Force of Will Judge Promo

May 8th, 2014

New Judge Promos:

Force of Will - MTG Judge Promo

Nekusar Judge Promo



Oloro Judge Promo

Sword of Feast and Famine Judge Promo

Greater Good Judge Promo

Riku of Two Reflections Judge Promo

  • David Fitzsimmons

    while the Force of Will promo is obviously an awesome little promo and probably gonna be worth a pretty penny, I actually am quite impressed that they are doing the special phyrexian print for the Elesh promo. That one may get some shockingly high value for sheer uniqueness. I know it is something I always wanted ever since they originaly spoiled her using that text to hide her abiliities.

    And I must be seeing things but is that sword of feast and famine promo REALLY using old border art? if so that is also a very nice way to make a promo feel special.

    And finally promo art by Terrese Neilson. man love her art. She can make ANY card look amazing.

    • Yusuke

      Cant disagree with you. Easpecially the last point. I am also a fan of her paintings

  • akakj7


    • David Fitzsimmons

      Someone clearly does not remember what they did when the revealed that New Phyrexia was going to be the third set and not Mirrodin Pure.

      Elesh Norn was in Phyrexian print and even the video had Phyrexian language being spoken. It was very awesome what they did and one of the most common alters for Elesh were people trying to copy her phyrexian text version. It really is amazing that Wizards listened to their fans for this one. Just a shame it’s not a more easily obtained promo.

      • Fbn Dnl Schlr

        Then why are all the numbers not turned to the left as they should be?

        • David Fitzsimmons

          My hunch it might be for playability concerns. I mean across all the foreign art magic cards, the numbers are the one thing anyone can read. Sure it was just a case of them being turned on the side, but never know with WotC at times when it comes to rules. Might b a good question to ask Rosewater on his blog

  • King

    Take my money right meow. I don’t even care hugely for the FoW. I’m more interested in the nekusar, sword, and elesh norn.

  • Sakashima


  • Garuz

    This made me understand that I should have studied to become a judge instead that going to the university; my children will not make my same mistake “But daaaaaaad I want to become a doctor” “WHY SHOULD YOU SAVE PEOPLE WHEN YOU CAN HAVE A PROMO FORCE OF WILL” “But daaaaaad I want to save people’s life” “FORCE. OF. WILL. NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM YOU FOOL LITTLE KITHKIN, AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE SAID.”

    • David Fitzsimmons

      To be Honest I am not sure HOW much it’s value will be compared to the original. I mean theoretically it SHOULD be more due to being special and a promo. But the art man, the art is SOOOOOO bland for something as legendary as Force of Will. There are many times in the past when a very limited Promo is worth less then the original simply because the art sucked.

      It feels to me like just another cancel type spell from art alone. When I think the concept of force of will, I think of rage and sheer brute ‘strength’ not neccesarily muscles but you can see the mage almost bringing their willpower to light in a physical way if that makes any sense. To get that feeling in the pic they currently have the mage needs to clench her fists and tilt her head back and have veins popping in her neck as her mouth is wide open as if screaming “EFF YOUR MAGIC!!!” The rest of the pose is almost perfect, it’s just her hands and face that give a feeling of zen meditation dispelling the spell rather then sheer force. She is supposed to be sacrificing a piece of her ‘mind'(discarding a card or drawing a card is usually depicted as loosing or gaining thoughts/memories respectively) and life-force to counter the spell, to bypass it.

      Of course this may just be the fact I went to art school for game art making me over critical.

      • Garuz

        I’ve never studied anything art-related but I think that the new artwork is way more representative of my concept of force of will, the old artwork was way too brutal to represent the concept of resisting a spell thanks to the strenght of mind. The promo one has an art that gives a better idea of mind superiority and focus (and also looks more like a blue card) while the old one was way too violent and, IMHO, it would have fit better for a red card. Don’t misunterstand me, I absolutely LOVE the old art and all the amazing alters it has had but this one feels more mind oriented and blue representing. As you said it gives the idea of dispelling not with brutality but with meditation and sacrifice; it’s a way “bluer” concept than the one of physical force the old one gave me.

        • David Fitzsimmons

          oh it certainly looks far more ‘blue’ then the old one and I always felt the old one was a bit too far in the brutality state of mind. Biggest thing that peeved me was it was just a barbarian, barbarians are not blue and shouldn’t care for blue.

          Here it still felt far too ‘passive’ and calm to convey the sense that she is sacrificing lifeforce and a bit of mental power to cast this. It should feel like she is giving the spell 110%, that she is overclocking, something of that nature.

