• RaverYusuke

    I understand that it’s gonna have a ton of reprints, but $7 a pack? Come on.

    • A foil per pack as well.

    • Not only a ton of reprints… a ton of GOOD reprints.  Basically from what they are saying, these packs are going to have a significantly higher power level than a pack from any other set.  

      And it’s still better that 15 for the all foil alara packs.  You could get one of those and end up with all crap.

    • Squeek

       It will be worth it, foil in every pack and mostly cards that have held value over the years.

  • I_robot Death

    O.o I buying a case

  • shouldn’t the release date be may 4, 2013 not 2012  just thought i would mention that

    • Loiden

      Since when does this come out on May 5th?

      • did you notice when i posted that comment on the day i posted it showed release may 4, 2012 since then the release date has changed

  • this boosters only online ???

  • this boosters only online ???

    • Nefarox

      Definitely not only available online

  • So that second card, what do we think, City of Brass?…

    • Orisiti

      The artwork does look very similar to the 8th edition printing, but not quite…

      The leaf shapes incorporated into the building really make me feel like this is from another set.  But you’re probably right.

      • Ushclov

        yeah it looks similar because it’s has new art fool
        the art isn’t meant to be exactly the same.  The alternate art is never the same.

        • Wisdomseyes

          But new arts don’t usually look so, almost indistinguishably similar to their original art. It would be a waist of money on wizards part to commission someone to make an art that is… well… the same as their old art. 

          Though, it is a land… reprints of that don’t happen often. If, however, you look at the shock lands… those in Ravnica look nothing like the originals either, sharing almost 0 traits. 

          Now, if you read what your replying to you will see the “Your probably right”, as in “yea it probably is city of brass” which i would agree with. If it isn’t city of brass, then well… here is what it could be.

          Arena or Ancient Zigorot. Ancient ziggorat is unlikely, but possible. Arena would be a worthless print, but could happen (though the art doesnt really fit the “fight” keywords feel) 

  • Zando917

    cant wait for this :) any one hoping for particular cards to be in this set?

    • Nefarox

      Knight of the reliquary, glimpse the unthinkable, gelectrode, a bunch of the awesome elf and merrow stuff, darien and field marshal are the main cards.

  • Nordic

    Tarmogoyf is a very promising first spoiler OUO

  • Joerg-Hein

    The other Image is the City of Brass

  • Zombiemaster86

    I’d be very happy to see Death Baron, Lord of the Undead, or Undead Warchief in Modern Masters…I am not sure if all three of those cards fall between 8th Edition and Alara block but either way I am very excited about this set. Thanks Wizards!

    • Rustus

      Death Baron was Alara block and Lord of the Undead was 10th Edition… sadly though Undead Warchief was only Scourge and a planechase deck card… so it won’t be in… but the other two might, who knows.

  • Justmanypeaches

    What if it was Library of Alexandria… and NOT City of Brass.

    • Squeek

       8th ed – shards block only this set is meant for modern players.

      • Justmanypeaches

        If only…

      • Wisdomseyes

        Still possible for it to be arena, time spiral.

    • If only it was modern…

    • Bsl3232

      it cant its only morden (frome 8 edition+)

    • yeah

       than it would be library of alexandria and NOT city of brass….

    • Dragon’s maze restored

      However, they already said it was city of brass

  • Can’t wait for it *w*

  • Nunyo Biznas

    well i guess its time for me to go and get a case of this!

  • I wonder how much this Tarmogoyf is going to be?

  • Guest

    No idea why they are printing this. It won’t be in standard but, isn’t the original enough?

    • BWH

      Tarmogoyf is currently selling for around $90.  A new printing will help bring that down.  That’s the whole point of this set, reprinting modern staples to make them more available.

      • Silent

        It may increase availability but what it is really designed for is the massive income it will generate. Not only that but this set is designed only for either established well played modern players or for collectors, and will not generate many new modern players, if for no other reason than the price tag, which is already being inflated by scarcity so that packs are much more likely to cos you close to $10-$15 instead of $7. The people interested in this are either the pros or the collectors, and the people who buy into it by single packs will lose out, as the reprinting of ravnica has already set the precedent that the reprinting of a card does not necessarily mean the decrease of its price in the instance of the shock lands. True, the new edition of the card is less expensive, but the higher concentration also increases demand, quickly driving up the price and even increasing the price of the older version of the card, so the high-value cards will be less valuable than their normal counterparts, while the price of the originals increases, and the likelihood of pulling those valued cards is very low, considering how the set is likely to be formatted.

