Gatecrash Booster Battle Pack

December 6th, 2012

Gatecrash Booster Battle Pack

  • nega dan

    What’s this??? O.O!

  • anzze

    boosterbattle pack
    two packs (each with 10 basic lands and 10 commons/uncommons in guild color)
    two boosters

  • When it would comes?

  • John Combs72

    So its dimir vs boros

  • Guest

    no dimir vs orzhav! see the sign on the guys belt?

    • Kazuki

      1. It’s Orzhov or orzhav
      2. The guys is a Boros legionnaire. No self respecting Orzhov would dare to wear RED and WHITE.
      3. I apologize if you find this comment insulting. I just don’t want other people who don’t know the difference between Boros members and Orzhov members like myself to think we’re the same thing.

  • Freecake

    I’d expect Boros to quite easily beat Dimir. Although they’re my number two, aggro smash beats sneaky snoops every day.

    • J_jordan1182

      Then you’ve never seen a sneaky person at work.  There’s a phrase church’s love to throw around.  The greatest thing the devil ever did was to make you believe he doesn’t exist.   The same goes for any assassin.   You dont need armor when your enemy doesn’t know you exist.  You have all the time in the world to set up their fall.   You never let them know you’re killing them.  You get others in on your scheme and let them take the fall once your opponent is dead.

      • Freecake

        Now I am a Christian.

        • Freecake

          I’m actually terrible at magic so ignore any opinion I have, i’m kinda dumb lol

          • ’tis a course impersonation. You do me a grave disservice sir.

          • ’tis a course impersonation. You do me a grave disservice by smearing my good name, sir.
            Henceforth I shall be known by a different name.

      • Ba’al

        Couldn’t agree more. There are just too many nice tricks with unblockablity not to give the nod to Dimir. Boros can do their flood tactics with an oddly two-to-three mana cost set-up rather than letting their angel be their focus, but Dimir is just leaner and more underhanded to play. 

  • Anzyml

    For all I know there are two random guilds. I bought  RTR booster battle pack and I got Golgari pack and Rakdos pack.
    There is no connection between picture and contents of this pack.I also bought M12 bbp and it’s interesting to play with it once, but I wouldn’t recommend buying more than one, it isn’t soo interesting.

  • vincent

    personally i prefer the original way of battle pack by buying 2 booster packs and adding 3 or 5 (i forget) of each land into the pack you open and go from there. this way is much more exiting because of the 1 rare in you pack that can be a game changer. once when i had a battle with a friend, he pulled chromatic lantern and all i got was a search the city… its way more interesting this way.