Dragon’s Maze – Strength of Selesnya Event Deck

April 15th, 2013

Dragon’s Maze, and going forward, will only have one event deck per release. Strength of Selesnya Event Deck will now have ten rares at the same $24.99 MSRP price.

Dragon's Maze - Strength of Selesnya Event Deck

  • GeneralMajora

    Oh Hell Yeah!!!!! Woooooh!!

  • YES! Now please be a good card list. I will buy you in a heartbeat if so.

  • hithere69

    instead of 8 rares there will be 10 :O

  • Yeah! Tragtusk!

    • Thragtusk has become like one of those once big time celebrities who’s now washed up and appearing in loads of commercials. This would be the fourth Event Deck he’s been in since the start of this edition if he does appear again.

      “Hi! My name is Thragtusk! You may remember me as one of the top cards in the pro-circuit before I was banned from so many tournaments. But I’m here to tell YOU about a brand new Event Deck that I KNOW you’re going to LOVE!”

  • vanillaharakka

    I’m quessing, Collective blessings, the GW tapland whateverwasit’sname, Geist honored monk, Parallel lives, Gavony township, Intrepid hero… Perhaps a Frontline medic? & Perhaps two of these “at the beginning of your upkeep, populate” and another parallel lives. :’D

    • A lot of those cards are terrible. Please don’t even joke like that. xD

  • David Fitzsimmons

    only one going forward? Wizards really thinking about killing off the event deck line already? Maybe they should stop and realize WHY the last few didn’t sell as hot as compared to some of the first few sets they might realize all they got to do is make some adjustments to the decklists.

    • Jewval

      Or maybe there is only one because the set is considerably smaller than other sets

      • David Fitzsimmons

        It says ‘going forward’. It has been confirmed all sets after this one will have only one event deck.

        However to make up for it instead of 8 rares, we get 10 per deck. Hopefully two more rares can help make more impressive lists, but I still have a feeling with how often lately the decks either both flop or only one is a success is the reason for this.

  • Watch it have 4 Thragtusk…

    • Gideon Champion of MTG

      lol I will buy if there are 4 Thragtusks :3

    • i would buy it if there was one and a temple garden

  • durnzans

    One of the reasons the card lists for the event decks are not so great is because wizards wants them to be cheap, and if the list contains 4 thragtusks and 4 restoration angels then the card shops would mark up the price by a lot.

    • Restoration Angel is circulating out of standard so I doubt she’ll find a place there. Pity, as I really want a couple more of them for my Modern Green/White Blink deck without having to shell out $50 for them.

      • In the M13 GW event deck it had Birthing Pod which was cycling out in the next set, so Resto being in here wouldn’t be impossible to speculate.

        • Maybe I just don’t want to get my hopes up. I had convinced myself that Restoration Angel *had* to be in Repeat Performance. It just ticked all the boxes. White creature with decent toughness? Check! Blink effect? Check! Synergy with Roaring Primadox? Check! Recent release? Check! Sadly it wasn’t meant to be…

  • so much want.

  • Nefarox

    I would prefer having the options between event decks and 2 less rares but I’ll have to wait to see

  • Ben Jones

    Ooooooh… 2 more rare slots for that Emmara Tandris I’ve had my eye on… But actually watch Wizards do that.

  • makiaka

    Advant of the wurm is a for sure guys think what selesnya deck wouldn’t use it.its up to par with tusk nearly in selesnay that is.

  • indignated

    They could release a Ohrzov event deck, or an Azorius Event deck, but noooooooo, they chose freaking Selesnya!!!

    • Loiden

      Lots of people like Selesnya

      • Black/White deserves some love though. It’s only once on a blue moon that it gets any direct attention from a block. Green/White is catered for much more often. Still, as a Green/White player myself, I shouldn’t complain too much.

        • BW got 2 intro packs this block and 1 with M13. They were all decent. Be happy. :3

          • RtR has been good to B/W, true. I was just really hoping they’d go the full distance and give us an Orzhov event deck too though. I like seeing the underdog get the attention.

          • They get a BW vampire that is pro-BW, has lifelink and can become a 10/10 flyer. :D

  • now my brother is happy.
    (i got him trostani for his birthday)

  • Yeahh, no thragstusk : and you know why? Cause this dude will not be back in 2014 ! (or wizards’ll lose lot a players xD)