        • firstworldwakepackwasfoiljace

           not necessarily.  i am not a pro or a collector but just an avid magic player.  I still intend to buy at least a box if not a case and have already reserved a lot of modern masters at my local store.  the print run may be small but smaller stores are still getting more than a case as far as i know in my area.  There should be plenty to go around and starcitygames has already stated that the price will not go above $7 and i forgot how many cents.  Anyways cant wait to get my 4 foil goyfs!!!

    • Daniel

       because they had to reprint tarmogoyf being as it was future shifted. it frankly would break standard so they printed this set. I’m 100% positive that is not the only reason but i’m sure it’s on the list

    • Nefarox

      Since modern has been increasing in popularity and alot of players who are newer don’t have access to the older modern cards, it means that these players can stand a chance in a new format.

  • Herpmcderp

    If only modern was fun to play…

    • Wisdomseyes

      standard is worse xD

      Modern for me opens up so many creative options it’s not even funny. 

      Anyone who has a statement like this, better be playing legacy/ EDH. because those are the only formats outside of modern that are relatively fun to play.

      • ArmoredPig

         To you, I like Standard and EDH. Sorry if my tastes are different than yours.

        • Junktoken

          Thank you!

        • bill

          that’s because standard is better than modern in that you don’t have to run a broken combo jund or blue to win you can run mono color and do just fine

          • Nefarox

            Though now that bloodbraid elf and seething song are banned in the format Jund is a bit less dominant.

      • JunkToken

        Standard makes players come up with new decks- in modern that rarely happens. Modern tournaments may have a hundred players, and essentially 7 different decks. in standard the decks change.

        • Nefarox

          Except in most play in standard there are alot more decks built the same then in modern. Admittedly, Return to Ravnica changed this but do you know how many of the people with access to Geist of Saint Traft are using the Bant Aura’s deck at the moment.

          • bladeflesh

            actually that deck see’s hardly any play now. The top decks are naya/GR, Jund, Esper, U/W/r, The Aristocrats and junk. However here and there will be rogue decks

          • Nefarox

            I haven’t followed much on the top decks recently, I was just going off what I noticed last time, though there are still the same group of decks at the top of standard.

      • Loiden

        Your’e new aren’t you.

      • msc name

        i agree standard is far to aggressive

  • Lonethief

    Oh wonderful! It’s being released 3 DAYS AFTER MY BIRTHDAY.

  • DHA

    Heard through the grapevine their doing an alternate art Dark Confidant for modern masters and it is official

    • kriggity

      hmmm i was told goyf was modern and confidant might be getting slipped back into standard in the 3rd set

  • Dcchapman78

    If you don’t understand why they are printing this then you are a moron and please stop playing MTG.

    • guest


    • maybe a new player wouldn’t know; who are you to be so arrogant about it.

      • Because new players are saying it’s a bad idea instead of figuring out why it’s a good idea

        • imsully2

          That’s valid, however saying universally that if you don’t understand then you should quit is just silly, no one understands everything when they first start. however Modern masters is an excellent idea and I’m very glad that they’re reprinting Goyf here and hope it never comes into standard because I do understand that that would be a bad idea.

      • nick

        i think your the new player. oh and hes a good mtg player thats who he is

        • kiro

          Hate to be that guy, but *you’re

        • Ian Lasley

          Ah, the “No, you are” comeback, how classy.

          • THEJESUS

            No actually it was the “No, you’re” comeback… sorry.

          • imsully2

            That’s amusing, you mistook a grammatical correction for an insult and insulted a person who was possibly just trying to be helpful, would you like a gold star?

          • Ian Lasley

            No not that comment genius, if you look who I replied to it was Nick, not Kiro… Um… are you posting drunk again?

          • imsully2

            No I’m just stupid :P, my apologies

    • imsully2

      Well that’s awfully presumptuous, I would correct your statement to “If you play modern and you don’t understand why they are printing this then you are a moron and please stop playing MTG.” and even that’s a bit harsh.

  • Baby_yoshi13

    Sorry to bust your bubble its not library of Alexandria its city of brass

  • Artheties1725

    I am placing my bets on us getting the zendicar search lands, dark confidant, maybe a new art snapcaster, bitterblossom, vendillion clique, maybe the titans, and all of the swords.

