Commander 2013 Decklists

October 18th, 2013

Commander 2013 Decks

Eternal Bargain – Commander – Oloro, Ageless Ascetic

Nature of the Beast – Commander – Marath, Will of the Wild

Power Hungry – Commander – Prossh, Skyraider of Kher

Mind Seize – Commander – Jeleva, Nephalia’s Scourge

Evasive Maneuvers – Commander – Derevi, Empyrial Tactician

  • Ian Lauer

    I can’t wait to buy and play with them all. I’ve been stockpiling sleeves in anticipation.

  • Hmmm… a month of ramen, rice, and beans, and maybe I can afford all 5.

    • Oh and, Command Tower reprint, perfect for a land-lover like me.

  • Adam Watson

    Baleful Strix reprint… Yay now i don’t have to go buy one. All of these commander decks look great. I was honestly surprised about some of the stuff they actually put in them.

  • Cherry Popper

    Balefux strix.
    I just creamed my pants.

    • MagicGALAXY

      It’s an amazing card, it’s just the art that always throws me off…

    • claudio

      True-Name Nemesis in same deck

  • leftovermcnuggets

    green legen from portal worth 69$ is that real?

    • YouGotFranked

      yes but that’s because it’s a Three portals card. A set extremely difficult to find these days. The commander version won’t be worth half of that.

      • leftovermcnuggets

        Ya kinda figured it wouldn’t be, still find it funny that there r portal cards in the decks, borrowing 100,000 arrows could draw you a hefty amount of cards for 3 manaz

        • Mr. Squirrels

          Then theres that moment when an opponent has infinite squirrel tokens and they play a Naya Charm on themself in response. No no no no no no no!!!!

  • leftovermcnuggets

    Feel like a couple of those cards r in need of new art ( Rubina, arcane denial) that wuld be sweet

    • Jaden Ledkins

      They do have new art. Check the wizards page on the visual spoilers for the Commander decks.

  • Joey Williams

    so much want

  • Shadowchronix

    is true-name nemesis is the identity nemesis? cant find identity nemesis but only true-name nemesis…

    • MagicSpoiler

      Yes, its the same card. The correct name is True-Name Nemesis.

  • Mick Cortella

    wow im speechless these decks are much better then the old commander decks wizards gotta say you did a good job

    • MagicSpoiler

      True story!

    • Xinta

      Agree, aswell as im think there all relativly Balanced, even the naya deck has some strong synergies with e.g. the enchantments, and we got a bunch of good edh cards here, even small things like a decree of pain isjust awesome in this format, im just a bit confused that not all decks seem to build on their first commander, like in the grixis deck it seems way more to fit for Nekusar then for Jeleva

  • MagicGALAXY

    Wow…just…wow…I just crapped myself looking at theses decks

  • Fortitudeize .

    I think the naya deck is the worst. I like playing naya but the deck just isn’t performing. Its just not that good compared to the others.

    • Hi

      you kidding right? The Naya deck is the best one!

      • Fortitudeize .

        i see your point, but the deck has the least amount of synergy cards for its theme, which I presume is landfall.

  • David

    Is there any particular reason that mind seize is the highest priced deck?

    • RaZorHamZteR

      Baleful Strix

      • claudio

        True-Name Nemesis

      • FuzzyKittyBark

        that’s an expensive uncommon

    • Jaden Ledkins

      Strategic planning

  • laki

    do you guys think these would be at walmart because on amazon the one i want is $60 and the MSRP is $30 and I hate paying double for a great thing.

    • Person

      Yes, they will be at walmart, but amazon is selling it for double because it hasn’t been released yet. Wait til they drop on the 1st and you’ll be finding msrp

      • laki

        Thanks I don’t have a local card store just walmart so I sometimes rely on amazon for special products.

        • ZedWrecker

          I feel for you, soul brother. I feel that card store sadness.


    does this mean oversized thraximundar that’s also foil? I have been waiting for 3 years! 3 stinkin’ years!

  • O0oze

    you think the portal three kingdoms cards reprinted here would go down to normal prices? will i be able to sell them?

  • Chris Kidd

    Cannot wait been hoarding presales off eBay like no tommorrow . I have 5 sets paid off. Just one more week aproximately

  • 90jl

    Now I’m torn, do get grixis or esper…or maybe jund since I want to build a dragon deck at some point. Only enough money for one, *Sigh* Decision, decisions.

    • O0oze

      cobo/control fun-grixis

      jund sucks.

      • 90jl

        Wait money as in esper will be worth the most? This will be my first commander deck, esper looks the strongest, however grixis looks pretty dang fun… not to mention that baleful strix, freakin love that card!

  • euphy12

    I like all the lists but im a little annoyed that thraximundar made it into the grixis list of gwendlyn di corci. Thraximundar doesnt really fit into the deck that well other then being a good beater. I would also love new art work for gwendlyn like they did for rubina in the bant deck.

    • euphy12

      ^^over gwendlyn di corci

      • 90jl

        Yes, discarding one card at random isn’t gonna advance the game for you, especially when their are multiple opponents. Most likely they’ll just get ticked of and kill you first. New artwork would be interesting to see however.

        • 90jl

          This is of course in my opinion, and i’m not the most seasoned veteran.

    • 90jl

      I think thats the very reason they put him in, if your spells fail or your combos don’t succed your gonna need that extra damage output.

  • Bento

    Rubinia reprint… who would’ve thought?
    Beautiful reprint.

  • Bant Bash

    bant because I play white and green the most and I’m anxious to see how a bant flicker works. I have a thragtusk locked and loaded.

    • bant flicker

      built it on mtgo…one card (prophet of krufix) makes the deck almost unbeatable in multi

  • ZedWrecker

    None of these have storm crow. PASS.

  • Bought Mind Seize and used the True-Name to buy an Eternal Bargain. I’ve played quite a few games with the two and I’ve never got that crummy preconstructed-deck-crap feel. They’re surprisingly fun, right out of the box – which is no surprise considering how well the 2011 EDH decks did. Great job, Wizards.

  • Opie

    Im looking at buying one of the three; Power Hungry, Eternal Bargain, or Evasive Maneuvers. which would be best for a newbie to EDH?

    • The Incomparible Mevi

      I’d go for Power Hungry. It’s a nice simple aggro deck that has a lot of options. Prossh is a horrible monster, too.