Avacyn Restored Intro and Event Decks Art

April 5th, 2012

Avacyn Restored Event Decks

Avacyn Restored Event Decks

Avacyn Restored Intro Decks

Avacyn Restored White ManaGreen Mana Intro Deck – Angelic Might

Avacyn Restored WG Intro Deck -  Angelic Might

Avacyn Restored Blue ManaRed Mana Intro Deck – Solitary Fiends

Avacyn Restored UB Intro Deck -  Solitary Fiends

Avacyn Restored Red ManaRed Mana Intro Deck – Slaughterhouse

Avacyn Restored BR Intro Deck -  Slaughterhouse

Avacyn Restored Red ManaWhite Mana Intro Deck – Fiery Dawn

Avacyn Restored RW  Intro Deck -  Fiery Dawn

Avacyn Restored Green ManaBlue Mana Intro Deck – Bound by Strength

Avacyn Restored GU  Intro Deck -  Bound by Strength

  • Jeremy

    Out of all fo these here, I think that the two most promising are the Fiery Dawn and the Angelic might. What do you think might be in those decks? Think they might do more Elite vanguards like they did in the other human decks in innistrad/dark ascension? just curious bout what types of cards we might be looiking at.

  • Sam

    I’m curious to see who the new planeswalker(s) will be.

    • Guest

      if theres any planeswalkers in this set it’ll most likely be a reprint of garruk relentless, liliana of the veil, or sorin lord of innistrad with a complete change because theres no other possible options. I dont think they’d release a brand new planeswalker completely out of context, considering it won’t relate to the story of the block.

      • Confused

        That comic book guy.

        • Ean

          As in Dack Fayren, who will probably be some combo of blue, red, and black (most likely the first 2)

          • Guest

            Dont forget Sifa Grent!

      • Tertium

        They did so.
        One was mentioned in Kamgigawa [8 years ago].
        The other is completely new.

      • they did.

    • Johncavin245

      the new ones are Tibalt and Tamiyo.

  • You’reDoomed!

    it is possible grizzlebrand will be a planes walker

  • Lemos Nelson

    REPRINTING a planeswalker in the same block! What kind of ideia is this? Consireding the last blocks, there has been 5-6walkers per block, so we might expect AT LEAST one new walker. Grtiselbrand will probably be a black legendary Demon, the oposite of Avacyn, Angel of Hope. I just wonder WHRE this decks info has been gathered, since there is no such thing at the Wizards website. If true, looks neat to me.

  • Zetsubou

    They confirmed 2 planeswalkers for this set. 1 that we’re familiar with and 1 new one is the only info they gave, though speculation is that Thalia will become the new planeswalker after releasing Avacyn from the helvault.

  • mtg dude

    i think jace might appear while hunting knowledge or something for the consortum.

  • God

    @That idiot guest who doesn’t know what he’s talking about: Dack Fayden makes an appearance on Innistrad in the Storyline and could very possibly be featured as a new walker, along with Sifa Grent.

    • Andyskryz93

      @that idiot who is pretentious enough to call himself “God”. People are not idiots just because they are not as informed as you are. And I guess, as things turned out, you aren’t as informed as you should be either.

  • austin

    i was thinking they might bring ajani back, however if there is going to be a planeswalker it’s either going to be red, white or blue

  • Vffd

    i hope to a new planswalker.

  • They can bring Dick Fayden. He at least is born in Innistrad. And Since `Return to Ravnica´ is the next expansion it is plausible too. SMile

  • ExoduSS

    well , at intro packss , they are intro packs so don’t expect alot :p , they have been doing a good job with intro packs though , onto event decks , the black one i think will have something to do with sacrificing stuff for cool things (lfie for cards or something) and the white blue one should be a counter agressive deck with some good fliers and solid beaters , so i’m hoping to see the event decks and buying them :))

  • Jaryntaylor

    Wow, totally did not expect Tamiyo, the Moon Sage to be one of the next 2 planeswalkers…AWESOME!