Dragon’s Maze Promos & Tokens

April 11th, 2013

Prerelease Plains - Dragon's Maze Spoiler

Every player who participates in the Dragon’s Maze Prerelease will receive a foil Plains.

Breaking - Entering - Dragon's Maze Spoiler

Launch promo is Breaking & Entering

Render Silent Promo - Dragon's Maze Spoiler

Buy-a-Box promo is for Render Silent

Trostani's Summoner Promo - Dragon's Maze SpoilersMelek, Izzet Paragon Promo - Dragon's Maze Spoiler

Game Day promos: Trostani’s Summoner is the participation promo and Melek, Izzet Paragon goes to those who manage to Top 8 their event.

Dragon's Maze Bird Token

Dragon's Maze Elemental Token

  • I’m guessing emmara makes the */* token. After all it would make sense in the lore.

    • plus take a look at her art, there is a big elemental that looks similar to the token in the background

    • Ian Lasley

      Actually its the Selesnya Mythic that makes the token

  • everyone just gets a plains????? thats stupid….

    • hithere69

      it will be an awesome addition to my UW commander so im happy :p

    • Steve

      yeah, but its foil ;) jk ik its a dumb idea, they should give something worthwhile

      • Will

        or at least a choice in the basic land…

        • THEGREAT

          Yeah! we should get a choice!

    • I think that its super cool. I want enough of them to foil a deck. 25 should be enough, but I’ll get 32 to be safe.

    • planeswalker

      And a maze’s end promo. But yes it is still dumb.

    • BOB

      well it is but to be optimistic there are no basic lands in dragons maze besides that one

  • Xero

    To be fair, this is the only basic land that will be printed with the Dragon’s Maze set symbol.

    • If they put gates and shock lands in the fat packs where the basic lands were, I’m going to buy ten of them.

      • CodyGozRawr

        So you’re going to spend $400 dollars for some chances for shock lands??? With $400 you could just buy just about any card you could want, aside form Alpha and stuff, but just about any card you could trade the shock lands for, or you could just buy the shock lands you need and it will still probably be cheaper than buying 10 fat packs???

        • Implying out of 90 booster packs I’m not going to hit a single money rare, or make my money back selling those shocks?

          Besides, have you ever opened up two booster boxes in a row? It’s like freakin’ Christmas! :P

          • Catalyst

            Um… since shock lands are getting reprinted in Dragon’s Maze, then they will probably go down to Core Dual land price of about 4-5 each. If anything Innistrad dual lands are the ones that will still be worth something.

  • How do we get the split card promo? is that for winning the pre release?

  • narsil_101

    actually everyone who plays will recieve an alt art foil mazes end, those playing in the Implicit Maze will get the foil land

  • guest

    just think, a full art commander! yes.

  • bird lover


  • they should have a promo basic land for each color if they do anything stupid as making a basic land a promo.

  • It’s the only basic land in the set… the last time they did that they were mountains and they ran them threw normal but they were the only basic lands in the set. now those mountains are worth 25 bucks

  • Gideon, Champion of MTG

    2 Tokens? Will more be released?

  • Will-i-am

    That Plains is awesome

  • justindeltora

    Plains… wut… wizards ur wasteing foil at this point

  • depressing.

  • vlzestar

    That’s cool as there are no basic land’s in dragons maze plus it’s foil :)