    • sphinxy

       this only goes up to alara

    • j da c 98

      Why would they reprint a card that is in standard

      • Guest

        They have done that within standard…many times…

        • Nefarox

          Except this set doesn’t include standard editions. It only goes up to the shards of alara block.

    • Junkwarrior1300

      Bitterblossom is banned…

    • kriggity

      zendikar is already modern legal it would be the onslaught fetchs if any fetch’s and there is no way there gonna reprint snapcaster anytime soon lol!

      • Guest

        This set is pretty much reprints of cards that are already in editions that are modern legal already. No extra cards will be added to the modern format after this. So Zendikar search lands may return and Onslaught search lands, there is no chance we will be seeing them. 

      • MyArmadaHasWurms

        Modern MAsters wont have any Fetches but I hope they reprint all the fetches so we have all ten color combinations. Imagine having available all the fetches, shocks, and tap lands in modern! YES PLEASE! rumor has it that theros block may have a winter themed set that is not based on the horrible mechanics of ice age.

    • DistressedCustomer

      Bitterblossom was banned

    • Loiden

      Snapcaster is in Inistrad! Not in the categories that they set!

  • Tony

    I hope that they make new art for the Incarnations. My favorite one is Brawn.

  • Christopherb17

    Tarmogoyf again. at least the picture is beast

  • op cards

    Will all the packs have premium cards in them?

  • Xero

    In this set, every card you pull out of a booster pack will be interesting.  I mean tell me you won’t be looking forward to finding in your pack a Cranial Plating, a Manamorphose, a Rune Snag, a Blightning, a Coiling Oracle, or a Terminate.  And those are just commons.

  • mike

    Screw the goyf, I’m waiting for a reprint of Glimpse the Unthinkable

    • Ethanburger

      Who isn’t?

    • nick

      thank you… somone who is not retarded.

      • mike

        Thanks for agreeing. So many people are wannabe magic pros that are so obsessed with the meta all they can think is “ermagherd teh goyf. Soooo op. need a playset.” or something along those lines. Yeah, I would say the goyf is a good card but it’s not like it’s a magical solution to all deck problems. There are so many other great modern cards that could be reprinted. Rhys the Redeemed, Mind funeral, and so many more.

        • John

          I defiantly agree with you about people over obsessing about goyf. I only want it to trade away lol but people need to consider meta game because that controls what can be played. For instance I have a standard deck that whips my friends modern deck but that doesn’t mean it’s good in modern

          • Confidant

            For ages, their have been 2 types of decks in modern. Combo and aggro. (Storm is part of combo) Control is to slow. Goyf is good, but I am most excited about Confidant. I mean, extra cards early? Im in.

          • sorry, you said modern xD If you actually got that message ignore it. Yea, control does occasionally win, but that is rare as is. And the decks labeled control are often UW, B, BU aggro with removal

          • ererwwr


        • Loiden

          If you check the prices, goyf is the #1 card in modern. While everyone is exited for wizards to reprint Rhys, it can’t get better than goyf. Literally.

          • Craig Crowe

            But first and formost, Goyf is a legacy card, yeah it’s modern legal but more legacy peeps use it. so thats why the price is so high.

          • Not really because for the most part goyf has fallen out of favor in legacy for scavenging ooze. Only deck that runs goyf is rug delver and that’s it.

          • justindeltora

            Good thing scavenging ooze is modern legal now lol

        • goyf magically will solve your wallet problems thats for sure

        • White Weenie

          …then suddenly Tarmogoyf gets ban-hammered. XD And how much you want to bet that they also reprint the banned cards, anyway. Filling up the list with Modern “unusables”. The reprint will be amazing either way, no doubt… but people banking on getting anything from it is silly.

    • imsully2

      I do not think that Glimpse the Unthinkable should be printed in Modern Masters, my reasoning is that I think it should be printed in a set that is Standard playable, it should be something anyone can get in a regular 4$ booster, it’s a very cool and fun card, Mill is one of the most popular strategies in casual play because it’s different, in my opinion modern masters is a way for people to start in the modern format, this is going to mean that you need expensive cards like it or not, modern masters is a way to allow easier access to these cards so that Modern is a more accessible format for the average person. I understand where you’re coming from but I personally hope they only reprint the most expensive and rarest cards in Modern Masters so that they can make a ton of money and not feel as much of a need to print stupidly powerful mythic cards like Jace the mind sculptor, and that they save fun, well designed cards like Glimpse the unthinkable for standard sets so that people can have fun playing it at FNM

      • ms

        lol @ “Mill is one of the most popular strategies in casual play because it’s different”

        • MyArmadaHasWurms

          I don’t run into mill very often other then people trying it cause RTR block gave us some cool mill toys. I have a modern mill deck cause its fun but its not what I play competitively cause its a hard deck to win with. I do have some ideas brewing though.

