Avacyn’s Pilgrim – August’s FMN Promo Card

July 4th, 2012

August’s FMN Promo Card is Avacyn’s Pilgrim.

August Friday Night Magic Promo - Avacyn's Pilgrim

  • Tim

    Not bad, and I really like the new art here. :)

    • Gillettefusion19

      It’s not a rare so why is the symbol gold?

      • AJColwell

         All the Promo cards have gold symbols.

  • SS

    Holy f****! First useful FNM card since the Go For The Throat and Gather the Townsfolk.

    • Aqua

       What about Dismember?

    • Noahsk555

      What about forbidden alchemy or acidic slime?

  • Dor-311


  • i find the other art better than this one :p

  • Jlozier116

    Why does it have pointy ears when its not an elf?

    • Because it’s been hanging out with Lanowar Elves too long!

      • Wasian

        but there are no elves in Innistrad

  • weeee something I will useeeee

  • Forest Bear

    Cant wait to go to Friday Magic Night lol