Get started with the deep-strategy Modern format in style! Draw on rare, high-powered Magic cards from past sets with this tightly constructed 60-card deck. Also includes a 15-card sideboard, strategy guide, Spindown life counter, 80 exclusive card sleeves, 5 double-sided tokens, and a deck box.

Modern Event Deck

  • Jar

    “rare, high powered magic cards”

    I doubt there’s going to be a Goyf or Bob in there.

    • Antares

      To justify the price, there had better be SOMETHING like it. I’m curious what colors will be, and what it will include. They obviously won’t do a Jund deck, considering what the average Jund packs.

      • Rykzor

        The announcement for the deck said something about “deep strategy” and with the double-sided tokens, makes me of two decks. I think it will be either TRON (with the Wurmcoil tokens) or maybe Splinter Twin (the tokens could be a Deceiver Exarch/Pestermite token), but that’s just a guess. Whatever it is, I’m super excited for it!

        • Random

          I think could be more like a Kiki or Melira pod, or similar, that would fit in the deck price and contain some Fetchs. Other option is a Stompy, with Scavenging, Fetch or Deathrite

          • Synyster2597

            Deathrite not likely anymore ;D

          • Zombie

            Unfortunately, this deck won’t include any deck or archetype that includes Deathrite Shaman, as it was recently struck across the face with the ban- hammer for Modern.

  • Nefarox


  • Free money for greedy stores

    Here’s to the actual retail price for us pieons being $125+

  • Mike Doyel

    Fetches are coming

    • SongOfFeastAndFamine

      Haha yeah right that would spoil wizards diabolical plan where they are secretly printing fetches and lotuses which they sell on the secondary market.

  • Nick

    I am so pumped for this!

  • yodasodabob

    the only thing i can think of that make this worth $75 is if it was made entirely out of good rares. then, i would buy it without pause

    • rumballtron

      so you mean like a real modern deck? they mostly cost that much (at least) to build , the competetive archetypes anyways.

  • MagicGALAXY

    The Fetches are strong with this one…

  • Wecta Mantis Cevethis Wodanson

    inb4 entire thing is an Eldrazi reprint

  • akakj7

    this will be 59 full art islands and emerakul

  • Levi Warren

    Alright, they’re printing up an all-foil Caw-Blade for us!!! And throwing in a Marit Lage token just cuz!

  • Sir Library Eater

    Maybe a playset of Emrakul and Fist of Suns?

  • AdventureMormon

    There better be a Storm Crow.

    • MagicGALAXY

      I don’t know…Wizards might not like the idea of messing with the King of the Multiverse…

      • justin

        only after they reprint black lotus

  • guy

    hope they dont release all the info in one move, i want to see them reveal one card that is not a basic land and have everyone predict the deck to the T, hell if wizard only revealed one card that happened to be a basic people would be like “mountain? thats affinity” and watch they be right.

    • Hans Giesfeldt

      pff, please. mountain totally means RDW.

      • Necro

        Mountain totally means Hexproof!

        • Hans Giesfeldt

          oooh mono red hexproof… -goes off to see if its possible-

        • Ludicolo

          Mountain is WG hexproof, obviously

    • Daniel Fay

      Well if every single person who cares takes a guess, someone’s gonna get it right.

  • Hans Giesfeldt

    i believe you are all missing the point my friends…
    what could they be?

    • Reyos Blackwood

      It never said new. Could be the angel/demon we already have.

      • Hans Giesfeldt

        well, ok. then at least 3 new double-sided tokens. (unless i’m missing something)

        • Reyos Blackwood

          It doesn’t say new and it doesn’t say different. Most decks that run tokens need more than one of each token. Wouldn’t surprise me if all five were the same creatures.

          • Hans Giesfeldt

            quit ruining it for me! i collect tokens!

          • Reyos Blackwood

            Heh so do I, just saying that this isn’t being specific. Plus I am not likely to be droping 80 bucks on the deck when it comes out.

