Banned and Restricted Announcement

April 27th, 2017

Felidar Guardian


Felidar Guardian is banned.

Effective Date: April 28, 2017


Sensei’s Divining Top is banned.


Gitaxian Probe is restricted.

Gush is restricted.

  • Guest

    My dreams of using a cat to flicker my cat lord to make more cat tokens in a standard cat deck are dashed.

    • Derek Niles

      still definitely worth it, but I feel you, that would have been sick

    • Hedronal

      Sadly it’s not possible to ban an interaction alone, whole cards have to go if anything does. It would be great if it could just have been “cannot be targeted by Saheeli planeswalkers you control” or something.

    • NC

      Cat tribal is DEAD

  • Jude

    Ding dong the cat is dead ;3; rip copycat

  • Julna Buras

    *sudden outburst of Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus*

  • NC

    Bye Feliciadar

  • Kameenook

    Timing of the standard ban is very questionable. Seems very sloppy.

    • Derek Niles

      that article explained it pretty well imo

      • Zombie

        It was still wrong to do it two days after the B&R. It proves Wizards has completely dropped the ball on all accounts with Magic relating to Standard.

        “We’re going to wait for 2 days to watch Amonkhet’s effect on Standard because we have no ability whatsoever to look into the sets we created ourselves to find out that Amonkhet just makes Copy Cat format-dominating levels of oppressive”

        All this proves is that Wizards R&D doesn’t care about Standard health or balance. They don’t pay attention to interactions within the sets they create.

        We now have the most bans in Standard since Mirrodin block, and Felidar Guardian is the first Magic card to be “Emergency” banned in Type 2 (Standard) since Memory Jar.

        Consumer confidence in Standard will be almost nonexistent if Wizards doesn’t course-correct from here.

        Hour of Devastation is likely going to solve absolutely nothing, since the set is already done.

        If, by Ixalan, Wizards doesn’t fix these glaring issues with Standard, I can’t imagine the format surviving another 2 years. Big game stores are hemorrhaging Standard players, and small LGS’s are sometimes just not even running Standard events anymore because not enough people are signing up.

        I play at the largest game store in Texas. Back when I played Standard, pre-Siege Rhino turning Standard into malignant cancer, our Standard FNM’s were pulling 150+ people every single friday night, occasionally breaking 200.

        I played Modern last night and looked at the Standard group between rounds.

        There was maybe a third of that former crowd there.

        • they plan sets 4 years in advance so be prepared for some shitty standard play. The joys of being an eternal format player.

          • Zombie

            I’m not preparing for any garbage Standard, I abandoned the format long ago now.

          • For me it’s like the whole of MTG has been spun on its head. Standard has gotten the whole of attention since I can remember and eternal formats wasted away and stagnated, but finally it feels like the reverse. Legacy got the lid blown off with the SDT banning. Modern is so open now that you can’t really pick a top deck anymore. Commander lost Leovald (I was one of those scummy players) which made the format much more healthy at a competitive level. It’s a good day for Eternal Format Players.

          • Zombie

            Modern still has very clear Tier 0/1 decks, same with Legacy.

            But the difference between Modern/Legacy and Standard is that Tier 0 and 1 decks don’t completely dominate the format to the degree of forcing almost everything else out of the competitive meta.

            Miracles was undoubtedly Legacy’s Tier 0 deck, and was one of the most popular and winningest decks of the format. But it wasn’t unbeatable and still had its bad matchups/skill matchups.

            Right now, Modern’s clear Tier 0 archetypes are Death’s Shadow and Burn. But are they oppressive decks? Not in the slightest. They’re popular aggressive decks that can steal games away from fair decks and beat down durdley combo decks with minimal interaction, but the format is still diverse.

            Hell, even in the face of Death’s Shadow and Burn being two of the best/most popular decks, Ad Nauseum still won the Modern Atlanta Open.

            Control is viable again, combo is playable, even Merfolk and Elves can do work still.


            In Standard…

            Felidar Guardian gets banned and 5 Mardu Vehicles decks make the top 8 in Atlanta.

          • TJ

            Why did not so many vehicle decks make it though? Just because of the movement. The next few weeks will be more telling

          • To be fair I think bad economic conditions may have a hand in that; I know I don’t have the money to shell out for set after set after set, so I basically just buy used cards and thus mostly get off-standard sets.

