• Adam Watson

    needs more Thaumaturge

  • akakj7


  • selesnyawarden

    the power level between this event deck and the born of the gods event deck is a big gap…cosmic level perhaps,

    • Daniel Gilmore

      would’ve been a bigger gap if the Born deck had included Gary

  • Derek

    Neat idea, but just not quite the power level I’d like it to be

    • selesnyawarden

      my thoughts exactly

  • ultramegalord

    i like how they almost give you a playset of young pyromancer, guttersnipe, and magma jet……..

  • ultramegalord

    also dont most of these decks usually include like a shockland ?

    • RomriDade

      I think the Theros event deck was the only deck that had one, but at least the BTG one had a few $3-$6 cards. This one doesn’t come close to paying for itself.

      • ultramegalord

        even a scry land wouldve been nice……

  • Daniel Gilmore

    I was excited when I saw this was Izzet, but the excitement died when I realized that this is basically just a shittier version of my Standard deck…

    • ShahrazadMan


    • Bradley Ho

      ME too

  • Lucas Wilson

    Why is it that my favourite colour combination gets the shaft when it gets a sealed product? The only good things in this deck that I don’t have are the Young Pyromancers and maybe the Battlefield Thaumaturge, but it isn’t going to be worth the cost of the deck.

    • Daniel Gilmore

      it’s not just sealed product, it’s pretty much anywhere. Wizards is determined to keep Red/Blue from being a thing.

  • RomriDade

    Theros Event deck: Really good, I enjoyed playing with it a lot, it had good value and you almost make your money back with the cards inside.
    BTG Event deck: Not too bad, it was really fun to use, but I feel that it didn’t have the same feedback as the Theros one did. It actually did have a good bit of nice cards inside (Desecration Demon, Pack Rat, Herald, Bile Blight, Necromancer, etc.).
    Journey into Nyx Event deck: The only thing that makes this deck even worth while is that it has a few cards used in RDW. Other than that, not very impressive. Could make on a $10 budget if I really had to.

    It seems that the decks got worse and worse as the set progressed. At least, that’s how I felt. BTG’s Event deck was by far the most fun to use, mainly because Mono Black seems to be dominating the current meta nowadays.

  • guest

    the intro decks are better these time around

  • wombat604

    Anyone else think that guttersnipe + illusionists bracers can wreck multiplayer games?

    • Djough Smytthe

      No, because guttersnipe’s ability is triggered and bracers only applies to activated abilities.

      • Jeff Donahue

        Would Strionic Resonator work?

        • Alex L

          Yeah, but it seems to me that’d only really be good if you’re topdecking and have nowhere else to put the mana. In multiplayer, it’s probably better to just fill a deck with ammo for guttersnipe rather than include the resonator.

  • jinx

    ha ha ha

  • ShahrazadMan

    Why not just have monored burn with insane amounts of guttersnipes, pyromancer’s gauntlets, young pyromancers, and otherwise just pure burn? that’s what i want to see.

  • wombat604

    I actually still kinda like this. I love these types of decks

  • SovereignMan

    It is really pitiful when an event decks’ all stars are uncommons. They could have thrown you a steam vents, or at the very least a temple of epiphany. Really pitiful wizards.

  • khailant

    Oh, This seems a great deck, I’ll buy it, It has 3 Young Pyromancer and… and… ehm… I’d rather go to the shop and buy 3 Young Pyromancer

  • Chi Sarades

    is there a promo card in this event deck?

  • disqus_iG5xumsVPN

    good question