          • Silver

            Completely agree with you. I always loved the flavor of “force of will” because it represents a mage canceling a single spell (which can be something as titanic as a true eldrazi, or a channeled 20+ fireball) just by putting all their mind into it!. I mean with the old art you could see the guy suffering and using all his strength to stop the spell, and there were no traces of mana involved there, just his raw strength . This art, while awesome, could be slapped into any counter-spell. (kinda like the “old form of dragon” which could be used into any dragon related card and the new which literally shows sharkan in the middle of the transformation into a dragon, that art alone represented and explained the whole card)

      • guest

        thank you david. i agree 100% with this. the original force, as we know was drawn the way it was as a mistake on nealson’s part (she thought she was drawing a picture for a red card). the fact that force has such a unique artwork for counter spells is -at least for me- one of the reasons i loved it so much. this does feel bland. imagine of the old FoW art and card formatting was used for this judge promo? it would be at least a $300-$400 card. it is a great thing that FoW is getting put out there for newer and older players who do not yet have their complete set of FoWs or any at all; but let’s face it, old school FoW is just better all around in my opinion. kudos to wizards for putting FoW out there again. i’ma have to grab myself a playset for my almost all promo sneak show :)

        • guest

          too bad wizards didn’t collaborate with akira toriyama and have goku in the art. goku going ssj is the ultimate force of will

        • David Fitzsimmons

          aside from the dude being a barbarian and obviously red related, her accident was pretty much perfect.

  • thatonebagel

    dont cur bout the force just want me some of that phyrexian languaged norn XD

  • Zombie

    Hey. Hey guys.

    Wizards printed free money again.

    Srs tho. Coolest and most generous Judge reward to date.

  • Adam Watson

    i want the norn and the oloro… maybe nekrausar

  • Red

    Norn in Phyrexian O_O. They should make the make the Praetors in the same way.

    • Sam Chi

      And release them to the public in a limited edition product.

  • ShahrazadMan

    This has to be fake. Force of will is too OP to be printed again. Elesh is cool, and so is the sword and the greater good. Everything else isn’t that exciting. To me. I mean, riku is cool too.

    • Jimbob123432

      These are only for judges. Not us plebs.

      • David Fitzsimmons

        Actually, there have been a few rare times in the past when they released judge promos in limited number to us plebs. Most recent example I can think of was Avacyn Restored Prerelease. A random handful of stores recieved a special rare version of the hell vault where the contents were not just all premium foiled but also contained some rather valuable judge promos that were demon or angel themed such as demonic tutor or decree of justice.

        • Jimbob123432

          Fair enough. I didn’t know that the Helvaults had Judge foils in them. Still, these are for judges and aren’t in Type 2.

          • David Fitzsimmons

            VERY few hellvaults contained foil prizes. It is kind of like the priceless treasures of Zendikar or the Divine blessings thing from Journey to Nyx. I think Wizards mentioned those foils they added to those special Hellvaults were all extra stock they had lying around for years. Still extremely limited supply of course.

          • Only 30 helvaults contained such awesomeness

      • ShahrazadMan

        Frowny face.

    • MrAptronym

      They probably should put more forces out there. I mean, its hard to play type1 without a playset, and the value has jumped so hard.

    • Fbn Dnl Schlr

      WTF? It’s not printed “again”, it’s a judge foil promo. FOW will NOT be legal in Standard or Modern because Judge Promos are reprints. Nothing more, nothing less. And FOW will be a 50 € Judge Promo. Regular FOW is 37 € here atm.

  • Josh Kaufman

    I want that elesh. But I can see this FOW. I mean the M20 Hymn to Tourach was on modo for years before being printed in paper, and this is just the modo promo FOW that has been a MOCS promo twice just this year already.

  • About time. I’ve been waiting for that hanna art for a while now.

  • Fbn Dnl Schlr

    Hanna looks like Sydri. Still amazing, but too familiar.

    • David Fitzsimmons

      Heck I originally thought it WAS a judge promo of Sydri and went, “not often they have an artist draw a promo version of their own art, especially one as stylistic as Nielson. But guess it kinda makes sense considering how similar the characters are, both being artificiers.

  • mtgfanatic

    FoW cost nearly 1K USD in ebay… so sad

  • David Fitzsimmons

    Is there a problem with that? Would you rather I just said “i hate this stuff it sucks.” I was led to beleive it is polite to explain reasons why one may dislike something. Sure I understand I probably went a little overboard, but it’s not like paragraphs offend you right?

  • Sam Chi

    I just like being able to read other people’s comments without having to scroll down so much.