          • SongOfFeastAndFamine

            Nobody is likely to pay 80 dollars for this. If anyone does, tell me the store that did that!

            What I mean is that FTV: Annihilation has an MSRP of 40$.

            MMA packs MSRP was 5$

            FTV: 20, which had JTMS in it, which WotC knows is 100$, had an MSRP of 40$! They don’t actually think they can sell a 100$ card for 40$! So expect AT LEAST 100$.

  • Taiger_Fly

    Maybe its Innistrad. Like Werwolf or smth else

  • Tam

    I’m calling it it’s gonna be rakdos enchantments

  • Necro

    I’m guessing Affinity, Birthing Pod, Selesnya Hexproof, Raka Control or Jund.

    • Necro

      Replace Jund with BW Tokens.

  • FuzzyKittyBark

    was excited for this, then i saw the price……… time to get a second job ;P

  • Patrick Hardison

    Probably gw hexproof or ur storm

  • Levi Warren

    Tokens…Skittles deck with poison tokens…because of how everybody is super into infect right now…

  • TheRealLemon94

    Double sided tokens. Deathtouch and life link. Wurmcoil engine. UW tron.

  • khailant

    Splinter twin, Kiki/Melira-pod or bant/UW hexproof

  • meh

    The Rock? :p

  • blah

    watch it be an intro deck with a fetchland :P

    • Ludicolo

      The deck will be 5 color Domain and have all the scrublands, even if that isn’t a popular deck archetype.
      The market will be DEAD! AHAHAHAHAHAAAA

    • Nate Russell

      That already happened though. verdant catacomb

  • Grim Draper

    I predict a B/U faerie deck, with Oona, Scion of Oona, and it has to have at least 2 Bitter Blossoms or I’m not satisfied with that $75 tag.

    • J

      Has to contain four cards worth one hundred and twenty dollars plus seventy-one other Modern-playable cards to be worth seventy-five dollars? That’s silly. You’re silly. If it has ONE Bitterblossom, they’ll sell thousands, even at the hundred dollars or so stores will actually charge.

      • Grim Draper

        But Bitterblossom should settle around $30. It just spiked for now.

    • Mr20j

      It’s B/W tokens….. Here’s some spoilers….Elspeth Knight Errant, Hero of Bladehold, Intangible Virtues, Bitterblossum, Inqusition of Kozilek

  • John McKenzie

    My assumption is storm or affinity because they are cheeper than most modern decks (not as cheap) but i would love a G/R aggro out of this, which they could do as well.

    • Zheng Wen

      Moxes are not cheap though.

      • sdfgh

        Its banned in modern so it auctually doesnt matter

        • Kenneth Larsen

          whats banned in modern????? mox opal???? you might wanna recheck your sources because it is a staple!!!!

          • Richard Corbett

            May be refferring to chrome mox

  • Justin Gebing

    w/b tokens with bitterblossom guranteed

    • Zheng Wen

      Agree, and hope they do it too. Blossom is 80 right now..

  • Mr. Tortellini

    Maybe Ad Nauseum Combo?

  • RPeezy

    My crystal ball predicts Liliana of the Veil and Zendikar fetchland reprints.

    • Zheng Wen

      If they do, each box is going to be at least 150 MSRP. 79.99 i think is the current MSRP.

      • Nicthalon

        MSRP has nothing to do with how much stores overprice them to.

  • Narwhalkid72

    I predict a goblin deck. Double sided tokens? Come on guys, it’s cheap and they could put some good rares in it.

  • Parallel 5th

    The tokens are 100% +1/+1 -1/-1 counters. Wizards has made them before and it would be easy to throw them it. Whether or not they will work with the deck is unknown. Also, do you think it will just be one deck, or a choice of 4 or 5 decks?

    • BobTheTitan

      just one. Theres no way wizards is reprinting awesome modern cards in 4 or 5 decks.

  • akakj7

    i want this to be the blue moon deck from pro tour born of the gods

  • BobTheTitan

    When is the spoiler going to be filled? April 30th?

