Gitaxian Probe – December’s FNM Promo

November 21st, 2012

December’s FNM Promo Card is Gitaxian Probe.

December FNM Promo - Gitaxian Probe

  • Color me surprised.

  • Weird, that looks like colorless Phyrexian mana…

    • Sdg

      the glare is making it look colorless
      its not though

    • Domen

      Wouldn’t matter If it was you would always pay two Life anyway

  • Ajutai101


  • Isaac

    If you think about it colorless and black phyrexian mana would look the same.

    • Umm, no?
      Just as White and Black Phyrexia mana don’t look the same. The human eye can distinguish more than one tone of each color, mate.

  • [witty name goes here]

    Good for a control deck, I guess.  Draw a card and look at opponent’s hand for 1 mana/2 life.  Lets you gain/increase card advantage, and find out if your opponent has any threatening cards in hand, allowing you to decide whether or “modify” his hand size or save those spells for later.  Also, it lets you guess at what your opponent’s next couple of turns will be, allowing you to plan accordingly.

  • Christopherb17