Kaladesh Promos

September 6th, 2016

Kaladesh Buy-a-Box Promo

Skyship Stalker (Promo)

Launch Weekend Promo

Saheeli's Artistry (Promo)

Game Day Event Promos

Cultivator of Blades (Promo)

Essence Extraction (Promo)

Game Day Winner Playmat

Kaladesh Playmat

  • Necrachilles

    Anyone else think it’s kinda shitty that this is Chandra’s home plane (and I assume there’s some sort of vengeance arc) and that it seems likely the set will be centered on her (her mom is here for some sort of emotional feathering)

    Yet through all that, Nissa is the walker featured in the art? This feels like if they made On nixilis the face of Zendikar.

    Sure we have to wait for the story arc to fully understand and it’s probable that Chandra will be the mat for aether revolt. Just feels amiss

    • Reyos Blackwood

      Making Ob Nix the face of Zen wouldn’t have been Nearly this bad, at least he’s “from” that plane!

      • eltratzo

        he actually isn’t. he is from an unnamed plane of eternal war that he himself destroyed. he was trapped on zendikar for quite some time, though

        • Reyos Blackwood

          I know, hence the quotes around “from,” but he’s been on Zendikar longer than most Zendikari have been alive, if you had to pick a plane to associate ob with it would be Zendikar.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    Aaaand no white promo.

  • Kevan Kramer

    This art is disappointing to say the least. Keladesh is an amazing looking world and we get Nissa centered on the Playmat, the homeworld of Chandra? What the hell Wizards!

    • Tony Delfino

      Probably because Chandra is going to be the central art on the Aether Revolt merch.

      • KKarn

        Still they couldve at least put a “home team” walker or legendary creature on it. Saheeli, rashmi or even tezzeret somewhat even fits better. Nissa’s essentially a tourist in this place and she gets cover art in a foreign plane thats a first time we’ve visited it set wise (outside origins)

    • Gareth Martin

      If u want a playmat with kaladesh all over it then wait a week or two.

  • Kevin Johnstone

    Its CHANDRA’s home plane, and they use NISSA on the playmat?! ROFL FAIL

    • Zombie

      In their defense, Nissa’s art is WAY better.

  • Shane

    Love some Clint art, actually collect foils of it…. The art is wonderful!!!!! But this really shouldn’t have been the mats picture…. Feel it doesn’t fit, woulda been awesome to be Saheeli, Dovin, or Tezzeret and then in Æther revolt, have Chandra

  • DJ Pad

    These promos blow. I thought the buy a box promo was supposed to be a decent card, not some intro deck chaff.

  • William M Marcuse

    Is Wizards trying to give us trash promos?

  • Reyos Blackwood

    Cultivator of blades – too weak for the cost, even with the fabricate you pick between bodies to use the ability or size to make the creature marginally useful and big enough to live
    Essence extraction – so a bad lightning helix? A bad Alms of the Vein? So many better uncommons already spoiled for the game day card, even in 3 drop black! Fortuitous Find or Morbid Curiosity or we could go with something that might see eternal format play, Ceremonious Rejection!
    Skyship stalker is decent, good body with alot of activated options. Artistry is even better, but still not the greatest cards they could have given us.

    • NecromancerM

      Umm… This card is a repeat of the original one. Pay 3 deal 3 gain 3. Pretty good for black standards. And the green is a decent for an all boost, not the greatest but still good. Fabricate self all others get +3/+3. Decent is my opinion.

      • Reyos Blackwood

        We’re back to them being bad choices for the promos. Decent functional reprints or modifications of mediocre cards that made them worse.

  • Jade

    Seriously? We’re on Kaladesh and the champions mat is NISSA!?

    • Shane Klein

      I think it show nissa because she going to go thruogh some huge changes in this sets story i mean shes on a plain were nature and teck coexist in a way shes never seen

      • Necrachilles

        Doesn’t matter if she’s becoming a woman or not. This is Chandra’s HOME. I at the very least expect them to make Revolt’s mat Chandra as I think that will be where her arc is.

        • Stephen Housman

          The set isn’t even about Chandra it is more on Sheeli Rai.

        • Will Kendall

          Prepare to cry because Revolt’s mat is going to be Tezzeret. NERD

    • Necrachilles

      Yeah this is what I was saying lol

  • Patrick Hydra Reiterman

    I wouldn’t say he is “crying over it” though I do agree with him I would think Chandra or Saheeli… or even the city with some the artifact creatures.

  • Pherexian Arena

    I am thinking she is going to cause a huge problem in Kaladesh…