Explorers of Ixalan Decklists

November 6th, 2017

Explorers of Ixalan Decklists





  • Hedronal

    Nice to have the full lists. Not much to say here other than that the Legion of Dusk deck has a type on “Queen’s Bay Soldier”.

    • Unicornsareevil

      Do you mean ‘Typo?’

      • Hedronal


  • Kameenook

    In my opinion this went from very exciting to mediocre very quick, definitely will pick it up for the tile gameplay and assume the decks will be balanced against each other, but the decks themselves seem very unexciting, I mean the vampire deck has multiple vanilla creatures that are just vampires, one more deacon even would be something I would have wanted to see, definitely a disappointment in my eyes

    • JD Farrell

      There are a number of cards here that are interesting by themselves… Adaptive Automaton, Shared Animosity, Time Warp, Aggravated Assault, Quicksilver Amulet, Path to Exile… these cards are all pretty expensive, and the total just for those six cards combined right now is nearly $70, at which point the rest of the decks and the core game become free. Now, of course, this printing will drop those prices, but there is value here, to be sure.

      • Alex

        It’s also import to note the core game itself can be played with ANY deck. So if you’re looking at it as a pure value stand point, the game itself is free and you’re free to customize these decks or use whatever deck. I feel like explorers with commander will be a good time. TBH if it’s anything like archenemy nicol bolas you’re going to be able to get it at below msrp, and $50 to $60 is about average for a board game.

  • Josh Kaufman

    They worked really hard to make the Dinosaurs deck the best one. It had the best removal and best overall creatures. I get it WotC, but DInosaurs will never get a chance to be a quality deck as long as KLD block is around, and they will probably get overlooked when the Dominaria set comes out for something.
    The vamp deck leaves a ton to be desired. They could have thrown in a ton of Vamp cards from Zen. Missing out on that.
    But WotC needs to stop confusing me. They release side projects that have cards that are standard legal, sometimes they aren’t, I got a little excited when I half skimmed through this and thought that Nighthawk, PTE, and DOJ would be legal in standard, but then I learned to read. They need to keep cards from outside things they make just for those things and not have anything standard legal because that really throws people off. Or print things that can be used in modern, like Baleful Strix. Just saying.

  • Josh

    Truth be told, I’m just wanting this to break it apart and put stuff in commander decks.