Dragon’s Maze Trailer

March 26th, 2013

Dragon’s Maze Trailer

Dragon's Maze Trailer

  • Gunbunny


  • Guest

    awesome!!! And “you WILL sent your champion” really implies 10 guild champions =D

  • N Blackmore

    So only the champions enter the maze… And one by one they fall. Exava, Vorel, the boros envoy… What is at the end of this maze…

  • So freaking amazing…

  • Some dude

    Wouldnt it be halarious if gruul ruled ravnica?

  • bowserfan

    It says ONE BEING… i figure from that saying that, for the ravnica guilds, the champions will be exceptionaly overpowered. balanced via ten guilds, but suitably tougher than the guilds leaders. and these champions are the proposed… president of ravnica, so to say,from each guild. but thats the story. what i want is gameplay hints. like what does teysa do? (yes, im an orzhov junkie.) tokens? extortion? sit there and look imposing? oh and some dude? my awnser is no. it wouldnt be funny.