June 20, 2012 Banned List

June 20th, 2012

Effective Date: July 1, 2012

Standard, Extended, Modern, Vintage – No changes

LegacyLand Tax is unbanned.

Commander Banned List update:

Griselbrand is banned. Sundering Titan is banned.

Sheldon Menery on mtgcommander.net:

Griselbrand was relatively simple choice. We knew all along it was pretty busted. While we had a glimmer of hope that the batch-of-7 card draw would help mitigate the obvious problem of a player being able to draw so many cards immediately (like Yawgmoth’s Bargain, unlike Necropotence), it simply didn’t. Griselbrand’s Lifelink ability, allowing you more resources to draw cards with, coupled with being a creature and therefore easier to get into play (not to mention repeatedly) for far less than his mana cost, led to quite degenerate game states.

Sundering Titan has long been a card on the edge. The decision to get rid of it came from the combination of two points. One, it simply created undesirable game states. It was too easily both intentionally abused and unintentionally game-warping, especially since its ability triggers on both entering and leaving the battlefield. Two, there has been a fair amount of community distaste for the card, and we agreed that the card overwhelmingly creates a negative experience for players. Listening to the ever-growing and ever more-involved community is important to us.

Worldfire - M13 Spoiler

There’s an M13 card—Worldfire—that’s been generating some talk. We’re going to keep a close eye on the card after its release to look at its impact and potential impact on the format, but there’s no reason to panic and pre-ban it. Banning cards is about what they do, not about what they might do, so like we did with Griselbrand, and despite what we see as a likely outcome, we’d like to see some evidence of it first.

As a side note, remember that there is ongoing Kokusho testing, so no decision will be made on it until the September update, at the earliest.

  • dat nigga joe

    Griselbrand was really boss in kaalia

  • Elfinwalt

    No bans for standard?

    • MagicSpoiler

      Check again at midnight.

  • God

    :P they print it and ban a few weeks later. Didn’t they know it was going to be OP?

  • Justin2543

    Couldnt just ban Griselbrand as a general? He’s always OP, but I found him pretty answerable in most other contexts than as a general.

  • Szeth

    why ban Griselbrand when the ratio is 1:92 (first hand of 7). even with the help of tutor’s, exile spells to resolve the problem… Angel of Jubilation to disable.. just a thought…

  • Szeth

    why ban Griselbrand when the ratio is 1:92 (first hand of 7). even with the help of tutor’s, exile spells to resolve the problem… Angel of Jubilation to disable.. just a thought…

    • Morgan

      Because people use Griselbrand as their commander, and most people can get him in early with proper acceleration. By that time they can just draw until they get their win con or whatever

  • Darthmoskalski

    why do they print cards if they are just going to ban them…. silly wizards

  • I don’t understand why people are complaining about Griselbrand banning. We, the people, created this game type. If you don’t agree with these bans, then just ignore them. I personally believe Griselbrand should only be banned as a general, and I shall play as such. All my friends agree, so there are no problems here. 

    • Commanderjustice

      We can’t ignore them on Magic Online. We play what Sheldon wants basically. 

  • Acdgreat

    Griselbrand shouldnt have been banned as a regular card, but maybe there is merit to banning him as a general, although even that is doubtful. I didnt buy foil standard cards to see them banned in the formats I enjoy. I despise that a group of scrubs can dictate whats banned or not for mtgo commander. Paper edh the bannings dont matter as much since playgroups can chose not to follow the ignorant noobs, however on mtgo we are forced to comply with the hordes of delusional bannings. At the least these decisions should be voted on in public polls, since I would follow the masses opinions on commander bannings much more than what a group of low tier players decide.

  • harabec

    Don’t forget about griselbrand with equipment like Sword of War&Peace. He get’s a littke un-holy.

  • Oxiryz

    How come these (presumably) banned cards do not show up in the ban-list at wizards own webpage?