    • John

      This post makes no sense. They are reprinting a card that is valued at over $100 right now. Glimpse the Unthinkable is like $20, I didn’t even wait for them to print this set I just went out and bought my Glimpses… I want Goyf’s for 3 reasons
      A: Already mentioned above, I’d rather not spend over $400 on 4 cards
      B: It’s the most powerful creature in the Modern format. (arguable, some might say Dark Confidant)
      C: It’s used commonly in both Modern and Legacy.

      Glimpse the Unthinkable is none of the above, except it sees play in Legacy. Modern Mill is a very uncommon deck that can be shut down easily by a Leyline of Sanctity.

      Imsully2’s reasoning of Glimpse’s being Standard legal (Although I doubt it will actually happen, especially after Dragon’s Maze) is much more realistic and reasoned than a reprint of it for Modern.

      Your comment on people being “wannabe magic pros” is ignorant and childish. There’s no denying Goyf’s power. Although your point on it not solving deck problems is valid, I don’t think a person building a deck with Goyf’s would need to solve any problems seeing as they are probably very competitive and their deck construction is already mastered.

      Cards I am hoping for in this set are:
      Dark Confidant
      Kitchen Finks
      Among many others.

      • dnLL

        Are you serious? Dark Confidant and Goyf the most powerful creatures in the format? Bob is the main reason why Jund is now loosing, without Bloodbraid Elf, it’s slow, and with often as most as 5 self-damage on turn 1 (fetch, shock and Thoughtseize), Confidant is way too slow too. It’s obviously good, it’s played in other formats too, but I wouldn’t say it’s the best creature out there. Tarmogoyf is okay as far as graveyard hate goes.

        • Jundadvocate

          So what about the damage? if it gets too big just liliana yourself! an extra card turn 3 is amazing! Jund does not need bloodbraid it has liliana and thoughtsieze and such.

      • dnLL

        By the way, I wouldn’t bet my money on the price of those… it will still be too expansive.

      • Ranuck

        I hope they’ll reprint other cards like Cryptic Command, Noble Hierarch, Knight of the Reliquary, Vendilion, Eternal Witness, Ethersworn Canonist, Wrath of God, and, ¿why not reprint Filter lands and other popular lands? It would be amazing! In Modern we play tones of common cards that are incredibly strong and expensive (look at Tron commons, you pay 1$ for each common if you don’t have it) so definitely, I hope it would be a fantastic set

        • Craig Crowe

          I would quite like another couple of witnesses, fed up of ferrying the ones I have between decks.

      • Braydon Hawkins

        Why would you go out of your way to right that much just to deny a deserved opinion?

    • chi minh

      glimpse is a joke how many deck do u know in legacy/modern run it? zero.

    • cfranks

      Goyf is money in my wallet, while glimpse is a little bit of cash and slightly awkward to trade off

  • CORR

    That goyf art is GORGEOUS. It doesn’t really look like a lhurgoyfs though. >.>

    • Dlilly8494

      Go look at all the lhurgoyfs from Odyssey block lol

    • I think the art sucks, but on purpose. They couldn’t make the art better than the FS version. 

  • Guest

    So the “pre-printed” Tarmogoyf was originally printed in Modern Masters due to its past version’s success in modern? I’m sensing a time paradox here.

  • Gobate

    Why is Wizards re-printing Tarmogoyf? It will make the set about 100+ dollars

  • what if LoA is not Modern legal 

  • Jonathan Kim

    wait… is this just reprinting everything before the Phyrexia block? and can someone PLEASE confirm that this is not the last block, or i will freak out and die.

    • CORR

      Everything pre-Zendikar, and its not a Block; like Izzet VS Golgari, or Venser VS Koth, this Set will not bring new cards to Standard. Its simply giving older cards new life and new fans awareness.

  • obsesivemagicdisorder

    isnt this like a 120 dollar card?????

  • Zarkenpachi89

    give me a new alt art blightning and/or terminate. I’d love you guys. Thanks.

    • Gaston205

      Blightning and Terminate are both in SvT, so they prob will not be reprinted here. Blightning has new art, but we haven’t seen Terminate yet.

