Gatecrash Tokens

January 15th, 2013

Gatecrash Tokens - Emblem Domri Rade

Gatecrash Tokens - Spirit

Gatecrash Tokens - Soldier

Gatecrash Tokens - Horror

Gatecrash Tokens - Cleric

Gatecrash Tokens - Frog Lizard

Gatecrash Tokens - Rat

Gatecrash Tokens - Angel

  • Matchstick

    Dammit Dylan! Stop trying to make words!

  • Guche

    Awesome tokens are SUPER AWESOME,!

  • John Singleton

    Very nicely done wotc. Love them!

  • Awesome frog-lizard.

  • Generic MTG Player

    I hope these aren’t all the tokens because you still have the 7/7 that makes a token copy of itself.
    for the tokens currently shown, great job.

    • Hand of the Praetors

      they never make tokens for copies

      • agrus kos

        The dragon tokens in rtr

        • Secret Agent Man

           The dragon doesn’t make copies, just 6/6 tokens. The insect is actually a copy w/ the same name and abilities as the original

  • Anonymous

    Where is the mono-white soldier token from Murder Investigation? D:

    • Hand of the Praetors

      have you ever noticed that when a set uses the same type of token as a previous set in the same block, with the exception of Avacyn Restored, that is, the tokens for that card in the set will be the one from the previous set, Return had a soldier generating card, so the Gatecresh soldiers will be Return tokens

  • Peacethroughsuperiorfirepower

    shouldn’t that R/W soldier token have hast? (Sunhome Guildmage)

    • Hand of the Praetors

      tokens with haste never say haste, unless the have another ability. (EX: the red human from Avacyn Restored did not have haste even though the only card that generated it gave them haste.)

      • DragonKnight

        then how do we know what tokens have haste? i think they should make a token that say haste

        • Zeta

           because people that play magic aren’t retarded.

    • SirSlender

      His effect doesn’t put one with haste onto the battlefield.  So no, it shouldn’t.

  • DragonKnight


  • Slimeguy

    No slime token, lol with all the new oozes you’d think you’d need one

    • TheRealLemon94

      You can still get the RtR tokens in a booster, and those have oozes.

  • beautiful tokens