Dominaria and Core Set 2019 Packaging

February 18th, 2018



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        Yeah first comment. Technically I’ve never commented on this site so… Anyway I just know there is some guy on alot of pages that posts like damn near when they make the page. So I was like wow this can be my chance. I don’t really care about being first lol. I more than likely will never comment anything more.

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          You’re welcome back for the purposes of actually discussing Mtg. First comment clamor can stay gone.

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      Last to resolve.

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  • 偽善者

    Why Jace appears in Tezzeret’s deck? And Huatli in Chandra’s deck and Vraska in Teferi’s deck?

    • Marvin Sürig

      They don’t print the actually cards and spoil them this soon. That is why they just fill them up with unsold PW Decks from former sets.

    • Steve Franz

      To prevent them from putting out a spoiler this early.

    • Zombie

      They’re placeholders. This is just to show packaging, not actual contents.

  • Marvin Sürig

    Okay I was wrong. I thought that this set would include Liliana as antagonist as part of the Gate Watch and Chandra would appear on another set. I would’ve liked to see Chandra getting teached by Tarkir Dragons or Fire Manes but Jaya is okay XD
    Altough I liked the other old Jaya Artwork more than what we see on the Boosters.
    The Knight reminds me a bit of Huatli (but mostly because they are knights.
    But to be honest each of the cards on the Boosters give a legendary vibe from them. Karn, Teferi, Random Avior, Jaya, random Knight.
    I wonder if Jaya will be a PW. But in that case I’d question why we get a Chandra next to her and would they print two red PW as mythics? Did they put Chandra there just because they had no place in the Set for her? If Yes why would they even need to print her? Liliana was on Kaladesh and got no cards either. Maybe she is too important for the story.
    Do you think they’d make rare PW again? They could try to make a weaker PW Version for each color and put a Chandra or a Jaya there.
    Possible outcomes for red:
    1 Chandra PW + 1 Jaya PW + 1 PW Deck Chandra. (Maybe one of the PW as Rare)
    1 Jaya PW + 1 PW Deck Chandra.
    1 Chandra PW + 1 PW Deck Chandra + Legend Jaya
    1 PW Deck Chandra + Legend Jaya
    And as it seems Teferi is a PW again. Good for him.
    I wonder if they’d go as far as putting only Legendary Permanents (creatures/planeswalker) on Mythic slots. That would be quite the set.

    • Kitnz

      I’m hoping it’s that 2nd option (1 Jaya PW + 1 PW Deck Chandra). They’ve done some interesting things with the PW decks recently (like the mono-B Vraska when there’s not another copy of her in that particular set), so any of your hypotheses could be right.

    • Edward

      1 Jaya PW +1 PW deck Chandra would be ideal. I don’t see them doing another GR Planeswalker so soon and Jaya has never actually gotten a Planeswalker card. Printing another Chandra instead of Jaya would not go over well for them.

      • Marvin Sürig

        I also think that a Jaya PW is more likely. But there is still the Nissa from Amonkhet option of a two colored Chandra.

      • Marvin Sürig

        Just saw both PW decks have second color white and they always tried to push Chandra into a more White direction with her Decks just like Nissa was always second color blue in her PW decks.

        • Edward

          No Chandra’s deck is definitely GR which makes more sense to me anyway. There is more pictures than what is shown here and you can easily see the green in a couple of those

          • Marvin Sürig

            Oh. You’re right Even the position is at the last and not the first slot. My mistake. It is red green. Might have a more Elemental/Token Themed approach.

          • Edward

            That is my hope. It would make the most sense for a RG Chandra deck since she made Elementals on Chandra Flamecaller. I am kind of hoping the Chandra card itself is RG instead of being like the Mono-Black Vraska just to see what they would do with her abilities.

          • Marvin Sürig

            It’s true that green fits her wild side but white would fit her just side. To me it feels like both Chandra and Ajani share the same kind of mana they would refer to altough Ajani is primar white and adds green and red from time to time. Chandra could be primar red with red and green as second colors. Altough she might also tempt to get a black red card at some point in the game because she get’s really angry.
            Sarkahn e.g. always been red but he has a red green, a red black, one mono red and another temur card so it’s not unlikely that a PW enters other colors from time to time.
            She could go into an Elemental direction for GR, in RW a cleansing flames like exil the creatures who got dealt damage or gain life while dealing damage theme and for RB her abilities could change to -X/-X or lose life.

