Avacyn Restored Intro Pack Decklists

April 26th, 2012

Avacyn Restored Intro Pack WG - Angelic Might

Angelic Might

Avacyn Restored Intro Pack UB - Solitary Fiends

Solitary Fiends

Avacyn Restored Intro Pack BR - Slaughterhouse


Avacyn Restored Intro Pack RW - Fiery Dawn

Fiery Dawn

Avacyn Restored Intro Pack GU - Bound by Strength

Bound by Strength

  • AH

    All are pretty bad, bluescreen is maybe the best one.

    • Asushirol1995

      maybe you just suck with your imagination

      • Patrick Leland Dunn

        No, he soudns like a pretty good player cus the all suck except that one. I mean, they’re good for intro decks, but for decks, they’re shit. I’d buy the bluegreen one just for the cards in it. And change it up add more noncreature spells to amke a deck, but I wouldn’t want t plauy with any of them as normal decks:P

      • kick your faces

         those decks all suck the last one is not horrible because of the front card it is 8$

  • Poo_head

    i made a better soulbound deck just from booster packs

  • MTG Fan For Life

    What the heck is wrong with you people. The whole point of the Intro’s is to just ” introduce” you to the edition. That’s all. It’s all correctly mana added and curved. You’re not going to get mythics in them. They are just meant to give you a feel of how they play before you create you’re own deck from the edition.