Judge Promos – Summer 2017

September 25th, 2017

Prismatic Geoscope - Judge Promo 2017

Doran, the Siege Tower - Judge Promo 2017

Capture of Jingzhou - Judge Promo 2017

Gaddok Teeg - Judge Promo 2017

  • ShannoSauro


    • Zombie

      I need it so bad you have no idea

  • Giby86 .

    Doran is excellent. That’s about it. I don’t get these fancy promos with the old art and nothing unique, though.

    • Zombie

      I get why they kept the old P3K art, but “Prismatic Geoscope” seems generic enough a name to warrant some different art, given how easy a commission would be for it.

    • bentheechidna

      Teeg is new art.

  • Aarhg

    Wow, Capture of Jingzhou is like $300.

    And yea, that Doran is looking mighty fancy.

    • Zombie

      Yeah, P3K tends to do that

  • Deadly Berry

    That Doran be aiming for the Artwork of the Year award.

    • PrissyRose

      serio, I def want the promo for my commander deck

      • Deadly Berry

        I always hated Doran’s effect; and now I must get myself this one. The irony.

  • Michael Boyer

    Rip, my friend has a older Doran and he wish that he could have gotten this art. I think he got Lorwyn’s variant.

  • Josh Kaufman

    Somewhere, in my mass of boxes in my closet, I have the full art Doran. Still the best Doran. Wish he was playable in… anything though. He would have also made a ton of sense in Iconic Masters due to the Wall strategy.
    Interesting Teeg. Nice artwork.
    But compared to past Judge promo’s, these are relatively weak. I’m guessing the Portal card is insanely expensive in paper for EDH. But overall, meh.