  • karn.liberato

    affinity deck with Karn reprint ……..

    Please :)

  • mrwes

    how much is it gonna cost?

    • Thanslock

      MSRP 74.99 but it could be more

  • josh

    delver is the double sided tokens obviously

  • MR. E

    newly spoiled, the deck is black white tokens

    • MagicSpoiler

      Thank you!

      • SmackJack

        Shouldn’t there be a ton of Wizards logos on the wrapper?

  • Schiva

    Stupid waste of money. Why not Robots/Storm or partial twin. GG

  • joey1239

    Glad its B/W, in my opinion the best combination.

  • Frost Titan

    not expecting this.. may have some value cards like bitterblossom or marsh flats but overall its still a bad deck, hero is not worth much and elspeth has been reprinted a million times

  • Kred

    It better have marsh flats or bitterblossom in it, or all the antisipation for this deck will be a waste and wizzards will have failed at a potentially amazing product.

  • Adam Watson

    so its black/white tokens. It better have bitterblossom.

  • shae shaw

    even though elspeth has been reprinted a million times and she’s getting repetitive, she’s STILL a value card. Funny

  • SkinnBall

    Idk guys… I don’t think there’s gonna be a Bitterblossom in this one. I could be wrong, but it just feels like it would have been included among the cards listed on the back. Intangible Virtue is listed for Christ sake. There’s probably a Marsh Flats, but that’s it. Huge disappointment in my book and I just hope they will use another outlet than these Modern Event decks to reprint the fetches…

    • Jon

      The back isn’t there to boast about all the good cards in it, it’s to give players a feel of how the deck is suppose to work.
      I don’t think that’s a valid enough reason not to believe Bitterblossom will be in this.
      Not to say it will be, but here’s to hoping.

      • SongOfFeastAndFamine

        I agree with Jon. I think with the unbanning of Blossom, and it’s high price, printing it here in a non limited print run will help. However, who knows?

      • SkinnBall

        Yeah, I understand what you’re saying but I just don’t think that’s the case here. But here’s to hoping that they include TWO Marsh Flats instead. Then I might actually buy this thing.

    • SongOfFeastAndFamine

      I agree they need to reprint the fetches. The average price for a fetch land is 50-60 dollars. Some are less, a few are more.

    • SongOfFeastAndFamine

      Sure, Bitterblossom is good, but seeing as Intangible virtue is like super strong in a token deck, I still feel that it could be in here. Not positive though

  • Zombie

    I’m pretty sure the only person who’s going to buy this is Craig Wescoe.

    But then again, he already has White Weenie decks.

  • SongOfFeastAndFamine

    Just a reminder – FTV: 20 had an MSRP of 40$ and goes for 150$
    Don’t think it will be available for 80$

    • Nicthalon

      FTV was a limited run special release. This is an EVENT DECK. Apples to oranges, my friend.

      • SongOfFeastAndFamine

        Fair enough. Still, I think that it won’t be 80$. At least at most local stores. Smaller stores tend to push the price up because they can depend on locals returning. But it really seems like wizards is attempting to get more modern players. First MMA, now this? I also wouldn’t be surprised (I am not predicting this happen right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised) if they reprinted the fetches. Though it isn’t a definite yes, without landfall and when deathrite leaves standard, they wouldn’t be to ridiculous. In fact, since the shocks will be gone by then, they really won’t be that insane.

        • SongOfFeastAndFamine

          What I mean is that wizards has pushed down a lot of the prices on modern cards because of MMA (not all of the cards, but some), they reprinted thoughtseize, and if they do print bitterblossom, it will bring the price down. I really do think they want more modern players.

          Still, they could have printed some new cool arts for my tron lands. :'(

  • Aloyzy

    Those double sided tokens better be foil for all the pointless junk that’s gonna be in here…

  • dinner

    wizards is dumb, those arent modern cards! these cards were printed a few years ago!

