Banned & Restricted List – March 20, 2012

March 20th, 2012

Intangible Virtue and Lingering Souls are banned in Innistrad Block Constructed.

Stoneforge Mystic is banned and Regrowth is no longer banned on Magic Online100 Card Singleton format.

Announcement Date: March 20, 2012
Effective Date: April 2, 2012
Magic Online Effective Date: March 28, 2012

  • woodrow

    go ahead, ban the best cards in the block

    • Trent

      broken cards are banned for a reason brah. try using a clever way of winning instead of broken card beatdown. anyone that can read printed words will know how to play and could build black/white token decks.

      • Tillerman23

        why do they print them then? “brah” It is counterintuitive for WotC to develop and print cards to take them away. They have had 20 years to get their act straight….why can they not see “broken” cards when they are in R&D?? Im seriously asking a question here…

        • Melissaisback

          Have you ever thought that maybe they know they are overpowered and choose to print them and ban then later if they get out of hand? JaceTMS made them a lot of money with all the people opening packs hoping to get one. This is a business after all.

  • Eric

    way to gimp black white tokens

  • Honestly I don’t think those are overpowered…

  • Crazyjumper1234

    i mean how would you counter token deck in constructed, else than a 5 mana curse for -1/-1 which you only can play 4 times and you have to play black… in my opinion a good choice to ban those cards for the block, espacially lingering souls which is crazy even in T2, it can probably balance the format

    • <3tokens

      Ratchet bomb? …

      • <3tokens

        NVM :D

  • WASIAN666

    WTF??? its not overpowered its just no oe runs paraselene or destroy enchantments.

    • WASIAN666


  • jacemindsculptor

    you just have to be smart it’s easy to beat tokens if you run suture priest or Isolation cell

  • Sajomir

    You guys do realize that this is only in BLOCK CONSTRUCTED, not Standard, right? This means that Constructed tournaments completely within Innistrad are the ones affected by it.
    Most of these counters you’ve mentioned are all from Scars or M12. Innistrad lacks these counters, making these cards OP.

  • KillrateOmega

    Well then, it looks like I’ll have to change my B/W deck from a token-oriented deck to a Angel/Human/Demon deck or make two decks; a White/Green deck (Angels and Humans) and a Black/Red deck (Demons and Devils). Oh well, I’ve been meaning to do so anyways after having seen the AVR preview cards.

    (Sigh) There goes the era of throwing down Intangible Virtue on T2, following with Lingering on T3, then flashbacking and activating a 2nd Intangible or throwing down another Lingering on T4….

    • Dotya47

      i just looked on the official wizards of the coast website and they these cards are not banned.

      • KillrateOmega

        …well there remains the era of epic token creation.

    • Thats not fun in the slightest, intangible virtue ruined the game

  • Tillerman23

    Good ‘ol WotC doesnt seem to have an R&D team in place that actually playtests the cards. After 20 years they print ’em, and ban ’em. That’s what they did 20 years ago… how long does it take to get their design cohesiveness straight? seriously…