      • No new art for Terminate…
        Although the art that we have is technically the new art…

  • Foil armada wurm

    Do you think they’ll reprint the original fetch lands?

    • That Guy

      I wish, too bad they’re not modern.

      • Nefarox

        They are modern, but are not going to be printed in this set because they are in extended as well.

  • DistressedCustomer

    City of brass was officially spoiled!

  • Only up to Alara Reborn?!?!  No Fetches?  And now the price on them will go up even more…

  • fatgarfield

    i hope they include thoughtseize and kitchen finks

    • Nefarox

      You’re right for one of them so far.

  • Bayerig

    I wonder how much will be filler. Maybe there are 229 different cards in Modern that are played?

    • Modern is a new enough format with quite a bit of flux, I’d expect them to print cards that are played alongside stuff that they think could be useful in the format, try to mix things up by suggesting cards…

  • nick

    ya but the art is pretty cool

  • Jacob

    Ok. Hate to say it but please do research before posting stupid comments. Bitterblossom is banned, alongside Jace, The Mind Sculptor, and Sensei’s divining top. The block goes from 8th to alara block, so zendikar is excluded. AKA NO FETCHES. Secondly, whoever said that the old fetches would be reprinted are dumb. Old fetches arent in modern. This set is going to be epic, but dont get your hopes up that they are going to reprint cards out of Modern, or banned in modern, in a set called MODERN Masters. Common sense guys

    • KrenkoGoblinGoblin

      Based on your statement, I sure hope there are reprints of Bitterblossom, Jace and the Top! That would be great :D

  • I think you’ll find most value in this set from it’s uncommons rather than from it’s rares, sure there is goyf, as a Mythic, now the odds are very small that you even have a goyf IN your boxes, but think of all those remands, path to exiles, kitchen finks, inquisition of kozilek and stuff like that. It’s going to be a very good set to buy for people who want to start playing real modern. I think the only lands we could see in this set are the filter lands.

    • Rourke Moran

      inquisition is in zendikar block which is past alara re-born

  • dakota romanos

    i hope its library of alexandria but its probly city of brass

  • imsully2

    In my opinion the actual value of this set will come down to how they change rarities from the original printings, for example if you can get stuff like Aether vial, Kitchen Finks, Remand, Spell Snare, Lightning Helix, Undead Warcheif, Spectral Procession, Paradise Mantle, and Eternal Witness as Uncommons this set will be worth well over 7$ a pack, however if they make all of these or even just some into rares then you’ll probably be better off just buying Singles, honestly how likely is is that you pull a Mythic Goyf for less than 100$ of packs?

  • Lothar_Wolf

    I heard a rumour that they are not reprinting the fetch lands in this set.

    • bladeflesh

      yeah cause the set is only from 8th-Alara so no fetches

  • Ninjapickle

    If that is library of Alexandria…

  • realitant

    at first i thought this set was a random assortment of EVERY card in modern, so i couldn’t help but think, “Wouldnt it be much cheaper to just buy a bunch of future sight? Or just tarmogyf straight up?” I really did not get the fuss

  • Dez Xanatos

    So then, let me try to make a wish list of prints based on logic. Aether Vial, Glimmervoid, Arcbound Ravager, Lorwyn-Block Filter Lands such as Graven Cairns and Flooded Grove, Possibly Horizon Canopy and Grove of the Burnwillows (Future Sight Dual Land Cycle), Kitchen Finks as rare, Aven Mindcensor, Thoughtseize (I hope), Lightning Helix, Kira the Great Glass-Spinner, Kataki War’s Wage, Life From the Loam, and basic staple commons and uncommons such as Serum Visions, Sleight of Hand, Path to Exile, Lightning Bolt, Lava Spike, Rift Bolt, Hellspark Elemental, Aven Riftwatcher, Spreading Seas, Raven’s Crime, Flame Jab, and the like.

    • Guest

      Why Kitchen Finks as rare…?

      • bladeflesh

        you must have never played with him. One of the best (if not the best) persist card

      • Rustus

        Kitchen Finks is easily the best Persist card. Combine with Melira, Sylvok Outcast and Viscera Seer or any other sacrifice engine, and there you have it: Limitless life.

  • sphinxy

    hoping for new art elspeth with here own emblem token

  • Josh Kaufman

    My favorite thing about Modern Masters is the new game everyone can play…. “Who has the most fetch lands before the release!”

