Final Duel Decks and Challenger Decks

December 18th, 2017

Final entry in the Duel Decks series – Duel Decks: Elves vs. Inventors to be released April 6, 2018. Two 60-card decks, ten tokens, two deck boxes, a strategy insert, a quick reference guide, and two Spindown life counters. These will be available in English and Japanese, and will have an MSRP of $19.99

Challenger Decks will be available April 6, 2018, MSRP of $29.99. Four individual 75-card decks geared toward Standard play. All cards will have been previously printed in Standard and are Standard-legal. Additionally, each Challenger Deck will contain the following:

A box capable of holding 75 sleeved cards.
A Spindown life counter
A quick reference guide

  • Matthhou

    So Challenger decks = preconstructed standard? Who is that for?
    Half the fun of Magic (construction) is gone, then.

    Could be ok for casual players, but those already have planeswalker decks, which include 2 boosters to tease construction and improvement of those decks…

    My guess, it’s for competitive players who base their decks on pro tour lists. Well done, Wizards, those players will buy sealed, almost pro-tour-ready decks directly from you instead of singles on the secondary market. Shareholders must be happy.

    • Evan Herbert

      Challenger decks = event decks (discontinued in khan’s block I think?)
      Planeswalker decks +2 boosters is still not enough to have a chance at a remotely competitive FNM at an LGS. The challenger/event deck is a product for people newish to magic to have a chance at FNM which is supposed to be an event that brings people together but if you’re a new player with little experience and a mediocre planeswalker deck you’re liable to have a bed time and not want to come back.

      • Kahai

        Literally got into magic with an event deck back from the Innistrad days. :D

        The fact that WotC let this product ‘die’ was a sad day, especially since they only tried one Modern Entry before throwing in the towel.

        Hopefully it does well. :D

  • Gavin

    Great there goes mediocre modern and commander reprints

  • Hedronal

    Finally upping the precon’s playability, then. We’ll see how this goes, I hope well. I’d rather too well than not well enough.

    • Kahai

      I can only hope they actually finish the duel deck anthology series…

    • Random Guy

      I rather doubt they’ll start putting 4x of any card in a product aimed at newcomers, because that can disappoint them.

  • Oscar

    I starded magic with an event deck and am very glad to see them return. Although I’m not a standard player myself, if this means more people will join the game, more people will dive into other formats as well!

  • Josh Kaufman

    The elves part is actually exciting. I mean Goblins and Merfolk didn’t exactly bring anything new to the game since they were kind of unnecessary reprints, I mean they didn’t reprint any of the important Merfolk like Lord of Atlantis, and the Goblins that were reprinted… well Goblins.
    But I know there are a TON of elves that could use a good reprint. From Nettle Sentinel to Birchlore Rangers. So I’m hoping at least a few of those cards are in this, it would make it worthwhile.
    The invention part is most likely a UR deck. Either something with cards like Ensoul Artifact or something similar, idk. This actually has me semi excited. Good elves have needed a reprint for a long time. (Gaea’s Cradle anyone? haha, I know reserved list blah blah, make things even less affordable for the average person). But This has potential.
    I will say one thing though, if they release another bomb like Iconic Masters minus the Iconic cards, I will never buy another side product wotc ever makes again. That set has bombed so bad distributors are telling me they have cases they can’t even sell, and packs are selling for 5 at some stores.

  • Miles Rinesmith

    In Rudy’s words the Challenger decks are going to come crashing down.