• Asonofagun

    white blue humans intresting. might be good since of the human i think that gives other creatures flying. so it might be

    • kick your faces

       there is a lot better out there, anyone can make it.

  • Guest

    That zombie has quite the pair of perky…. *Barfs*

  • Love the Zombie. Finally able to get my hands on those zombie stuffs

  • The Metal

     Whats the point of dicking us around with the box art when they are just going to release the spoiler list a week after?

  • Ryan_tanyx

    lol can add tamiyo the moon sage in the white blue deck

  • i sooo want that humanitys vengeance if only for the mirran crusader other goodies :D

  • elishanorn

    so let me get this straight 20$ for a event deck  content is about 30-40 bucks???!!!! O_O

  • let me get this straight one ok zombie deck and another broken  human event deck the one from innistrad was already broke as hell  

    • Fewewfwe

       yeah your right zombie decks fine but human one is mess up. dont know why you would put phrexian meta morph in a deck. But you never know maybe its good.

    • kick your faces

        a mirrian Crusader hell ya

  • Mike Ghesquiere

    Surpised they decided not to include mass appeal in the UW deck….

    • Acesta

      I’m surprised they put so much phyrexia

  • Jack

    All Event decks so far (besides the Dark Ascension) Have been pretty dang boss i reckon. This time its hard to choose, I want them both fairly badly.