Garruk the Slayer

June 24th, 2014

Garruk the Slayer -  M15 Spoiler

A gigantic Garruk card will be included in every Magic 2015 Prerelease box.

One player plays his or her Prerelease Magic deck as normal. This player always goes first. The other player, however, plays as Garruk! Garruk starts at 20 loyalty, and can activate one loyalty ability each turn. Garruk can be attacked, and if his loyalty reaches 0, he loses. Garruk Planeswalker card can’t be returned to its owner’s hand or removed.

  • Robert

    This is awful.

    • Zombie

      Yeah, let’s hear you say it’s awful when you play against it alone, they start the game with a 2/2, and blow up any one of your relevant creatures, all the while either making even more 2/2’s or gaining 4 life a turn, WHILE playing other spells.

      Keep in mind the person playing as Garruk is still playing a regular deck.

      • Black Iron Tarkus

        I think this would be absolutely absurd, so I know its not real. But, If this were real, wouldn’t the +1 be on top of the 0?

        • Montague

          It’s like the Face the Hydra and all that, you go up against it, not a person with it and a deck.

          This was revealed on the mothersite so it’s legit.

      • wisdomseyes

        I am going to say based on the description that the garruk player is simply using the garruk card.

        • Zombie

          Ah, apologies. I guess I confused it with the first part.

      • The other player only uses the Garruk card. It says so right on the official Wizards site. I do think it would be pretty challenging to play against it alone though. Also, how would Garruk be gaining 4 life a turn?

        • kmk888

          If you are playing as Garruk, the idea is that you have no life total. You just choose what ability on Garruk to activate. One of your options is the +4, which since you start with 20 loyalty counters, is just like gaining 4 life.

  • Antonio Sousa


    • That Guy

      This is directly from the Mothersite, so calling it fake is pretty ignorant

    • akakj7

      its from the mothership dude

      • macskavarju

        link it

  • ultramegalord

    it says you play as garruk no deck just garruk. i think it sounds legit

  • Liliana Vess

    The best thing about this spoiler is we now know tournament playable Garruk will be BG and not just black or just green. Also he’s probably going to remain “Garruk the Slayer”.

    • Adam Watson

      I agree

  • Lerg

    do we even get a Garruk thats standard playable?, i hope so…

    • kmk888

      God, me too. But I still want him to be mono-black, not black and green. All the promotional material featuring him seems very very black. Not even a hint of green left over until this card.

    • MrAptronym

      It would be a huge mistake not to put a garruk card into a product that has a huge garruk on every box.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Hello doggy.

  • Garvas313

    god this card is like challenge deck of theros. so if you play that in magic… that not possible.

  • Guest

    bile blight ….. , illness in the ranks ….(i know it wont be standard for long but it will be when this is released) how would you win as garruk playing a deck with 4 bile blights and 4 illness in the rank , let alot Legion Loyalist , now you have to loss 10 life just to stop me from taking you out in 4-5 turns praying i don’t draw another , hoping i never hit bile blight or illness , what about ratchet bomb ?? how about pithing needle for turn 1 win , so many cards that would just end garruk instantly , standard burn would have a field day on this guy , let alone if you made a deck specific to deal with him , SOOOOOO easy. i ask you name what cards you think shut down this joke of a challenge .

    Ps why cant wizards make its so called challenges actually challenging ??? like this game is rated 13+ …. maybe they mean IQ

    • MrAptronym

      You do know this isn’t meant for standard constructed play, right? I assume by prerelease deck they mean sealed deck.

    • Antares

      Why yes, if you build a deck specifically to counter him, it’s easy. Now build a deck specifically to counter him that doesn’t get wrecked by decent deck for any format. The point of the challenges isn’t to PWN them using a cherry picked deck, it’s to win with a normal or even sealed league deck.

      Also, the challenge decks all have an easy, normal, and hard mode. Try beating them all on hard (or play them at an even higher level) if you think they are that easy.

  • Guest

    sorry loss 9 life i forgot you gain 1 loyalty from my Legion Loyalist …… that changes everything

  • we have rights !!

    if you could build a deck to take him on …wow it would be so miserably easy , bile blight illness in the ranks pithing needle Legion Loyalist the list goes on and on

    • its for the pre-release not constucted

  • Hades Gate

    Soooooooooooooo… Heroes Downfall?

    • Robert FakeLastName

      wont work. besides, you can only use m15 cards to build your sealed deck to face him.

  • Chi Sarades

    i hate this so much, i wanted a mono black garruk planes walker for my deck but not this use less card.

  • EJ

    Vampire Hexmage would kill him for 2 black mana.

    If you have to build an entire deck of M15 cards to defeat Garruk, then it’s an indicator that every card in M15 is worse than Vampire Hexmage.

    • Da Walrus

      vampire hexmage would do nothing to this garruk

      his life isn’t counters

      that’s like saying every planeswalker is weaker than vampire hexmage

  • Mick Cortella

    so guess what just crashed the party phyrexian revoker that is!!!

  • Kameenook

    I am getting the feeling this is the only Garruk we will be seeing. It’s mostly just to hype of Duels of the Planeswalkers.

    • taj1994

      Your feeling was wrong. We have Garruk, Apex Predator

      • Kameenook

        Although he was slightly disappointing, I like this guy better.

  • da

    Does this mean Garruk dies in m15? ‘Cause I mean think about the flavor, this game is a bunch of a planeswalkers coming together to stop Garruk (kill him?)

    • Iuri Viktorovitx Savtxuk

      Garruk doesn’t die, in M15 he is supposed to rise up from his curse and become normal again…maybe mtg will continue a little bit further with garruk’s story and nearly turn him into a demon due to the chain veil’s curse…but I don’t know…Can’t wait to see what happens with him…

  • Sleepy

    This is great Garruk, Apex Predator kills this Garruk

    • taj1994

      Maybe not, because this Garruk could be considered a player, not a Planeswalker

  • Hayden Dennis

    how much mana does he cost

  • Weird Junk

    I wonder why no one has a deathtouch deck? mine works really well

  • Weird Junk

    will you still draw cards and stuff if you play as garruk?