Khans of Tarkir Teaser

July 28th, 2014

  • Bento

    I’m already anxious and frustrated from this much revealed teaser.

  • First Khan is Zurgo Helmsmasher (Wbr) Second is Narset (Urw) Third is Surruk Dragonclaw (Gur) Fourth is Sidisi (Bug) Fifth is Anafenza (Wgb).

  • Ron

    Take my money now!!!!! (Note to self, stop selling my Mana Confluences i get from drafts…..)

  • Sanitytär

    I like Sarkhan’s hedron lantern-thing

    • looks like a glaive with a heavy tassel

    • Daky A. shortt

      It’s probably a piece from the Eye of Ugin.

      • ethan pearson


  • Machaka

    Dammit. There is not that scene, where the bear is punched! (you can see it, when you click on Spoiler news and see the picture)!

    • MagicSpoiler
      • Machaka

        Hey! Thanks! Like someone mentioned, “Bear punch” would be a great name!

        • the flying pig

          lol temur frontier should be called bear punchers