Dragon’s Maze Intro Packs

April 12th, 2013

Azorius Authority

Azorius Authority - Dragon's Maze Intro Pack

Orzhov Power

Orzhov Power - Dragon's Maze Intro Pack

Rakdos Revelry

Rakdos Revelry - Dragon's Maze Intro Pack

Gruul Siege

Gruul Siege - Dragon's Maze Intro Pack

Simic Domination

Simic Domination - Dragon's Maze Intro Pack

  • Might have to get a couple of these, foil Legendaries are nice bling for my EDH decks…

  • waaaa


  • eth han

    is this it? i want my dimir

  • Bullshiz! I want my dimir or izzet! This is not ok :(


  • Where are Golgari? I need them!

  • Wait… no dimir?! WTF!! If they are including all 10 guilds they need 10 intro decks! or at the very least Izzet being it’s Dragon’s Maze and all. *sigh* guess I’ll have to go with getting a simic and rakdos.

  • jos

    wait ,no selesnya???

  • Andy

    I’m assuming there are going to be intro decks with the other guild champion’s in them; however, we still don’t know what the Boros and Selesnya Champions do so they can’t spoil their decks yet can they?

    • Theres not theres only going to be 5

      • 2hp10

        Agreed. Way too many new legendaries and possibilities. There is going to be more.

        • unless i am remembering it wrong when the announced the set they sadi it was coming with 5 intro packs

          • THEGREAT

            what if they do the intro packs with two champions and these are the dominant guilds?

          • They wouldnt put 2 highly wanted rares in one intro pack

    • That Guy

      No they won’t. There are only ever 5 intro packs per set.

      • Jeru Roku

        except the times when they’ve done 4.


    DO ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wait no izzet???????????????????????????

  • Keraz Lar

    So assuming its guild alliance and each deck is tri-colored with 2 guilds working together? A guild-champion from one of the two and one of those split/fuse card as rares?

  • hmm

    Hmm since they are supposed to be aimed at beginners, why is orzhov and simic there??? Extort and evolve aren’t exactly beginner friendly, heck even detain is confusing

  • xXxMassacre

    Rakdos is best!!

  • vlzestar

    Wtf i want selesnya :(


    • thats the event deck already announced

  • ctnrftnftc

    Haters gonna hate. Go with what you get and quit being such pussies!

  • this just gives me a reason to not go to the prerelease. :D

    • wtf who only to prerelease for intro packs.. you can get tons of booster packs competteing

  • my original thought was that each intro pack would include 2 guilds, but this has nothing showing the other, and while i think its still remotely possible its more likely A: that we have another 5 on the way, or B: this is it.

  • they will most likely release 5 more for the other five guilds closer to release day

  • Agw

    Its okay the only guild that matters is there Orzhov!!!

  • JA

    The dragon’s maze set is the small set in this block, as it only has 156 cards in it. If there were 10 different intro decks, 1 for each guild, basically you would be able to buy each of the intro decks and every card in the set other than the mythic rares. Every set has 5 intro packs, so they had to pick 5 of the 10 guilds so settle down. Just because there are only 5 intro packs doesn’t mean there aren’t cards in the set for the other guilds

  • Fart

    Why’s everyone whining, YOU GET TWO BOOSTERS TOO!!!!!