    Barring people playing Mono Green Get-er Dungrove, the worst part of this set is the lands. Filter lands! WHOO HOO! You will happily open up your packs as cards like Misty Rainforest, Scalding Tarn, and Man Lands skyrocket in price. Expect them to cost $100 a piece barring WotC doing an insta-ban of them to create an even playing field…. Um yeah. Sorry about that.

    And you guys, enough with the dreaming of making the UB mill deck. I made it on modo where it costs you like $10 total. 4 Hedron Crabs, 3 Mind Funerals, 4 Glimpse the Unthinkable, 4 Archive Traps. Now yes, I have lived the dream where I am on the draw with 0 lands in hand and my opponent fetches, I then use 4 Archive Traps to mill 52 cards. That was great, but then you play it and mill an Emerakul and just sigh.

    Also expect cards you really want not to be reprinted. They need something for Modern Masters 2, 3, etc..

    • gaston205

      And on the third day, WotC created Lazav, and the Emerakul players cowered in fear.

  • I like standard, I don’t have to read every card or just “take their word for it” The reason it took me so long to get into magic was I knew the game had been around for ages and didn’t feel like playing catch up. That been said I still look forward to these cards but ill more than likely collect until INFINITE TOKEN COMBOS are illegal.

    • Infinite combos are a legitimate strategy. You just need to make room for an answer in whatever deck you’re playing.

  • i wonder if bobs art will be good


    spoil more damn it

  • All I want is the shards reprinted.

  • They recently spoiled that aether spellbomb was going to be in this set, it had the symbol for dragons maze, and is a common

    • What? I’m pretty sure that’s the Modern Master’s symbol, not the Dragon’s Maze symbol…


  • I would like to see them rotate some of the awesome modern (and even Legacy) staples into the core sets as well.

  • Sairen

    Yo estoy que me meo de las ganas

  • drew30

    Wow, so much hysteria, and all for a set that is currently only 3% spoiled lol! I have virtually no doubts that the price of a box of Modern Masters is gonna skyrocket by the time it finally comes out.

    • It’s actually only 1.1% spoiled, we’ve got 3/229…

  • Durdle

    Durdle dot deck. Just sayin. REPRINT GOOD CARDZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Durdle


  • Me

    1 month. I WANT SPOOOOILERS >.>

  • Gregory Stewart

    Too bad eggs just got the ban hammer.. otherwise that aether spellbomb would be really cool

    • I believe it is a sign that the old ravager deck may get a printing. Aether spellbombs were used by some in the original affinity deck.

  • I sincerely only care about one thing, and one thing only… MODERN MASTER DRAFTING… this will be sick.

  • Joshua

    This set comes out in less then 1 month. Why the heck are only 3 cards spoiled?

  • Jason G.

    299 for a box on SCG… Wow….

    • justindeltora

      Well I dont know if anyone is gonna even play a 50$ draft of a box is 300 so”designed for drafting” might be fat fetched

  • Rogue

    Spin into Myth…please? Not that overpowered…

  • selesnyaWarden

    Dark confidant is back and with new art, looks cool in a way!!

  • This is going to be stupid. Definitely going to sell my box instead of cracking it. All the good cards are going to be mythic and with only 24 packs in a box you might get 1…which will not pay for the $300 worth of the box…

  • MyArmadaHasWurms

    Cant wait to get my box! I have one on preorder!

  • MyArmadaHasWurms

    Am I the only one who likes the new GOYF art better then the original? Id love it on a playmat! Id also love a playset of the new Goyf art!

  • justindeltora

    Question will there be a pre-release fr this?

    • ~


    • pj

      the local store im going to is actually having a pre-release day when the set comes out. sealed tourney with the top 8 all getting a box

  • spike

    dark confidont!!!!!

  • OneForTheMine,TwoForTheTower

    Me? I jjust want new art for the tron lands. I’m tired of accidentally tutoring up an urzas mine because it looks like a tower.

    • theuseless

      Then go with the Original artwork from Antiquities. It is fairly inexpensive and looks soooooo cool. Each picture is unique, so you will need to get one of each alt art. Or you could just get the towers…

  • CadelIV4

    I am so excited for this release! Only problem is that some d*****bag will buy them all from my local store before I can get my hands on some.

  • Pete

    I mean in all honesty, I’m more excited to use these cards in Commander more than anything. Awesome stuff that I could pull out of my box to easily make my money back and have sweet stuff to use in my Commander decks.

