“Friends” announced as Theros

March 24th, 2013

Theros MTG Logo

The next block, “Friends” has been announced as Theros

  • The next Commanders?

  • LeonFA

    No, Friends, Romans, and Countryman are the codewords for the next three sets coming after M14. It sounds like Theros may have a greek theme to it, whereas Innistrad had a gothic horror theme. I’m excited about that.

  • Temistocles

    Oh man… greek-roman theme! übercool! φανταστικός!

  • dsddss

    oh no fuking Hercules

    • Rezon Shinryu

      10/10 indestructible double strike, yeah, I can see it

  • Sakashima

    So, the idea I’ve heard is it takes place on a plane called Arkhos, a plane in which day and night intermingle, creating a twilight in which one never knows what is dream and what is reality. This place was mentioned in the first Planechase in a place called Lake Lethe. This plane is also where River of Tears comes from. But, these are just theories I’ve heard…

  • Murdernater

    Vraska = Medusa?

  • Guest

    As much as I love MTG, a Greek Roman flavor is something I see as a huge disappointment

  • Thomas

    Been awhile since a giant creature block.