Magic 2014 – Duels of the Planeswalkers Decklists

June 7th, 2013


Guardians of Light

Hunter’s Strength

  • Niels

    so the deck “Guardians of Light” has a card called “Ajani”?

    • Blade Millar

      No the card is Ajani’s Chosen

      • Niels

        Really? because I think it says it has one card named “Ajani” and S cards named “Chosen”.

  • ryvan

    I was hoping for some new card mechanics or at least just different cards. These decks are pretty much made up of the same cards that were 2013 with some cards moving from other decks. The few cards that weren’t in 2013 were in 2012. I really hope the other decks are more interesting than these. I also think the Ajani healing deck was much stronger than this Ajani enchant deck.

  • gil

    Really looking forward to play “Wurmskin Forger”

  • gil

    Hunter’s Strength deck build

    no forest theme, so no need for ramp, so this is creature agro build (I don’t see nothing special that will give the win late game).

    4 prey upon 1

    3 rancor 1

    1 Savage summoning 1 (maybe will just be used to get some power in for the first round)

    1 revive 2 ?

    3 Garruk’s Companion 2

    3 Kalonian Tusker 2

    1 Gloomwidow 3 (or more, not a real need for reach when playing agro, but still 3/3)

    1 Leatherback 3

    2 witness 3

    1 elephant guide 3

    1 ooze 3

    1 beastmaster 3 (doesn’t fit exactly, but awesome card)

    2 cudgel troll 4

    1 master 4 ? (too slow?)

    1 Fangren 4

    2 Bramblecrush 4 (maybe 3, good to hit lands to slow down decks)

    3 Enlarge 5

    1 overWhelming stapede 5 (3 rancors+primalclux: might be huge)

    1 overrun 5 (not sure enough creature will survive, and only 50% creatures in deck, needs checking)

    1 Primalclux 6 ( 3 ways to revive this huge beast)

    1 Rampaging Baloths 6 ? (too slow?)

    1 Regal force 7 ? (good to keep the preasure on, but if I got to 7 lands, maybe I already lost the game, and nothing will help)

  • Bege84

    Boring! I really do hope for some more exciting choices in other decks. New decks please. I am tired of these from playing them in 2013.