• Hedronal

    I am interested in a Herald of Secret Storms and a Fleet Swallower.. Almost worth it for those.

  • Rovkir Hexus

    Oh wow. I want Fleet Swallower in my Sultai Mill and Herald of Secret Streams in my Noyan Dar EDH.

  • Dongis

    While that may or may not be true, these aren’t duel decks. Lol.

  • Dongis

    You’re thinking of intro decks. Duel decks still exist.

  • David Fitzsimmons

    The next duel decks will come out in November and will be merfolk vs goblins. The most recent duel decks released was might vs mind this past spring. The one before that was ob nixilus vs Nissa last fall which also appears to be the final Planeswalker themed duel deck. Any other set of deck you think are duel decks that released between those releases are not duel decks but the new Planeswalker intro decks.

    Now if you said that these are replacements for the Planeswalker duel decks then you have an argument. But as it stands, you are wrong, they are still releasing two duel decks a year, just replacing the Walker themed deck with a theme that has more in line with the appropriate plane. Which makes a lot of sense in the current two planes a year format. How do you determine which plane gets which duel deck archetype? Obviously this is due to change yet again.