  • Aidan23

    Wait, is Tifferi a planeswalker again? Didn’t he loose his planeswalker spark.

    • Matt Wasser

      He could of reignited his spark

      • Kahai

        Not normally. Of course WotC will somehow make it work out that he does get his spark back…

        He sacrificed it to close a time rift.

        Unlike say, Ob Nixilis who only had his spark fragmented, but not lost entirely.

        I really hope they don’t fiat his spark. He doesn’t need it. If they are intending to somehow fiat the Weatherlight back from being exploded, he’d not even need an actual spark to provide help on other planes…

        Why are they doing this??? LOL

        • Marvin Sürig

          From what I heared there was a timeline where Jaya died. So the most logical explanation is he merged with a Teferi from a Timeline who didn’t gave up his spark. As far as I know he is a Time mage. so it could be possible that the Teferi who didn’t sacrificed his spark used Time Magic to go to a place saved by another Teferi and maybe they merged or something like that to prevent paradoxons to happen

          • Daniel Scott

            I don’t know how this particular time nonsense worked, but could there be two teferis? ideally with one of them (the one with the spark) being evil?

          • Marvin Sürig

            In theory could be. I’m sure that someone from a different timeline said that Jaya died. And we see her on a booster soooo either the guy was from another timeline, this Jaya is from another timeline or both a from the same time but the guy just tought he saw her dying.

    • Kahai

      Correct. He sacrificed all of his spark to close a time rift.

      This is either a different character or they just wanted to give us a look at a new Teferi walker card from when he was a planeswalker.

      I personally will be very displeased with WotC if they Fiat back his spark from something. He doesn’t need a spark to planeswalk, he has technology that can do it for him, Venser gave the Ghitu and Teferi his planeswalking machine after his spark was ignited.

  • N282

    Upon inspection the Chandra deck is R/W, Teferi’s is U/W, and tezzeret’s is U/B, from the indicator dots on the top.

    • Gideon Jura

      actually chandra’s red green

  • Arcus Diabolus

    Soooo, so far we know that Jace, Gideon, Ajani and Chandra are all on Dominaria, Ajani saying thats where he’s going to gather allies, Jace and Gideon being seen there at the end of the last Ixalan chapter and Chandra via packaging. Return of the Gatewatch so soon after Ahmonkhet? Weren’t we supposed to get a actual break from them?

    • Edward

      They said a break on cards only. Even then they said they were just minimizing the amount of Gatewatch characters that get cards not that they were going to outright stop printing them. Chances are the set will have 4 Planeswalkers not including the Planeswalker deck ones. Maybe 1 of those will be Gatewatch but that still leaves 3 non-Gatewatch Planeswalkers.

    • Tony Delfino

      Jace is there, but unlikely to be featured on cards. Not entirely unlike how Chandra and Jace were with the crew on Amonkhet but didn’t get any cards there either. The story is too entrenched on those 5 being key figures to cut them out entirely, but considering the return of core sets, they can now print their planeswalker cards there and reserve slots in the story sets for more plane-specific of story-centric planeswalkers.

  • MrFacehug

    Chandra this soon? Really? I hoped for there to only be Dominaria walkers. :(

    • Edward

      There is no guarantee she will get a actual card in the set. They could just be doing it in the Planeswalker decks because there are so many Planeswalkers in the story with relevance.

    • E.

      It looks like Jaya is also back so it makes sense/is fitting that Chandra, the abbot of the monastery dedicated to her teachings, would be the one to make a return in this set.

  • Gideon Jura

    there are a lot of planeswalkers on dominaria, this set should be interesting. Maybe 4 planeswalker cards in the set, probably jaya, teferi, karn and gideon?

