Banned & Restricted List – September 20, 2012

September 20th, 2012

Effective Date: October 1, 2012

Standard, Extended, Legacy
No changes

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle is Unbanned.

Burning Wish is Unrestricted.


Banned: Primeval Titan & Worldfire

Unbanned: Kokusho, the Evening Star

Banned As Commander: Kokusho, the Evening Star

  • Banning Worldfire is reasonable but Primeval Titan is just a randomness, I don’t really understand unbanning Kokusho e. g. with Jarad in combo makes 10 DMG and 5 LPs for each Opponent and in combination with Rite of Replication he wins most of the games. Why they don’t  ban Sorin Markov or Magister Sphinx.

    • Steamsteam

      Agree 100%

    • Blackr789

      Well, with primeval, almost everyone i know has reoriented their decks JUST to run him. The ability to get out urborg and cabal coffers in one swoop is just a small thing that prime-time is able to do, potentially second turn.(Toss in any other broken combo here, or heck, just the massive advantage of an awesome explosive vegetation on a stick to get two basic lands every single turn turn is pretty broken.) land is (well duh) the biggest resource in magic right? In fact the only resource so the ability to drop three a turn is insane! Even Azusa can’t do that every turn alone. In short, when all “competitive” decks HAVE to run this card in order to win, it becomes to powerful and sucks the fun out of a casual game-type built upon randomization in my opinion. It makes every deck, every play, every win, the same. “Combo piece, combo piece, win… Nobody wants to play against you because they started playing EDH to get out of Standard: the arms, and redundancy race to end game quickly.”

      • dangernature

        also, i agree to banning sorin and sphinx, you are very correct sir.


  • Lorescale

    lol’d so hard at primeval titan, and then wtf at kokusho? also, omniscience should be banned instead of worldfire.

    • Pebo1234

      they made Omniscience especially for commander they are not going to ban it lol

  • Guest

    I could see worldfire, late game save some burn cards and then cast it. Easy win

    • BWH

      You can’t hold onto a burn spell in your hand.  Worldfire exiles everything except decks. What you can do is use suspended spells (Jhoira of the Ghitu as commander, anyone?) or use an Oblivion Ring on your own permanent.

      •  you could stack with green red edh. stack a burn under it and win

        • craig pelton

          uhh…with what? not questioning you, cause im not like crazy hardcore on rules and card knowledge…but how do you stack a burn under a sorcery without the burn happening first?

      • GAFerreira13

        or a rift bolt

  • Ravenedge

    Worldfire + Norin the wary, too broken to remain in the format

    • Xero

       How?  It’s not like he could attack without vanishing.

      • Guest

         Yeah, but your opponent either gets a land he can’t do anything with or a spell he can’t play next turn.  So you just swing for the win with Norin, who survives because he vanishes.

  • Trevas Seixas



  • Profeta Lucifel

    Yeah!!!!! Kokusho Is Back Man… Ghave Has Greetings For This!…

  • Andrew L647

    World fire is a fun card in standard. O-ring your own things an play world fire, then be the only person with creatures, then win.