Kaladesh Tokens

September 15th, 2016

Kaladesh Token 01Kaladesh Token 02Kaladesh Token 03Kaladesh Token 04Kaladesh Token 05Kaladesh Token 06Kaladesh Token 07Kaladesh Token 08Kaladesh Token 09

Kaladesh Dovin Emblem

Kaladesh Nissa Emblem

Kaladesh Chandra Emblem

  • ThatVoiceInYourHead

    No energy counter??? I guess i will have to use my pokemon energies now.

    • Kevan Kramer

      They have them, but forgot to put some in the first print run.

  • Zombie

    No zombies :(

    • Stinker289

      There, there. Lili is still on the plane, maybe she’ll have some tokens for us in Aether Revolt.

  • Magus of the nooB

    Ahrrr, this is the first set in too many too long years that offers +3 cards that i really want for EDH! :D None of them are artifact, none of them do in energy. XD And they are all in this set! :D This is amazing! :D

    • Matt86

      Soo, what you are saying is that you didn’t want Expropriate, Selvala’s Stampede, any of the new Eldrazi titans, any Dragonlord, any Flip-Planeswalker and any Tangoland from Zendikar for EDH?

      • David Chacon

        I honestly didnt want any of these cards at all, but my friend bought me dragonlord dramoka, and i use it in a deck its being replaced soon though.

      • Shagoth

        May have specific edh decks in mind or like some strategies and cards better than others. Heck, he might have one deck. Also he said three and up. He might have wanted two from each of those sets but not all. Honestly, could be a mono colored deck. It would make sense if had a Talrand edh or something. I can only think of four cards in total I wanted from each set in the past few years for that deck. Like, four, in total.

  • Kevan Kramer

    Silly Wizards forgot to put Energy counters in the first print run. They will be in the other print runs though.

  • Derek Niles

    But…but….where are the energy counters?