Judge Foil Full Art Lands by Terese Nielsen

July 31st, 2014

Judge Foil Full Art Lands

  • Squirrel Lover

    Those are beautiful

  • Covo375

    Behold the most expensive basics ever. Weep my son for you shall never see their like in the flesh.

    • xSiNx SHADOW

      someone never heard of guru lands

      • Mike Thomas

        Well, I’ve seen Guru lands. I have yet to see a phyrexian Elesh, so who knows.

        • Squirrel Lover

          Yeah, those Judges shire are spoiled

      • Zombie

        There will be less of these printed than Guru lands.

    • Osieorb18

      Summer fuggin Magic basics. And Guru lands.

  • ManaBurn

    I want judge cards without putting in the time and sacrifice of becoming a Judge. #murica

  • Chi Sarades

    i rather get some guru lands

  • That guy

    Give it time, these will be just as much if not more than the GURU lands, which for a long time were pretty cheap when they came out..

  • *Sobs*
    we ask over and over for full art lands…
    and now they give us there answer.

  • selesnyawarden


    FOOD, and we eat!! Crush n’ smash!!

  • Guest

    Only the Forest looks good. They don’t even compare to the Unhinged foils.

    • Andy

      i agree the plains isnt bad though and the forest looks like the unhinged one to me.

  • Maynard Madsen

    I just need 100 of each sleeved up to use with my powered cube! ;) lol

  • Josh Kaufman

    How much do you think these will go for when they come out? I have the most pimped out Legacy Sneak and Show deck for GP Jersey in November. I have the full art ponders, altered sneak attacks and S&T’s that are altered to be full art, black bordered everything, foil fetches, foil ROE Emrakuls, but I’m running 3 Guru Islands. I think these would be cooler than the Guru lands.

    I figure if I’m quitting the game I might as well go out with a deck in style. If only they made original Show and Tells and Sneak attacks foil… Not getting those ugly judge promo ones.

  • guy

    The mountain reminds me of Tempest, so they get my vote as best. The swamp is boring and even treads on the ugly side, why such a mediocre art from such a talented artist with such a potiental subject.

  • Austin Jones

    Terese was a student that took the same class I did in college! It’s great to know that I get to play the game I love and look at the art of an artist that went through the same process as I did in my own Art Career! :D