        • Derek Niles

          You’re definitely right about the format, I haven’t had any interest in playing since the RTR-Theroes standard. I just personally wouldn’t go as far as saying Wizards doesn’t care about the format, because even if they are sloppy, these bans are an attempt to make the format better. However, that being said, I also agree that they really need to step up their game if they want the format to survive and put better checks in place to make sure they aren’t releasing combos like copy-cat (that combo was in one block ffs!)

        • TJ

          R&D can’t work with very single combo before release. Also, consider that Amokhet was nearly completed or Completed before Arther revolt and quite possibly even Kaledesh. These sets are done months before their release

          • Zombie

            They didn’t need to work with every combo, just the one that broke Standard and needed to be emergency banned.

          • TJ

            Like I said though, when they were developing my Amonkhet, Saheeli wasn’t released. By the time she was, AMK was already completed. They can only play test with what’s released before printing, not much after word cause everything is already printed.

          • Zombie

            Copy Cat was a problem within the Kaladesh block alone, Amonkhet just made it worse.

            Wizards failed to notice a two-card instant-win combo. That’s proof that their team doesn’t actually care about what’s printed on cards, or that their internal playtesters need to be fired.

          • TJ

            Since you clearly don’t get this. No one from Kaledesh worked on Amonket design. Secondly, by the time Amonkhet went to print, Kaledesh wasn’t even released. There was no way to actually play test these two blocks together. Considering the problem they recently had with JMS and Stoneforge Mystic, this issue is something they strive to avoid, however, it isn’t always avoidable. Two different team leaders approved the cards before they went to print. There isn’t just one person who sits down n a throne deeming everything acceptable or unacceptable. The design process doesn’t always work out because there are always a few sets in standard that are printed but not released and so they don’t actually get the opportunity to play test them together. If they had, Felidar Guardian would never have made it to the chopping block by the design team. But go ahead and pretend like you know everything about the design process and the occasional design problems without reading on all the past mistakes wizards has said has happened because of the design problem.

          • Zombie

            Different people working on different sets means jack sh*t.

            Design didn’t take the time necessary to see a two card combo that broke an entire format.

            End of story.



          • TJ

            It does because neither team could play test with the two cards that broke the format. If they had PLAY TESTED them together do you think they would have printed it. Felidar guardian is now more or less a dead card because you have to ban it in every format to stop the infinite loop. Hey let’s prin a card no one can use when we could have used the space for a different card. Sounds like good business to me. If you can’t play test cards together that are in development with different people, how can you see the problem in advance, is it that hard to understand?

          • TJ

            That is the point THEY WERE DESIGNED BY TWO DIFFERENT TEAMS. How can two different design teams that don’t talk to each other foresee the problem. If they had they wouldn’t have printed it OR the wouldnhave put in instant speed kill

          • I believe the argument is that they SHOULD have had some degree of communication with one another. =P

            I’m not really part of this conversation, and I have no idea how feasible it would be to test multiple blocks together pre-release, but I just wanted to point that out. It’s at least worth talking about that blocks that are going to wind up played together might warrant being discussed in relation to one-another before release.

        • AlaAlba

          If you’re referring to the store I think you’re referring to (Heroes and Fantasies, Pat Booker road, UC), (I’ve heard management there claim to be exactly what you just said.), they have bigger problems that made people stop showing up than how Wizards does things.

          • Zombie

            Wizards has acknowledged themselves that Standard attendance has steadily declined over the past several sets, bannings, etc.

            They know that they messed up.

            They’re bringing back Core Sets (Why they ever get rid of them in the first place is f***ing beyond me), they’re changing up Block/release structure to better develop each set individually, among other things announced recently.

            It seems like they’re trying to course-correct. Which is massively comforting, given that their previous responses to criticism was to simply outright ignore the community’s call for better designed sets that have answers to problem power cards, and then just banning the broken cards when they realized they f***ed up – just so they didn’t have to admit they were wrong.

            The biggest hurdle was WOTC needing to admit they were wrong. And they’re slowly but surely doing that.

          • AlaAlba

            I’m not saying Wizards didn’t do anything wrong. I’m saying that store has bigger problems.

  • sinv

    funny ?:D