    • Beaster

      Some black/white token modern decks play thous cards ….

    • Necro

      You do realize that Modern consists of all core sets and blocks that use the “modern” card border, starting with the eighth Edition? That was ten and a half years ago now.
      You’re either thinking of Standard (Latest two blocks and latest core set) or Extended (Which isn’t a sanctioned format anymore).

      • dinner

        nope, you’re wrong

        • Frelix332

          Nope. You are. Modern is a format consisting of all cards printed in and after the 8th edition. Know your MTG.

          • dinner

            nope, you’re wrong

          • Necro

            You do realize that the only wrong person in this thread is, was and always will be the woman who gave birth to you, also known as “your mom”.

          • dinner

            nope, your’re wrong

          • Necro

            Also, I love you and I’m never going to leave you, for you shall be my dinner to feast on.

          • dinner

            nope, you’re wrong
            only storm crows may feast on me

          • Storm Crow

            Can I feast on you?

          • Dr. Storm Crow

            What about me?

          • SongOfFeastAndFamine

            Wow. Your mom jokes. This really shows a high level of intellect and maturity.

          • Necro

            It’s classic trollfood.

          • dinner

            nope, you’re wrong

          • Necro

            I’m sorry, you were right the whole time.

          • dinner

            nope, you were wrong the whole time

      • Silver


        • Necro

          I can handle this.

          • dinner

            nope, you’re wrong

          • SongOfFeastAndFamine

            No… you cant… You literally shoved your hands, full of trollfood, into his mouth. And then sat around waiting for him to bite them off.

          • dinner

            I like you. you’re mah friend :3

        • dinner


        • Nate Russell

          Says “Sliver” :p

          • SongOfFeastAndFamine

            says silver, actually.

        • SongOfFeastAndFamine

          Om nom.

  • elfire

    ermagerd this looks like my kind of deck… like seriously

  • Knight

    A token deck? Seriously? Then I suspect the price is likely to reach $100 if marsh flats is reprinted and $150 if bitterblossom is reprinted. Anyway, I played Modern since 2012. I do realize the price of Modern is really annoying at the moment. I will simply skip this event deck no matter how attractive it is. I will never invest any money in a second-tier deck like this.

  • Elfeng

    Magic the gathering is no longer a game for geeks. It is simply a game for the rich and speculators…

    • Another Random Comment

      Afaic, it’s always been this way, since the price guides came out 18-20 years ago or so. What’s changing? besides Inflation. I mean welcome to the real world, rent/food prices go up, wages stay the same.

  • Necro

    I’m actually pretty happy with this. This is one of the decks I thought about building for local FNM.
    The others being Pod, Blistercoil Smash and monoblue Aggro (The latter two are kinda weird Homebrews).

    • Zombie

      I would just build Pod.

      If you get good at pod, you’re pretty much guaranteed to win a majority of your games. It’s a very powerful archetype that has a high player skill ceiling.

      Craig Wescoe is pretty much the only person who plays White Weenie successfully. Just leave it to him.

  • pooperscooper3000


  • trea

    i just made a token deck on the vault and this is what i needed.

  • Dustin Weeks

    Im pretty sad face about this. I dont care for the color white in general and white weenies is just so bleh. This coulda really been creative but ehh decent reprints probably will see lingering souls …. scratch that definately will be seeing lingering souls. Maybe Spectral Procession. but atleast i know this is one thing i dont really need to buy

  • doctorforpresident

    do we know if it will be structured like the ususal event decks, i mean if there are only one or two copies of a rare ?

  • Luis Ferreira

    I’m Borat ………………..this very nice…………..Hi5

  • Josh Kaufman

    I just don’t see how they could add Bitterblossom if they put in Honor of the Pure. It doesn’t seem to make a ton of sense, but I think they will add it for the sake of making it a buy. Plus 1-2 Marsh Flats will make sense. I hope they use the original picture of Lingering Souls because I hate the FNM art. And there will definitely be Inquisition of Kozilek since it wasn’t reprinted. Maybe with new art. But I think for the $250 it is pre-selling at on Ebay it doesn’t seem worth it unless they add a new card like the M15 player made rare and Liliana of the Veil.

