Dragon’s Maze – Strength of Selesnya Decklist

May 7th, 2013

Dragon’s Maze, and going forward, will only have one event deck per release. Strength of Selesnya Event Deck will now have ten rares at the same $24.99 MSRP price.

Dragon's Maze - Strength of Selesnya Event Deck

  • blabla

    Very strong deck !

  • harakka

    Yup, one deck with ten rares was a good idea, might buy.

    • David Fitzsimmons

      I was hoping to see one or two cases of double staple rares in this deck, especially for the shockland. However the rares they choose seems to compliment each other so well in almost the same ways that they probably are not neccesary to get any duplicates. But definitely loved how many playsets and near playsets of key uncommons like lingering souls they got

  • Anonymous

    men, if only they include voice of resurgence. this deck would be awesome, and would be a hell of a grab

    • http://www.facebook.com/niels.steg Niels Steg

      really? im really glad they didn’t add voice of resurgence. Would totally ruin the value of that card. Like the card is now 25-30 bucks. Not too mention what the price of this deck would be with that card in it.

      • Guest

        Really? Do you people value ink on cardboard THAT much?

        • http://www.facebook.com/niels.steg Niels Steg

          tell me what’s the difference between valueing cardboard with ink or valueing paper with ink. I preffer the cardboard is tougher too bend.

        • someone of importance

          what do you mean you people?

        • David Fitzsimmons

          At least this ink on cardboard has the ability to let you win more inks on cardboard or even the fabled ink on green paper without even having to give any you own up. Unlike a certain Ink on Cardboard named Babe Ruth, yet people shell out thousands for that just because it depicts a dead guy. Don’t even have to be signed by him.

          In our society if you want something you are expected to pay, if MANY others want that same thing, it goes to whoever is willing to pay the most. And honestly considering OUR ENTIRE ECONOMY works on the power of faith within the perceived value of paper money for a couple generations now, one would think you can understand how this works.

          • DastardlyStache

            Well yeah, and a lot of people don’t realize it, but when ever you get a birthday card or any kind of greeting card.. those alone are around $5 a piece… So it is the same thing, ink on cardboard… that’s what we live off of

  • Franz Ferdinand

    Only Godless Shrine and Advent of the Wurm are good. Not seeing the value of basically 8/10 being ~dollar rares at best.

    • Joe Momma

      Lingering Souls is ~$2, Rancor is about $2.50, the charms are about a dollar each.

  • selesnyaWarden

    well, junk variations of token decks seem more consistent due to lingering souls and alongside inangible virtue it makes 2 for 1 card value. I was SURPRIZED for the inclusion of godless shrine instead of temple garden, but that is value by itself. Also advent of the wurm is a powerful tool and I might build bant tokens or junk tokens, and voice of resurgence and trostani are a must-go in the deck.

  • Andy

    So token EDH toolkit?

  • Gus

    why are there swamps on this deck? i see no black cards

    • http://www.facebook.com/kyle.molden.5 Kyle Molden

      lingering souls is black

      • Joe

        lingering souls is white

        • JustPassingThrough

          The Flashback cost is 1B, so yes, it is a white card but to get full value out of it you need a Swamp.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002547760966 Dungeon Master

    GUYS , this theme deck looks very very good…especially if you add some selesnya cards

  • wolf

    thats just weird! y would they put in a random black mana??