  • Ajani100

    I’m starting to believe this is not real. Too many rares?

    • Dan Vongsa

      woc wants money deary.

  • zach

    Im a legacy and modern player and I can tell you both BOB and goyf and clique are the best creature in both formats for many reasons:
    1. jund uses both goyf and BOB equally, they provide big creature for cheap CMC (goyf) and card advantage (bob). Having both of them in one deck is very powerful, Jund has won many legacy tournaments, now as far as modern they had to ban one of junds cards cause it was killing the format (bloodbraid elf). Which hurt the deck but didn’t kill it.
    2. clique is SO powerful in legacy and in modern because of how well it works as control and aggro all in one package. We shall see more and more decks using clique to destroy a good card in hand (by putting at the bottom of the deck) because of how OP clique is.

    you can’t say that goyf or bob is better because they are both very powerful in the decks they are built around, they will continue to be the powerhouse they are till they ban them or something more powerful comes alot, like the reprint of the scavenging ooze in m14, that will make modern decks rethink their strategies.

    • Yeah I’d say between Scavenging Ooze entering modern and Tarmogoyf being reprinted in Modern Masters the price of the card should drop quite a bit, I’d say that’s a good thing for everyone that wants to play green…

  • chris

    I want Show and Tell….its an awesome card

    • theuseless

      rofl… I would love to see more of the Legacy staples hit Modern. For now I am content that we have Rancor

  • anonymous

    The average price of the rares right now (not including expensive uncommons, or mythics) is about $8.50. The cost per pack is $7.99. buying a box…

  • Andy Dondes

    anyone who wanna tell me the good about the clique

    • Vendilion? It flashes, it flies, it’s cheap (mana wise) so you can still impact most of the important cards in the modern format and you can also use it on yourself to draw into something more useful. I still prefer inquisition and thoughtseize personally. But you know, it is an admirable card none the less. That’s how I see it anyway.

      • theuseless

        Agreed on Thoughtseize/Inquisition. The value of these types of cards is to strip away the combo pieces from your opponent. Like Matt said, you can use Vendillion on yourself, but I prefer to hit an opponent instead. Vendillion Clique gets better and better against dedicated combo decks. It won’t hit a Birthing Pod (usually) but can muck up Kiki-Jikki/Splinter twin builds. I can also get around some of the shenanigans Urza Tron brings to the table.

        Another thing to note about Vendillion Clique is that it puts the card on the bottom of the Library, rather than the gy. This can complicate some reanimator builds as well (though we don’t see too many other than Living End currently).

  • Andy Dondes

    Give me Lightning Bolt

  • Sean Mclorie

    soooo sick too draft

  • Dan Vongsa

    mind funeral? really? you can choose better Woc.

  • william

    “Screw the goyf, I’m waiting for a reprint of Glimpse the Unthinkable”
    lol it is such a bad card, just play with m 13 Jace than

  • cowill101

    This set is okay. Goyf, Confidant, the Swords, and the Kamigawa Dragons. Eh, sure you some other good rares like Chalice and so on. My local store is selling these $189 per box, one box per customer, and no preorders. I have Friday off from work, so I’m standing outside my store until it opens while everyone else has to wait until FNM. So 100% guarantee at getting the box at a reasonable price.

    The best part is, I ain’t opening it. I’ll probably wait until the next Holliday Season and ebay for $600-$700, since it will be worth that much by then.

  • Ryan

    I was hoping they would go all out with this set, but of course, I was wrong. At $7 a pack, they should have included every card that people want to see. Where is thoughtseize? Where are fetch lands? Just another ploy for wizards to take money right out of peoples hands.

    • pj

      well considering fetchlands were announced as not being in this set (invasion and zendikar are not between 8th edition and alara just so you know) i dont really see your argument. so they missed thoughtseize, big whoop. still got goyf and bob

  • Gad

    My store ordered 20box – got only 2 … i could drive about 100 miles to the next store (they got 4box – i cant even get a reservation for a seat in the draft pod)… Its impossible to get a box here in germany without ‘connection’ or a big wallet. Only store will get the boxes?? smart move – with the result that the stores sell them online to make money instead of supporting the community.

  • Skeptical Cat

    Great choice on the lands Wizards, I was having trouble finding vivid lands and terramorphic expanse. The cost of those was holding me back from playing modern, since they are in nearly EVERY modern deck!