    • Edward

      Teferi might not get a planeswalker card in the set although since he is getting one of the Planeswalker Decks he might get one in the main set too. Teferi will be UW if he gets a card, Jaya will be Red with another color being possible, and Karn is most likely colorless. That leaves out 2 colors so they should at least have 1 black or green Planeswalker since very big set since they switched to the 2 set blocks have at least 4 colors represented in Planeswalkers. This might change a little in the new system with no blocks but I don’t expect it to change too much. Also remember we always get some sort of new Planeswalker although Jaya might fill that slot since she has never gotten a Planeswalker card before.

    • Marvin Sürig

      Chandra is more likely because of the PW deck. Altough I’ve been wrong about my Chandra Dragon or Angel fire theory on Tarkir or Ravnica I still think that the gate watch vs bolas story is posbond until each Gate Watch Member except Ajani appeared in a set without the rest. Similar to the two year trainings phase of the straw hats from One Piece

    • bentheechidna

      Jaya, Karn, and Lili are my bets for certain. Teferi, Gideon, and Chandra have to compete for the fourth slot, but leaning towards Gideon since the story stars him and Lili.

  • Kameenook

    So Chandra and Teferi have beef ?

    • Marvin Sürig

      It’s not a Planeswalker Duel Deck each is purchased sepperatly like the PW decks from Amonkhet or Kaladesh

      • Kameenook

        I just thought usually these were meant to be played against each other, and represented some amount of me vs. you mentality. Maybe not though

        • Marvin Sürig

          There were such Decks like Chandra vs Jace / Sorin vs Tibalt / Elspeth vs Kiora. Those Decks are exactly what you describe. The new PW Decks are the new Pre-Constructed Decks and they supposed to be about the same power level. So no they shouldn’t be played against each other but help new players into standard with a special PW.

          • Kameenook

            Ah thanks

  • Davide Bitetto

    WTF…… Magic The Gathering font has changed on all boxes……

    • bentheechidna

      This was announced a few months ago, that the logo was changing.

      • vasss

        well it’s an ugly logo.

        • Marvin Sürig

          Somehow the Design team has researched that a more modern looking Logo would appeal more younger players and fit the online versions better. They stated that it will only appear on packaging and online application but never on cards.

          • lame

            Old logo had its own style. this new one is a poor choice. Also if Im gonna make “DOMINARIA” set which is something like tribute to original MTG plane, I`m gonna make sure, that this set will have VERY unique cover and package design. Something like small mtg related graphic and one or two colors, to show its connection to old days and not that useless usual “no one remember” design style of packs and on covers..

          • Marvin Sürig

            I just stated what I read regarding the designers choice. I don’t agree with it. I liked the yellow version of the old logo a lot.

  • Mathos

    I wonder why one of the booster packs feature the same art as the planeswalker deck?

    • Gideon Jura

      its like the eldritch moon booster that featured liliana poster art. Its just there i guess

    • straikychan

      iirc planeswalker deck boxes had the art of the regular planeswalker for a while now

  • vasss

    I wanna see a return of Garruk.

  • mtg_thoughtz

    infected abscess B
    when infected abscesss leaves the battlefield due to a noncombat Action, you drwa 2 Cards and lose 2 life.
    When infected abscess becomes the traget of a spell or ability you control, put 3 Cards from your Hand at the bottom of your library.

    • Theblue ant

      when infected abscesss leaves the battlefield, if it wasn’t dealt combat damage this turn, you draw 2 cards and lose 2 life
      When infected abscess becomes the target of a spell or ability you control, put 3 Cards from your Hand on the bottom of your library in any order.

  • Will

    The pack art left to right is iron man, vision, falcon, scarlet witch and captain America
    Avengers assemble

    • Theblue ant

      I’m pretty sure that’s Dr. Manhattan, Black Lightning, Hawkman, Old Starfire, and Wonder Woman

      • Will

        Sorry wrong universe

  • Pontus von Geijer

    I hope they reduce the card quality a bit for this set. I feel like its needlessly high these days.

    • Ward Sampson

      Do you mean quantity? Please say you mean quantity.

      • Kahai

        Nah, we need them to make even worse quality cards. :D

    • Theblue ant

      I completely agree. It’s really annoying how little my cards bend.

      • Lord Gonti Of The Orzov Networ

        I know. They barley bend at all. I remember the good old days, when cards came pre-bent.