say hello to broken sliver decks in standard for the next year -_- i was really wishing they would not print a new gemhide sliver but they did -__- so yeah slivers just got annoying

      • Matthew Sears

        I played when slivers were a thing and I just don’t seem them getting as out of hand as they have been in the past. There are plenty of answers to them in today’s standard. It’s not like a control deck wouldn’t pick it apart. It’s aggro plain and simple and the game has changed enough to not be too concerned about it. I’m guessing power level equivalent to naya blitz or the like.

  • Person

    Why nobody talk about elspeth koth a colorless planswalker or for once a five color planswalker reprinting planswalkers again and again is boring and more practical there is more to magic than the planswalkers printed in the last set

    • Jeremysclone

      There is a colorless planeswalker, Karn. And a five color planeswalker would just be horrible.

  • Andy Dondes

    Give me back incinerate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe notaguest

    Calling it now: Sun Titan, Grave Titan, and Primeval Titan

    • Tim Raridan

      Not gonna happen, only one more mythic spot is available.

  • JoeFudgeTHis

    Well this is a bummer. NO dual lands in the core set. WTH

  • Calvin Vanderpool

    I’m sure hoping searing spear or even incinerate get reprinted for thereos or something.

  • Bernard Powell III


  • Dude

    Anyone else disappointed that there is no 5-color Mythic Sliver?

    • richardshort2001


    • Jman0527

      I thought I was alone on the matter, but I guess it makes sense since core sets are always mono colored, maybe theros?

  • richardshort2001

    Rod of Ruin reprint! Wow, Wizards, you are dangerously close to throwing the game out of balance with that one. Can’t you at least reprint Conservator too so there is an answer to that overly powerful card?

  • Dungeon Master

    M14 sucks….I don’t think I’ll even go to the pre-release….

  • Gund

    When I view this page, I get annoying floating bars that obscure the view of cards. I am using a recent version of Firefox. sometimes, when I click on page numbers, I get pop-ups for other services/sites.

    • MagicSpoiler

      Maybe you use a device with a very low monitor resolution and that is why the floating bar overlaps the content. The pop-ups are definitely not from us. We’ll look into it. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Sabisent

    No mythic sliver?

  • Andy Dondes

    Guess we see dual lands at theros since we didnt get anything here

  • Ihateslivers

    Garage …..slivers suck I will skip this set all together