• Ryan Sullivan

    Honestly, this Nissa looks amazing for edh. It’s a good finisher in voltron because giving your commander +5/+5 can end a game fast.

    • Nharzhool

      Right?! This is too good to not run in my Samut deck!

    • Oiram

      For seven mana, I think most people will either want some that definitely ends the game. Giving a creature +5/+5 for 7 mana is exceptionally overcosted. Phytoburst does the exact same thing at the same speed, but for 2 mana.

      For another comparison, Revenge of the Hunted is 1 less, gives trample, +1/+1 more p/t, and can cost only G. Yet I haven’t heard anyone playing it in Voltron decks.

      Having the planeswalker around can definitely help get you closer to victory, but there are countless other cards you’d be better off using to actually just end it for just as much, if not, less mana.