Helvault Achievements

April 17th, 2012

Here are the achievements required in order to break the seals of the Helvault.


Avacyn Blessings

Cast a spell for its miracle cost.
Destroy a Demon an opponent controls.
Prevent any amount of damage.
Block two or more attacking creatures in one turn.
Return a permanent to its owner hand.

Celestial Struggle

Put an Angel of Demon creature token onto the battlefield.
Control three of more creatures with flying.
High-five someone who controls a legendary permanent.
Cast a mythic rare card.
Return a creature from exile to the battlefield.

Turning the Tide

Win a match.
Quote the flavor text of a card while playing it.
Exile a card an opponent controls
Have at least 10 life more than your starting life total.
Return a creature from a graveyard to the battlefield.

Avacyn Restored Helvault Achievements
Helvault Achievements 2

Helvault Info

Helvault Info 2

Opening the Helvault - Avacyn Restored Pre-release

  • mmmmm….

  • Otger

    Tuppersex party!!!

  • Otger

    Tuppersex party!!!

  • Otger

    Tuppersex party!!!

  • Sajomir

    Y’know, this looks like fun. I’d like to see achievements done this way for future expansions, too.

  • There are definitely more achievements on the back of those pads. I saw at my shop but didn’t remember them all. There’s 2 more categories on the backside.

  • NunyoBiznas

    Looks like the spoilers were taken down……
    I’m surprised WotC has this much pull

    i keep seeing sites pulling the info down.

  • i wonder whats inside

    • NunyoBiznas

      Dice, Tokens and EDH sized angel legends!
      Oh and snape kills doubledore, Darth Vader is luke’s father, ect ect

      • lol someone told me there was gonna be free packs and stuff in there

      •  *etc

      • yeah, i wish wizards would gives us actual promo cards over these oversized bs things =/

  • GrizzlyBrand

    Maybe the put a jace the mind sculptor in there?

    • NunyoBiznas

      There is no jace in there
      it is known GrizzlyBrand

  • Baal

    What is the point of opening by the achievements if, at the end, the Helvault is opened and its contents distributed anyway??? (last alinea)

  • Alex Egertsen

    This seems like a fun thing. Especially to role play with the storyline. To open the Vault as we are to Release Avacyn. This is pretty sweet. Can’t wait to crack some packs open and try to do this while in a sealed event. looks like there will be key cards to look for while opening them

  • DragonMage23

    The contents suck.  Why does WotC pretty much hate giving nice stuff to players as promos anymore?  I wasn’t looking for anything bonkers, but all the prerelease promos were pretty weak since they stopped having the prerelease ones as mythics, so did they really need to give us free dice, tokens, and oversized, unplayable cards?  I would have gladly taken a playable card of any value, but dice and circumstantial junk is pretty much meaningless to me.  Before anyone says “free is free” and “beggars can’t be choosers” almost no players beyond a basic level would pick this stuff over actual, playable product.  I never intended to go to the prerelease purely for the Helavault contents, but after all the hyping, secrecy, and such, you think they could give us something that, i don’t know, is actually playable?  Maybe I’m setting my sights a bit high, but this is a game, right?  And therefore, the things they give us should be playable.  Just saying.  Also, know for a fact that 90% of my store, and at least 50% of every store I know, will be sorely disappointed by this as well, and I’ll feel bad for the shopowners then.

  • Actually there is some pretty sweet judge promos in it. Dark Confidant, Demonic tutor, Serra Avenger, Exalted Angel, foil tokens, etc. Just not every store got those Helvaults.