Born of the Gods Tokens

January 22nd, 2014

Gold - Born of the Gods Token

Zombie - Born of the Gods Token

Wolf - Born of the Gods Token

Soldier - Born of the Gods Token

Kiora Emblem - Born of the Gods Token

Kraken - Born of the Gods Token

Elemental - Born of the Gods Token

Centaur - Born of the Gods Token

Cat Soldier - Born of the Gods Token

Bird 2 - Born of the Gods Token

Bird - Born of the Gods Token

  • Aaron Seet

    White Birds AND GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ajani

    Kitty tokens, my army grows

  • Matt Abraham

    whatsup with the gold token?

  • Randy_Andy

    Oh. Love that zombie token. Mmmmm.

  • MagicGALAXY


  • Montague

    Lotus petal? If only… xP

  • Splot

    do we really need more solider tokens?

    • Frank

      it’s an enchantment creature token, it’s actually necessary. lol

  • Necro

    Love the blue Bird artwork.

    Also, GOLD! I’m gonna get a lot of these tokens and pretend I’m rich.

  • dragon Arc

    That gold is how I always thought steamflogger boss’s contraptions would work, something along the line of thalids – saproling production but create gold contraption tokens or something.

  • Landonj96

    Could we possibly be getting an artifact “gold-shitting” planeswalker?!?

    • Orion Moore

      That would have been funny but, black got “gild” which poops out gold, go figure.

  • Marcel Vitor

    Gold tokens will turn into things like mana if u want to…

  • Hellexil

    Sweet, actually a decent looking wolf token!

  • Hans Giesfeldt

    finally an artifact token :)

  • harakka

    Oh how I wish for some more cool orzhov colored cards that make gold tokens, perfect usage for yellow exalted essence glass beads.

  • Sami

    The 3 / 1 elemental doesnt say anything about haste, even though it should have haste according to Satyr Nyx-Smith that creates it.

    • Orion Moore

      They don’t put haste on tokens anymore. The w/r 1/1 soldier from last block should have had haste. The only two cards that create it in the ravnica block are sunguild Mage and assemble the legion and that’s it both are 1/1 w/r ‘s that have haste but, the token doesn’t have it.

  • mtg bob

    two things one i wonder when they are going to make the minotaur token and two i’ve seen better wolf tokens but its still pretty cool