Avacyn Restored Booster Packs

April 5th, 2012

Avacyn Restored Booster Packs

MTG Avacyn 
Restored Booster Box

Avacyn Restored Booster

Avacyn Restored Booster Pack

MTG Avacyn Restored Booster Pack 2

MTG Avacyn Restored Booster Pack3

MTG Avacyn Restored Booster Pack 4

  • Demonbman

    So Awesome!

  • Ploxerz

    By God, could that Devil be the new walker!?!?! He looks sick!

  • Empyrean

    Wait, isn’t that the devil from Soul Eater? When did he, you know, get tall?

  • Fgarcia_mvdeea5

    My god…. -takes glasses off- i think i jizzed

  • :D

    dont they usually have at least a walker pictured in at least one of the packs so my guess would have to be the devil is a walker

  • I don’t care about anything but that devil, I want a playset yesterday, you say he’s a useless card worth five cents? I still want five of him because he looks bloody amazing…

  • Amonkira

    Well if he is not a planeswalker than he has an impeccable sense of fashion!

  • Hellhawk4ever

    Holy…a devil as a planeswalker…well then, NOW I’ve seen it all…

  • I thought Dack Fayden was the new for sure walker to the set?

  • Guest

    That demon be Griselbrand. Ya’ll should know this by now :)

  • Bassman_ozzy

    i think the devil image and the one above him is his flip

    • Jbgrjkfb

      you are completely and 100% retartarted