    • CabalMinion

      there will maximum 1 fetchland, and maaaybe a bitterblossom, other than that there won’t be any value-cards in it. And I just believe flats+bitterblossom when the official spoiler starts …

      • Xaldin975

        Here’s the thing, $75 is the suggested MSRP. If a fetch even shows up, LGS’ will shoot the price up drastically. And to CabalMinion, Elspeth is definitely a money card. So I’m expecting this to either lack fetches or get bumped to $200 a pop

    • Cody

      You seriously think that they’ll put 1-2 FETCHLANDS, AND Bitterblossom in a $75 deck?

  • Louis

    My Economic Analysis of this deck…

    First off, let me say that the folks at Wizards of the Coast are highly intelligent. I remember I posted comments on the announcement of Modern Masters about the value of reprints going up when everyone thought they were going to go down. It may seem like common sense to think that Tarmogoyf, for example, would be devalued after being reprinted in Modern Masters, since the reprint is now flooding the market which will inevitably compete with existing goyfs. But the exact opposite happened. So how does one explain this phenomenon? This is the genius of the folks at WotC at work. Before MM, goyf was selling for less than $100, and less than a year later the cheapest price I’ve seen is around $165. So as I told the the folks back then, I believed that the price of reprints like goyf would actually increase in value because no one at the time was anticipating the sudden flush of players into the Modern format after MM was released. The hordes of players into the Modern format created an increased demand for cards like goyf much more than the reprints could keep up with.

    It’s difficult to compare MM with Modern Event though. ME won’t be a limited print run as MM was, but once printing of ME eventually stops I am confident that the MSRP of $75 will only be but a dream a few years from now. I would also expect an increased demand for Modern cards in general as more players seek an alternative to the W/B color combo provided in the ME deck.

  • SongOfFeastAndFamine

    I really want to open a game store just to get the MSRP prices for this stuff

    • Potato

      Direct order them then

      • Leon Canidae

        You can’t direct order from Wizards. I tried.

        • The Zach Person

          I believe you have to be a store or something to go straight through Wizards

  • SmackJack

    Is it only me who think its weird that the wrapper doesn’t have Wizards logo on it, like all other products. I call fake!

    • That Guy

      Bottom left hand corner. Also they don’t ever put logos on the event deck by its self it’s always on the entire box the event decks come in

  • SongOfFeastAndFamine

    You guys, these event deck spoilers are actually lies.
    1) look at the spoiled cards… They don’t have new expansion symbols…
    2) The only legit modern deck out there is storm crow tribal so yeah
    3) Wizards wouldn’t actually print a modern event deck! That would be such a money grab! Totally unlike wizards!
    *Clears throat*
    Crack a pack day (whispers)

    • Bregisdog

      1. The spoiled cards rarely have the new expansion symbols until about a week before the realease when images of the cards with the symbol are released. They’re just using an old picture to show that these cards will be in the deck.
      2. Wizards is making this deck. There is no question. It’s been announced and confirmed on wizards website. The only things that aren’t confirmed yet are the cards in the deck itself.

      • don

        1.they are kidding
        2. it’s pretty obvious

      • SongOfFeastAndFamine

        Om nom nom
        You didn’t just feed the troll.
        You grabbed some food, shoved your hand into the trolls mouth, then waited for it to bite your hand off.
        Om nom nom

  • cjwilli

    Its confirmed. Its fake.

    • Bregisdog

      Where’d you get that idea. The deck itself is real in every possible way. There is even an article on wizards about it.

      • Grim Draper

        He means the picture and cards shown, not the deck itself.

    • The Zach Person

      It’s confirmed as real by Aaron Forcythe, but it is not the final version. This is a prototype. Not the final product.

  • Barry Novak

    Unless it includes a Marsh Flats it will be a total bust.