Journey into Nyx Intro Packs Decklists

April 24th, 2014

Journey into Nyx Intro Packs

Mortals of Myth


Fates Foreseen


Pantheon’s Power


Voracious Rage


The Wilds and the Deep


  • Jezz these boxes are worse than the born of the god’s intro decks

  • Simon Tracey Ginsberg

    Mortals of Myth is nice for the two rares it gives I guess…

  • Nigel Heerding

    i like the minotaur deck its the ony deck i would purchase from those of this list and maby that soldier deck to to expand my soldier deck

    • :)

      I agree, i am making a dragon/demon deck, minotaurs are a good addition to my deck.

  • Ben Ehren

    there where not enough hydras in this set.

  • C

    A constellation-based WB deck? I thought WB had a great card pool in JOU. Why waste it with that?

  • guest

    still beats the Journey into nyx event deck all of the intros

  • selesnyawarden

    I think the W/B deck has potential. I’ve been thinking about a junk constellation build for block, using the triggers, ajani, elspeth, ashen rider, pharika, just thinking about the card pool, some wild idea is in my mind. It might need help from cards from RTR block, but it can make a very good theros stand-alone-block deck with enchantments everywhere. oh and the singleton centric? eidolon of blossoms of course, it could be 2, but 1 is just fine.