Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 Promos

June 14th, 2012

Here are the promos for Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013.

When a player first launches the game (or goes into the Extras tab), they’ll get their code. And when they enter that code on our website, they’ll get a voucher to print out. Then they’ll take that voucher to a participating store and get a booster.

PlayStation 3 Promo

Playstation 3 Promo DotP13

XBOS 360 Promo

XBOX 360 Promo DotP13

PCs (Steam) or iPads Promo

PC Promo DotP13

Vampire Nocturnus Promo

Vampire Nocturnus Promo - M13 Spoiler

Primordial Hydra Promo

Primordial Hydra Promo - M13 Spoiler

Serra Avatar Promo

Serra Avatar Promo - M13 Spoiler

  • Guest

    says serra angel but shows serra avatar…..

    • MagicSpoiler


  • Kurt

    PC always gets the boner cards :(

    • Hell yeah we do!…

      • Ben Meszaros

        Screw that! A reprint of Serra Avatar is nothing to be sad about. I really hope this is hinting at something more coming from Urza’s world in the future.

        • We are set to return to Dominaria after RTR, Time Spiral is what came after the original Ravnica and they seem to be following a cycle…

          • Zakman550

            xbox card looks so stupid i would rather have serra or noct

  • Bioboyufpr

    I love bonuses stuff :) but vampire nocturnus or primordial hydra are much better than the avatar… :)

    • Hyper-stockers

      Is there a limit to the amount you can redeem?? If you have the code ofc

      • David Fitzsimmons

         If you have several different codes for the same promo i see NO reason why you can’t redeem them all. Some stores may have ‘policies’ on not being able to redeem something multiple times, kinda like those coupons that state you can only use one coupon for each purchase, this is why you go at different times.

        But I highly doubt this will be an issue.

    • Your just jealous of how sexy the Avatar is :P

    • Jay

      Hydra is in now way better than the Avatar.

      • I run the Hydra in a deck, can get it with 10 counters on turn 5 on T2. 

        Serra Avatar is not something I would be likely to run in a deck.

        • Robert Prince

          Oh! Jeez dude! Well if YOU run it in YOUR deck then dang…. I’m sure Jay will follow this with a formal apology. 

          • Do you have any idea how terrible life would be if we all agreed with each other on everything? It would be excruciatingly boring. I’ll express my opinion, he can express mine. both of those cards are nothing amazing to run in a deck, and I ran the one as a 2-of in a deck that since a month ago, has better cards to replace it.

    • David Fitzsimmons

       Celestial mantle and mayael’s aria says hi. 6 drop bomb indeed with the aria in play with 20+ life

    • Robert Prince

      The R,G,W cost of Mayael’s Aria make that one an all-in for sure. 3 different types of mana to play it, yeesh. I love the Celestial Mantle + Avatar combo though, devastation. 

  • Glad I’m on Steam, I’m loving Igor’s sexy Avatar…

  •  I love that ps3 promo! :D but I soooo want that xbox one! :o I dun like avatar but she is hot :p

  • Ygg

    i wonder what other cards will be in the packs… probably shit though

  • Percius the conquer

    someone plays Premordial Hydra, I play Doom Blade.

    • Wow, it must be a terrible creature then, if a doom blade kills it…

      It is actually pretty great, and I’ve seen it go the distance quite a few times at FNM and the SCG open.

    • Roger Raigosa

      And in response I’ll play Ranger’s Guile or Autumn’s Veil. 

  • Venumuse

    Why does PS3 get the most expensive card

    • Moobu

       After the Grave Titan that was given to Xbox for the last game you have NO ROOM to complain. Sit down and stop crying xbox fanboy.

      • Hevarius

         You do realize Venumuse could have gotten it on PC and not 360, there are 3 different options. 

        • Hevarius

           I happen to have gotten it on PC, I have a 360 and not a PS3, but I agree that the PS3 one is the only one I want, I already have 4 hydras. :c

  • Beto

    SOooo, Ipad counts as PC ?

  • Johnmwombold

    were do u tern them in gamestop?

  • If only she were flying sigh

  • Cheesebox

    Love the Serra Avatar and Primordial Hydra art, but Vampire Nocturnus looks like an uptight old man…

  • thomas tmg

    wtf? the xbox card is the best????? 

  • Wtanderton

    Personally, I think the hydra is a killer green creature. Just think if you spend seven mana on it. It comes to play as a 5/5. Second turn, 10/10. Third turn, 20/20. Fourth turn, 40/40! If you can get that card out it can literally just wreck your opponent in a couple of turns. Serra Avatar is also a nice card, especially since I am running an angel/restoration deck. Welcome to the crew!